Sewing machines: ranking of the best

Sewing machines: ranking of the best
Sewing machines: ranking of the best

Fashion brand clothes are quite expensive, so many girls are beginning to master the principles of cutting and sewing. Having studied the theory, you have to think about buying your own sewing machine. The rating of the best models with a detailed description is presented in this article.

How to choose a good model

The first thing to know is that the machine is selected taking into account the skill level of the hostess. For beginners, options with a few functionality are best suited. But for experienced seamstresses, these options will come in handy. Cost is also a very important aspect of buying a sewing machine. Price rating varies in a very wide range. The most expensive is not always the best quality. In this regard, the next paragraph will present a rating of sewing machines, the quality and price of which is optimal.

In addition to price, quality and functionality, a seamstress should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Where to store the device. It is worth remembering that multifunctional options are very overall.
  2. What materials to work with. Simple Modelsthey do an excellent job with light fabrics, but leather and knitwear are difficult to take.
  3. Are there any additional consumables in the kit. A few presser feet from the original model will never be superfluous.

The rating of sewing machines by popularity is presented below.

quality rating of sewing machines

Top 3

The ranking of sewing machine manufacturers includes Janome, Brother and Singer Confidence. The list of the best includes the following models from these manufacturers.

  1. Janome 419S/5519 - this model costs from 11 to 13 thousand rubles.
  2. Brother INNOV-‘IS 10 - the price for it ranges from 20 to 22 thousand rubles.
  3. Singer Confidence 7463 - the minimum cost of this machine is 12,750 rubles. The maximum reaches 16,000 rubles.

Detailed descriptions of each are provided below.

Janome 419S/5519

In the ranking of sewing machines, this model deserves the first place. Its feature is the electromechanical method of operation, which leads to its low cost. The power of the device is 85 watts. An important function of this model is the possibility of automatic processing of loops. Also in her option there is a reverse mode of operation. The hook suitable for this sewing machine is vertically oscillating. For the convenience of the seamstress, the working area of ​​the device is illuminated by a 15-watt incandescent bulb.

Janome 419S/5519 is able to perform both standard stitching and decorative, overlock, honeycomb and many others. Sewing machineMade of durable plastic and reinforced with metal inserts. The device is very easy to operate, works with fabrics of any density, is reliable and durable.

sewing machines popularity rating

Brother INNOV-‘IS 10

This model is great for beginners. It has a very convenient switch knob, and is also capable of performing sixteen different operations. The device is sold in a set with a foot pedal. The user can freely adjust the sewing speed, and also access the reverse mode.

Feature Brother INNOV-‘IS 10 is the presence of a small LCD screen. It displays information about the length and width of the stitch. In cases where an error occurs in the work, its code is also broadcast on the screen.

The sewing machine makes almost no noise during operation. For ease of use, next to the working area, manufacturers have placed a storage compartment for small items. This model is completed with six paws made of transparent plastic. Works well with fabrics of any thickness. And its stitch length is adjustable from 5 to 7 millimeters.

sewing machines rating manufacturers

Singer Confidence 7463

This model occupies the third place in the ranking of sewing machines due to its practicality. Singer Confidence 7463 belongs to the category of universal, so it is perfect for home use. At the disposal of its owner will be more than thirty different functions. Even automatic hinges have twovarieties. The stitch width of this device reaches 7 mm. Also, the sewing machine of this manufacturer suggests the possibility of changing the sewing speed and adjusting the level of the foot.

The reverse mode button is located on the body of the Singer Confidence 7463. The automatic threader greatly simplifies the process of working on the machine. Another advantage is the sleeve platform. This model comes with a soft case, in which it is very convenient for the seamstress to store her treasure.

sewing machines ranking of the best

The sewing machine has a special compartment for various consumables and other small things. In fact, the device shows itself perfectly in working with both thin and dense fabrics. Due to the fact that the Singer Confidence 7463 is made of very high quality plastic, over time, unnecessary noise does not appear during use. The advantages of this sewing machine are: its ability to sew well, high build quality and a fairly affordable price. Despite the large number of advantages, the model had two drawbacks. Firstly, it is equipped with a too small pedal, and secondly, the accessories for it are extremely expensive.

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