Floor standing toilet: description, reviews and photos

Floor standing toilet: description, reviews and photos
Floor standing toilet: description, reviews and photos

When choosing a sanitary ware, it is necessary to consider its practicality, reliability and functionality. The floor toilet is the most common and well-known to a wide range of consumers. But its appearance and additional functions sometimes fade into the background. What you need to pay attention to first of all when buying, and how to choose the best option - we will consider further.

Floor standing toilet

How it should be

Often, when choosing a floor-standing toilet, people are guided by the fact that it will be easy to use and will last a long time. Therefore, the models you like can be compared with each other according to the following criteria:

  1. The size of the sanitary ware corresponds to the dimensions of the room, and the use will not be at the expense of free space.
  2. When connecting and installing, there will be no unforeseen situations and difficulties.
  3. It is important to know that all components are repairable. Often, in expensive models, technically complex fittings are installed, whichdifficult to repair or not repairable at all. Therefore, it may need to be replaced, and at worst, the purchase of a new toilet, which is an expensive undertaking.

The floor-standing toilet is usually not a technically complex product. Any man who is familiar with a screwdriver and bolts can handle its connection and minor repairs.

Floor-standing toilet in the interior

Material of performance

The shape of sanitary ware, its color and appearance are completely at the mercy of the personal preferences of the buyer. But the material from which the floor toilet is made is fully responsible for its quality and technical characteristics. Faience and porcelain are classic. Materials have long proven themselves from the best side, but their fragility can sometimes fail. Therefore, if desired, you can consider other options:

  1. Plastic. For the production of toilet bowls, a particularly durable type of plastic is used. Such products not only have an attractive appearance, but also comply with sanitary standards. The plastic has an absolutely smooth structure, without roughness, so dirt is not absorbed and is easily removed. The disadvantage is some fragility with careless handling.
  2. From artificial or natural stone. Plumbing is particularly durable. At the same time, the toilet bowl has a non-standard appearance.
  3. Steel. Such material is used for the production of exclusive models and products of unusual shape. The disadvantage is the high price.

However, the most sought after andfaience products are popular. Such plumbing has a low cost, good appearance, and operation, subject to the rules of care, is measured for decades. In addition, faience is used to produce toilet bowls of the usual shape and size, to which many buyers are accustomed. Yes, and most people approach the arrangement of the toilet from the classical side of the issue, believing that excesses are inappropriate here.

Toilets with cisterns

Caution, faience

Faience, for all its seeming strength, is a rather fragile material. May burst if not handled carefully. In addition, if you do not carry out regular cleaning, then the dirt eats in and is subsequently difficult to remove. Therefore, in the absence of proper care, the product quickly loses its former attractive appearance. That is why consumers are increasingly considering porcelain. Of course, toilet bowls are initially more expensive, but due to the low porosity of the material they do not get very dirty.

Bowl shape

All toilet bowls differ in the type of bowl. The level of comfort and ease of use depends on its design.

1. Bowl bowl. A similar design can be found both in domestic manufacturers and foreign ones. However, such models are considered obsolete because they have drawbacks. Of course, splashes are not formed here, because everything falls directly onto the shelf, and not into the water. But the model is considered unhygienic:

  • requires constant use of a brush to clean the plate;
  • during operation, the smell worries, because all the contents remain on the stand untilwill not wash off with water:
  • sometimes water consumption is uneconomical.

2. Funnel bowl. It got its name because of the drain, resembling a funnel. Among the advantages, users highlight hygiene, because all the contents fall directly into the water, and economy, because a small amount of water is required to drain. However, in such models, splashes are often disturbed, which are formed both at the time of using the toilet bowl and during the drain.

3. Visor bowl. In this case, there is a slight slope of the front or rear wall. It is this design that prevents the accumulation of contents and the formation of splashes. Such bowls are considered the most convenient to use and practical in terms of hygiene.

Toilet floor - reviews

Varieties of issue

When choosing the optimal model, the release form is considered an important parameter. In other words, this is a drain hole that is connected to a sewer pipe. For an average apartment, it is a toilet with a floor outlet that is suitable, because the sewer system in houses is mounted in this way. Of course, with a strong desire, you can use any other toilet bowl. But in this case, it is necessary to use corrugated cuttings, which will require a significant removal of the product from the wall and a decrease in free space.

