Installation Grohe: description, installation nuances

Installation Grohe: description, installation nuances
Installation Grohe: description, installation nuances

The German company Grohe is considered one of the most reliable and large manufacturers of sanitary equipment. Its products have gained popularity among Russian consumers due to their high quality and durability. The company's products are also distinguished by their magnificent appearance. Toilets and installations for them are in high demand. Next, let's take a closer look at the systems "Groe".

grohe installation

General information

The Grohe toilet installation is lightweight. This, in turn, greatly facilitates their installation. In addition, the products are reliable and durable. It is also worth noting that the Grohe toilet installation is also suitable for sanitary ware from other manufacturers. Products are ideal for installation not only in domestic bathrooms, but also in public buildings. Products are characterized by high wear resistance, practicality and durability. The Grohe installation can be mounted anywhere in the bathroom. This is of particular importance in the process of interior design. Grohe wall-mounted toilet installation meets all existingquality standards.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Among the benefits of a Grohe installation are:

  • Hygiene.
  • Quiet operation of the system.
  • Increasing the usable area of ​​the bathroom.
  • Versatile and compact.
  • Water saving.
  • Convenience and ease of installation.
  • Safety and reliability.
  • grohe toilet installation

During operation, the systems do not require maintenance for a long period. Thanks to the EcoJoy technology, water consumption for flushing is significantly saved. The Whisper system allows you to reduce the volume of noise during operation. There is a product, however, and a significant drawback. It consists in the high price of products. A high-quality Grohe installation costs between 2.5-10 thousand rubles (depending on the model). However, the quality and reliability of the products is well worth the price.

Design Features

The installation of the Grohe installation is carried out at a height of 1.13 m. There is a small inspection window on the flush tank. Installation can be carried out in a room of various layouts and areas with a modern design. The Grohe installation can withstand a load of about 400 kg. This is evidenced by the results of tests for the strength of the product. Features of a design considerably facilitate cleaning in the room. The Grohe installation (the kit contains instructions with detailed recommendations) is mounted quite quickly. Fully assembledany owner can do it. Installation does not require special skills or sophisticated equipment. To install, you will need a puncher, tape measure, pencil, level and adjustable wrenches.

grohe wall-mounted toilet installation

Installation: general information

The installation is equipped with the QuickFix system. The innovative technology that was used in the development of the fasteners of the product allows for quick installation. Fixation is carried out using the minimum number of elements. Thanks to the built-in centering mechanism, a high quality installation is guaranteed.

Mounting Features

Installation is carried out no earlier than 10 days after the completion of all rough finishing work in the bathroom. If tiles were previously laid on the walls, the composition for its fixation should gain the necessary strength and dry well. Otherwise, the material may not withstand the load of the installation system. Before installation, all measurements should be carefully taken and the connecting pipes of the drain sewer should be adjusted to the required parameters. This must be done carefully, without making mistakes, since these elements are supplied exclusively with the system and it is problematic to find them on a free sale.

grohe installation installation

Installation progress

Couplings should be put on the studs, then lay the damping pad. After that, the bowl and nozzles are fastened. Fixing must be done by alternately tightening the nuts until the toilet sits onplace. After installation, a control drain is performed. If there are no leaks, proceed to install the button. Before doing this, you should carefully read the recommendations in the instructions. Pusher hoses are cut exactly to the size shown on the drawing. It is best to position the drain button along the seam of the tile or in the center. With a quality installation, the elements of the system should not leak. The drain button, when properly installed, should be smooth and easy to press. Bowl deflection under load is not allowed. Due to the fact that the installation of the installation system is carried out before finishing, before installation, close all openings in the pipes and the drain tank with plugs to prevent debris from entering.

grohe installation kit

In conclusion

Different models of installation systems are equipped with additional elements. Due to their presence, the quality and convenience of both the installation itself and the subsequent operation of the product are significantly improved. The installation system allows you to mask all communications that have an unaesthetic appearance and spoil the interior of the bathroom. As a result, the design of the room only wins. Thanks to a wide variety of product range, each consumer can choose the most suitable version of the installation system for himself, both in terms of cost and modification. Installed products have a fairly long service life. Grohe has received numerous awards for the quality and excellence of its products.

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