How to remove the blockage in the bathroom, in the kitchen? Remove clogged sinks at home. Fix clogged pipes at home

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How to remove the blockage in the bathroom, in the kitchen? Remove clogged sinks at home. Fix clogged pipes at home
How to remove the blockage in the bathroom, in the kitchen? Remove clogged sinks at home. Fix clogged pipes at home

If the water has become rather bad and slowly passes into the drain, and the room is constantly filled with an unpleasant smell from the sewer, then urgent action must be taken.

The owners of apartments and private houses are trying to solve this problem on their own, so you can save money. But if the blockage is old and cannot be eliminated by improvised means, then you can contact a specialized company whose employees use special hydraulic installations. With their help, you can deal with the problem in the shortest possible time.

Using a plunger in the bathroom

If there is a blockage in the system, it can be eliminated using one of the traditional methods - using a plunger. The use of this tool can be accompanied by some difficulties, since the structure of the drain complicates the process. The problem is that air gets into the opening at the moment when the water overflows, and forwork you will need a vacuum.

fix clogged pipes at home

Expert advice

If there is a blockage in the bathroom, how to fix it, you must decide as quickly as possible. So, when the described technique is used, it is necessary to tightly close the hole for overflowing water with a stopper. After the edges of the rubber bowl are lubricated with petroleum jelly, which will allow them to be pressed tightly against the drain. The master must carry out 10 sharp reciprocating movements.

For reference

As soon as a blockage has arisen, you can try to eliminate it with the help of two plungers, but this will require the help of another person. Instead of a cork to create tightness, you can use another plunger.

If it was not possible to achieve a positive result, then you can use not the power of air, but the power of water. To do this, the bathtub is filled with hot water so that half of the rubber bowl is closed. In this case, the plunger plunges at an angle, and at the last pitching it must be sharply pulled out of the water.

If the first attempts to get rid of the problem failed, then the procedure can be repeated several times.

Using a plumbing cable

bathroom clog how to fix

When a rather large blockage occurs, it is unlikely that it will be possible to eliminate it using the above technology. In this case, you can use a plumbing cable that will allow you to push or pull out foreign elements that are far in the pipe.

Manipulations need to be done in severalstages. Initially, the cable is inserted into the drain hole. In this case, two people must be involved - one of them pushes the cable, while the other performs a rotational movement using a special handle.

As soon as you reach the clogged place, you need to make a few sharp jerks back and forth, then open the hot water tap, and remove the cable. The streams will help wash away the sewage stuck in the sewer pipe.

What can replace the cable

how to clear a clog in the kitchen

A rather large and old blockage can be eliminated with a cable, which must be rotated. This is the only way you can deal with the problem. You can buy this tool at any hardware store, but some craftsmen make it themselves.

To do this, use a piece of flexible metal cable that bends and unravels a little at the end. Thanks to this manipulation, it will move along the bends of the pipes and will not rest against nodes like knees. And in order to make it more convenient to use the cable, intercepting it during work, it is best to wrap it with something rigid, so you can get a kind of handle.

Clogged plastic pipes should never be removed with a plumbing cable, as their inner surface may be damaged.

Using chemicals in the kitchen

remove clogged sinks at home

Fixing clogged pipes at home is sometimes necessary in the kitchen. ForThis is the most commonly used chemicals. However, it is important to know which one is best to purchase, as well as exactly how to use it.

In the instructions you will find recommendations that require the use of a certain amount of the composition, which is poured or poured into the drain hole. Leave it there for a while, and then rinse thoroughly with water. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, otherwise even the safest drugs can cause deformation of the material.

We offer a list of the most effective remedies:

  1. Perhaps the most common is "Mole", but it is forbidden to apply it to plastic pipes.
  2. For all types of pipes, you can use "Mr. Muscle", which is available in the form of foam or gel. The special structure penetrates every nook and cranny, eliminating bacteria and odors.
  3. If you can't stand the smell of ammonia, then you can use "Tiret", which does an excellent job.
  4. If there is a need to eliminate a strong blockage, then you can purchase Potkhan, which has a strong chemical composition.

