How to choose a wok pan: tips for choosing, ranking the best

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How to choose a wok pan: tips for choosing, ranking the best
How to choose a wok pan: tips for choosing, ranking the best

Wok pans are becoming more and more popular in Russia. Initially, they were cooked on an open fire, but today they are also used on the stove at home. How to choose a wok pan so that cooking on it is a pleasure? What models are popular? Read about it in this article.

Features of pans

how to choose a good wok pan

Wok is a trendy cookware used by many housewives. They came up with it in China to prepare the corresponding dishes of Asian cuisine, but the Russians adapted it for all other purposes - stewing, frying, sautéing and much more. The uniqueness of woks is that cooking on them is possible both on the stove at home and on an open fire. Production is carried out from steel, aluminum, cast iron, which are treated with a special coating that is resistant to external influences and heat in the first place. The distinctive design features of the pan include:

  • round bottom,
  • high sides,
  • shape in the formcone.

These are the main characteristics that distinguish this type of cookware. The uniformity of heating during cooking depends on the thickness of the bottom and walls, which are different for models from different manufacturers. In general, there is no more versatile cookware than a wok pan. How to choose a good one? To do this, you need to take into account a number of recommendations.

About the secrets of choice

wok pan reviews how to choose a good one

You can buy a wok in specialized utensil centers or chain stores where they are cheaper. However, the quality of such dishes is in doubt. In addition, you need to know about how to choose a wok pan. We suggest paying attention to the following parameters:

  • Size: A 30 cm frying pan is suitable for use in the home kitchen.
  • Thickness of the bottom and walls: dishes with a thin bottom are problems with burnt food; therefore it is better to choose thick-walled models. In them, food will warm up and cook evenly, and it will cool down much more slowly. The ideal thickness is 4mm.
  • Weight: Good wok pans weigh a lot due to the thickness of the walls and bottom, so choose those that weigh more.
  • Handles and Lids: Many pans come with a lid, which is great because you don't have to pick it up separately. Handles two: long and rounded. It is important that they are made from heat-resistant materials.
  • Application: woks can be universal, that is, suitable for any type of stove, and can be designed for use on gas, electric orinduction hob.

It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer and reading reviews on how to choose a good wok. This will help you make the right decision and get the cookware that will meet your requirements. And we offer you a rating of the most popular models, about which there are the most positive comments from users.

1st: Mayer & Boch

how to choose a wok pan for gas

One of the best models among buyers is the Mayer & Boch wok. It comes with a lid, chopsticks, tongs and a grill grate. It has an enamel finish and is made of hardened cast iron. Diameter 36.5 cm. Heat-resistant varnish was used for coating, which does not emit toxins when heated and is absolutely safe. When deciding how to choose a wok pan for a gas stove and which model to prefer, pay attention to Mayer & Boch brand products. The walls are thick, so the taste properties of food are preserved to the maximum. It can be used on any type of hob, including induction. Not dishwasher safe.


  • large diameter,
  • high walls,
  • volume 4, 7 l,
  • heat-resistant handles,
  • rich equipment.


requires oil for cooking

2nd place. Regent Inox Ferro

which wok pan to choose

How to choose a wok pan at a reasonable price? Pay attention to Regent Inox Ferro with a diameter of 30see. For its manufacture, durable cast iron is used, which is resistant to deformation under the influence of heat. The model comes with a wooden handle, which is comfortable to operate and protects your hands from burns.


  • wooden handle that does not heat up
  • classic look,
  • flat bottom, stable on any surface,
  • durability of use.


  • no lid included,
  • there is no coating on the inside, so the pan must be wiped after each wash.

3rd place. Rondell Escurion RDA-870

Rondell Escurion RDA-870 is one of the popular wok pans suitable for home use. This model is the answer to the question of which wok pan is better to choose if it is necessary that it is of high quality at an affordable cost. The wok with a diameter of 28 cm is made in a strict design with a predominance of black. Manufactured from thicker die-cast aluminum, the finished product weighs much less than other options.

how to choose a wok pan for a gas stove

The inside of the pan is coated with a two-layer Xylan Plus non-stick material, which guarantees a long service life even with intensive use. The exterior is made of silicone polyester, which is resistant to high temperatures.


  • lid made of heat-resistant glass and silicone,
  • removable screw-on handle,
  • original design with stylingunder the skin of amphibians,
  • application on any stoves,
  • Built-in spout for easy draining of excess liquid.

4th place. Granchio Marmo Induction 88013

How to choose a wok pan that will be a beautiful addition to the kitchen? An interesting model is offered by the Italian brand Granchio, which embodies unique design and advanced technologies in its products. For the manufacture of brand uses durable cast aluminum. Reinforced coating with marble particles enhances non-stick properties, so cooking is possible even without oil and fat.


  • diameter - 32 cm,
  • lid included,
  • volume - 5, 2 l,
  • stylish design,
  • even and fast heating.

5th place. Paderno Ethnic Cuisine 49604-36

how to choose the right wok pan

How to choose a wok for a gas stove? It is worth paying attention to Paderno brand products from Italy. This model is an ideal solution for those who are true connoisseurs of Asian cuisine. The frying pan has a diameter of 36 cm and is made of thin carbon steel. Its feature is a sharp narrowing of the diameter towards the bottom. The wok weighs just over one kilogram, so you can even use it with one hand. It can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, from meat to vegetables.


  • light weight,
  • price available,
  • possibility of cooking on an open fire,
  • quick warm up.


  • personal care required,
  • no non-stick coating,
  • no lid included.

6th place. Fissman Vesuvio Stone

A distinctive feature of this wok-frying pan is its aluminum construction and Platinum multi-layer non-stick coating. It consists of several layers of natural stone chips and mineral components. Due to this, the wear resistance of this brand of cookware is designed for at least 4000 cycles. The model has a diameter of 28 cm, which is quite enough for a large family.


  • easy to use,
  • high quality non-stick coating,
  • comfortable handle, resistant to heat.


no lid included

7th place. KitchenAid KC2T13WKST

One of the best wok models is the KitchenAid KC2T13WKST, whose diameter is 33 cm. High quality steel is used for its production, and the dishes themselves are three-layered: a layer of steel, a thin aluminum layer and again a layer of steel. The pan is characterized by fast and uniform heating and can be used not only on gas stoves, but also on an open fire. Two handles on the body make the use of dishes even more convenient and easier.

how to choose a good wok pan


  • lid included,
  • divisions on the inner surface to control the volume of the dish,
  • use on any type of hob.


no non-stick coating

8th place. BergHOFF seriesNeo 3501398

how to choose a wok pan for gas

If you are looking for frying pans of unusual design, we advise you to pay attention to this model. It is produced with a diameter of 36 cm, made of steel, polished to a shine. The walls are less than 1 cm thick, so heating is fast and even. The 14 cm high sides allow you to cook a large amount of food. Suitable for use on all types of stoves and open fires.


  • quick warm up,
  • unusual design,
  • lid included,
  • can be used on any hob.


handles may get hot

We have described the most popular types of wok pans that are widely used by customers. Many are faced with the problem of how to choose the right wok pan. We advise you to pay attention to such parameters as the presence of a non-stick coating, the diameter of the cookware, the height of the sides and the volume. These parameters affect the volume of cooked food and the quality of the process itself. For use by one person, models with a diameter of 20-28 mm are sufficient, but for a large family, the product should be more spacious. Also consider whether a particular wok can be used on a gas, induction, electric stove, or open flame.

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