Often imported toilets are produced with direct release. This is due to the fact that in many houses in European countries, the drain sticks out directly into the wall. If the model really liked, then perhaps itconnect with a special adapter.

Vertical descent is rare. Often a similar design can be found in private houses of old construction. Similar products will be required if the sewer is located directly under the floors.

Installation of a floor toilet

Top Producers

Toilet bowls (with cisterns) are produced by both Russian and foreign companies. Among the most famous domestic manufacturers, users distinguish the Sanita brand. The plant is located in Samara. All products are of high quality and are in no way inferior to European brands. If we consider imported products, then you need to pay attention to the following manufacturers:

  • Roca;
  • Duravit;
  • JIKA;
  • IDO;
  • Jacob Delafon;
  • Villeroy &Boch;
  • Laufen.

To understand which model should be considered for purchase, you need to highlight their features and study the reviews of real buyers. Toilets with cisterns (floor standing) may look the same outwardly. But if the price is suspiciously low, then this may signal low-quality, plastic fittings that will quickly fail.

Budget option - Roca

The Roca floor standing toilet has a traditional design. Therefore, the product is suitable for any interior and is often used in public places. Consumers trust the quality of the brand, because the company has been successfully operating for decades.

Most in demand amongbuyers is the Roca Hall model. It features a sleek design and easy installation. Users note that the anti-splash system works successfully.

The toilet bowl is recommended for installation in small spaces and if there is a desire to save space. Its design is designed in such a way that it allows you to place the product in a limited area.

The toilet looks attractive, the seat is comfortable. According to reviews, the quality is quite decent for little money. Armature withstands a long service life and active operation.

Roca floor standing toilet

Reliable Cersanit toilet

The floor-standing Cersanit is characterized by reliable operation and the ability to connect to any form of riser. This feature is appreciated by the consumer, because sometimes the model is purchased in a new building, where the design of sewer pipes is not yet known.

According to user reviews, the model has a minimalist design, which is noted even by aesthetes. The toilet bowl is of high quality, original fittings are used, which can withstand many years of operation, but if necessary, it is possible to replace individual components.

The toilet is compact and does not take up much space. Therefore, the model can be purchased even for small bathrooms. User reviews often indicate a low price, but people are satisfied with the functionality of the product.

The seat is the simplest, but the drain is quite effective and does not require a second action. Quiet operation is also noted both during the descent andset of water.

Floor standing toilet Cersanit

Outdoor "Santek Alkor"

Compact floor standing toilet "Santek Alkor" is made in Russia and has a quite budget price. The possibility of saving water is provided. To do this, the drain button is divided into two halves. One part releases a full tank, the other only half.

According to user reviews, the toilet is quite decent and corresponds to the declared characteristics. The fittings are plastic, but at the same time they can withstand a fairly long service life. Due to the fact that the model is domestic, the components are easy to find on sale.

Of course, the anti-splash system is not provided here, but the design allows you to comfortably use this model. According to customer feedback, there are no special splashes both when draining water and during operation.


The rimless toilet bowl (floor standing) is a novelty in the sanitary ware market. The usual version has a special rim that directs water when flushing. But such a design is difficult to maintain, the main dirt often accumulates under the rim.

The main advantages of rimless models are:

  1. Hygiene. In such designs, there are no hard-to-reach places for cleaning.
  2. Provided with a special antibacterial coating. As a result, microbes do not multiply.
  3. Models are virtually silent.
  4. Economy. Less water is required for efficient draining.
  5. No harsh chemicals needed for maintenance, sosuitable for people with allergies to many cleaning products.
  6. Perfectly fit into a modern interior.

Rodless floor standing toilet, reviews confirm this, it is much more convenient to use, does not require effort to clean and meets all hygiene requirements.

The Ifo Special Rimfree model is very popular with buyers. The product is inexpensive, made of high-quality sanitary ware. Its mount is open, so the mounting nuts remain in sight. The model is easy to install and suitable for installation in small bathrooms.

In conclusion

Floor standing toilets with a low cistern are the best choice for a small room. Such models look stylish, while in appearance they form a single whole.

If you need a toilet, where the tank is supplied separately from the toilet and, if necessary, disconnected for repair, then a compact toilet is required. Such models consist of two separate elements and are easy to mount.

If you want to install a single structure, you must consider monoblocks. Such models are very compact and take up little space. However, repairs may require complete dismantling and are often very costly.

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