How to get rid of fat deposits in the siphon

You can also eliminate clogged pipes at home with boiling water, but this method can be used for all types of pipes, except for plastic ones. When body fat is the cause, this will prove to be an effective solution.

If you have plastic pipes in the kitchen, then you need to dilute the washing powder in moderately hot water, and then it’s goodstir the solution. The composition is then sprayed into the sink drain. If necessary, the whole procedure can be repeated. To avoid such a nuisance, every time after washing the dishes it is necessary to drain the hot water, leaving it for 20 seconds.

how to clear a blockage in the toilet

Cleaning the corrugated pipe

If you are wondering how to eliminate blockage in the kitchen, then you will need to perform actions in a certain sequence. Soap deposits and grease will settle on the inner surface of corrugated pipes that are not washed regularly. To solve this problem, you should:

  1. Unscrew the pipe from the funnel in the sink.
  2. The top pipe must be disconnected from the drain to the sewer.
  3. After that, it will be possible to carefully remove the siphon, which is also called an elbow bend.
  4. You can fix a blockage in the sink at home by stretching the removed pipe to straighten out all the edges. After that, its inner surface can be washed with water.

If you want to make a more thorough cleaning, then it is recommended to do this with a rope and a piece of cellophane. One end of the pipe is closed, and hot water is poured inside. After that, the second end is closed according to the same principle, which will allow you to clean the element with rotational movements when there is water inside. As soon as the cleaning is completed, all elements must be installed in place.

how to clear clogged pipes

Clearing blockage in the toilet

If in front of youthe question arose of how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet, while it is necessary to act with the same means that are used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. As you know, chemistry does not have a noticeable effect on old blockages, so it is best to use a plunger.

You need to pick up a device with a bowl diameter of 10 centimeters. For effective operation, excess water from the toilet must be removed so that the liquid covers only the rubber part. In order not to run into the problem of the tool getting stuck in the receiver, you need to use wallpaper studs that are nailed in the area where the bowl connects to the handle. If you don’t know how to clear a blockage in the toilet when there is no plunger at hand, you can use improvised means, among them you should highlight a plastic bottle cut off from the bottom or a push doll.

In the first case, the element is lowered into the toilet, and then reciprocating movements are carried out with its help. The pusher can be made from rags and a stick.

But if you use a cable, it sometimes hits an obstacle, and further actions may be different. If the element rests against the opposite side of the dished bowl, before removing the blockage, it is necessary to continue translational movements until the cable slides along the inside of this section of the toilet.

If on the way there is a vertical wall of the drain, then you need to use a cable, the length of which is 1.5 meters or more. If you have a plumbing fixture with a direct outlet, the cable should be pushed through a horizontal pipe. Onceyou will encounter an obstacle, this will indicate that the tras has reached the blockage.

When the task arises of how to eliminate blockages at home, it is important to first familiarize yourself with the design features of plumbing equipment.

Chemical method

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In the absence of a plunger, you can use another technology that involves the use of chemicals. Excess water should be scooped out of the bowl, some liquid should be left at the drain. Next comes the soda, which will need 1/2 pack. It should be pushed as deep as possible, and then pour a glass of vinegar. Then the reaction will begin, which will last about 20 minutes. Finally, a kettle of boiling water is poured into the toilet.

This method is not suitable for plumbing fixtures in which the corrugation is made of thin plastic, as it may burst. Rinsing in this case is best done not with boiling water, but with hot water.

In order not to periodically solve the issue of how to eliminate blockages in pipes during operation, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance from time to time. They can be based on one of the technologies that have been described above. It is best to use chemistries as it will be easier and faster.

Helpful tips

Before you remove the blockage in the bathroom at home, you need to prepare rags. A cable should be laid on it after it is removed from the sewer system. It is recommended to wipe it with a cloth dampened with detergent solution. This will alloweliminate unpleasant odors.

If there is a blockage in the bathroom, how to fix it, you must decide, depending on the available tools that are in the house. However, it is imperative to have gloves that the master must wear before starting work. Otherwise, it won't take long to get the smell off your hands.

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