How to arrange lighting in the corridor. Narrow corridor in the apartment. Designer Tips

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How to arrange lighting in the corridor. Narrow corridor in the apartment. Designer Tips
How to arrange lighting in the corridor. Narrow corridor in the apartment. Designer Tips

It's no secret that the design of the corridor is often given much less attention and time than this complex room requires. The difficulty of its design lies in the fact that this room is not intended for a long stay in it, so the owners are not embarrassed by the small size and subdued lighting of the corridor.

But we should not forget that the corridor in the apartment is the first room from which guests begin to get acquainted with your home, and, as a rule, the first impression of it is formed from it. Today we will not give recommendations on the design of the hallway. The purpose of our article is to figure out what lighting should be in the corridor of an apartment. You will learn about some secrets that will help turn even the smallest room into a more spacious and comfortable.

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Corridor lighting features

The lighting in the corridor should be considered before the start of construction and finishing work. In this case, you will be able to correctly place the necessary switches andsockets, as well as wiring to lamps.

How many fixtures do you need for the corridor?

To choose the right option for your premises from the huge assortment presented today in the distribution network, you need to take into account the configuration of the corridor and its dimensions. Even a long and narrow corridor can be organized and decorated no worse than a spacious hallway.

In recent years, spot lighting on the ceiling has become very popular. With a uniform distribution of such light sources, even a narrow corridor will become beautiful and cozy. They can also help you save money on your energy bills.

lamps in the hallway

Lighting in the corridor should not be limited to a ceiling chandelier. To make the interior of the room look natural, it is advisable to combine at least two types of light sources. For example, along with spot lighting of the ceiling, sconces will be appropriate in this room, which can focus on the entrance area or the key shelf.

The corridor in a larger apartment can be supplemented with a floor lamp. It will light up the newspaper table well. Even the smallest hallway is not complete without a mirror. This necessary interior element will serve to properly illuminate a narrow corridor. If you install a backlight near it and direct a beam of light onto a mirror surface, you can get a visual increase in area due to reflection in the mirror.

How to choose a lamp?

It is important to choose quality fixtures. Wall, floor andceiling lights. For a spacious hallway, their choice is huge. But what should they look like in a small, irregularly shaped or narrow room?

All light sources are divided into general and local. Both are aimed at hiding the shortcomings of the premises. Lamps in the corridor are selected in accordance with the dimensions of the room. Artificial lighting in the corridor is especially important due to the fact that, as a rule, especially in older buildings, the corridors are very dark, they rarely get (or do not get at all) natural light. There are no windows here, so the only way to create a modern and cozy space is with the right lighting.

corridor in the apartment

These include:

  • floor lamps and sconces;
  • chandeliers;
  • wall lamps;
  • spotlights;
  • spots;
  • LED backlight.

Original solutions

  1. Unfortunately, the hallways in the houses of the old buildings are often distinguished not only by a tiny area, but also by very low ceilings. In order to create lighting in the corridor, for example, in Khrushchev, you can use a lamp that fits snugly against the ceiling.
  2. The cornice along the perimeter of the corridor, in which the LED strip is hidden, looks original.
  3. Spotlights are suitable for wardrobes. These are small halogen lamps that come in different shapes. By placing spots in the cabinets, you will greatly simplify the search for the right things.
  4. The baseboard lighting looks very impressive in the hallway.
lamp in the corridor wall

How to light a mirror?

The upper part of the corridor is easy to highlight with a properly installed mirror. But you can achieve the desired effect only if the surface of the mirror is at a height not exceeding the height of a person.

You can install lamps on the wall near the mirror or fix suitable devices on the mirror surface itself - this simple technique will reflect the light rays, which will visually enlarge the room.

narrow corridor

In the hallway, a mirror (preferably full-length) is necessary, but at the same time, the light rays reflected by its surface should be perceived comfortably. Therefore, it is advisable to fix the lamps at the top of the frame.

Lamps that are selected to illuminate the mirror should be functional and practical. The best option are lamps with a simple shape that allow you to gently diffuse the light.

Quite often the mirror in the hallway is located on the cabinet door. In this case, built-in light structures or swivel lights on the eaves are suitable. Convenient and light sources with flexible movable brackets. It should not be forgotten that the illumination of the mirror only complements the main light source.

Lighting in the corridor: design tips

  • When creating lighting in an apartment (especially a small one), you must remember that its brightness should be the same in all rooms. If you prefer well-lit rooms, then the entryway should be no exception.
  • In a corridor that is too narrow, massive chandeliers and lamps should be abandoned. Not always classic lighting options give the desired result. Whatever lighting you choose in the corridor, it should help to visually increase the space.
  • Wishing to focus on a particular design element, it is better to use vertical fixtures. They will effectively emphasize the necessary elements of the interior, create a sense of space, and raise the ceiling.

Wall lights

For those who are annoyed by too bright light, a wall lamp is suitable for the corridor. It perfectly emphasizes individual elements of the interior: a picture, shelves, a mirror, a table for correspondence. Most experts believe that such lamps are most suitable for the hallway. They illuminate both high and low rooms equally well.

When choosing such a lighting fixture, you need to know that the closer the lamp is to the wall, the more careful the surface finish should be. The fact is that side lighting will visually lift the texture, and as a result, the slightest flaws will appear.

lighting in the hallway

The small corridor will also be made more elegant by illuminated pictorial and graphic miniatures hung at regular intervals. In this case, it is important, as in the case of a mirror, to choose the right level of their location so that they do not reflect into the eyes.

Light Zones

Narrow and long room should be divided into several light zones. Tofor example, the front door can be illuminated with an LED strip, in the center the lighting in the corridor can be spot, and a sconce is suitable for the far wall. This combination of different light sources will help to avoid the impression of a long tunnel. In addition, installing several lighting fixtures in the hallway allows you to turn on only part of the system.

Accordingly, the switches must be installed in different places of the corridor. In the hallway, the light should not be excessively bright. The rheostatic switch will help you control its brightness. For even greater convenience, you can set the automation - then you do not have to constantly approach the switch. They entered the room - the light came on, left - after forty seconds the lighting turned off.

rheostatic switch

Creating lighting in the corridor, use incandescent or halogen lamps - they are the most natural and pleasant to perceive, and matte shades will give the interior softness and comfort.

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