Abrasive blasting machine. Sandblasting technology

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Abrasive blasting machine. Sandblasting technology
Abrasive blasting machine. Sandblasting technology

The performance of roughing, cleaning and grinding operations is increasingly associated with the function of abrasive blasting technology. Traditional fixtures and tools fade into the background, giving way to productive units. Machines of this type from different manufacturers are available on the domestic market, but Contracor takes the lead. Even in medium modifications, the abrasive blasting machine of this manufacturer is capable of high-quality processing of various surfaces. However, the range of offers on the market is not limited to these products.

abrasive blasting machine

Varieties of technology

At this stage of development of this direction, manufacturers offer three options for installations - pneumatic, injector and vacuum. The most attractive in terms of power and efficiency is the pneumatic unit. Such machines are usually used in industry when it is required to serve a large area. Injector models can be called the opposite of the above type. These versions work by suction of the abrasive from a special reservoir, after which the crumb is supplied with air to the work surface. The injection abrasive blasting machine is characterized by low power, and thereforeused in solving simple cleaning and grinding tasks. As for vacuum models, they are also not used in large-scale events, but they have one advantage. Models of this type allow you to use the already discarded abrasive several times, saving money.

abrasive blasting machine DBS

Key Features

In assessing the working potential of sandblasting machines, two characteristics are taken into account - productivity and the volume of the tank, which is pre-filled with an abrasive mixture. The performance indicator is expressed by the volume of particles thrown out by the apparatus along with the air per hour. Entry-level models provide about 3-5 m2/h. In workshops and on construction sites, equipment is more often used that produces about 10-15 m32/h. The most productive modifications are capable of producing up to 30 m2/h. In this case, the volume of the tank averages 20-40 liters. True, in large industries you can find an abrasive blasting machine, to which a container of several hundred liters is supplied. These are massive structures that are often part of the production lines.

Sorokin 10.3 model

Domestic version of a small but functional sandblaster. The volume of the tank is only 34 liters, but it is enough to perform cleaning operations in car repair shops, and even more so in the private sector. Except for the difference with more voluminous counterparts in the volume of the loading tank, then the abrasive blasting apparatus of the Sorokin companywill benefit from versatility.

abrasive blasting machine DBS 200

The fact is that the power of this unit is enough to service metal structures. For example, with its help, such surfaces get rid of rust, scale and outdated paintwork. But besides this, the model is suitable for the careful maintenance of non-metallic surfaces up to thick glass.

Models of the DBS line from Contracor

In this case, we are talking about more productive equipment, presented in different versions. In the initial segment, the company offers the DBS 100 abrasive blasting machine, which is suitable for use in agriculture, domestic use, as well as in car workshops. The unit has a tank of 100 liters, so the workflow can not be stopped until the operation is completed. However, it depends on the amount of planned work.

abrasive blasting machine DBS 100

Modification with a tank of 200 liters is definitely suitable for solving problems on an industrial scale. Of course, the DBS 200 abrasive blaster is not cheap, but its function will justify the investment if you need to quickly update massive structures. At the same time, both versions of sandblasters from the DBS family are characterized by high productivity, reaching 37 m2/h. Contributes to the effective implementation of various tasks and the ability to use sand with a fraction of the order of 3.5 mm.

DSG VMZ models

Vyksa Steel Works offerssandblasting machines of the DSG series, which, according to users, are distinguished by reliability in operation, functionality and quality of processing. The unit is powered by compressed air, which is pre-filtered from oils and moisture. It is the preparation of the bearing masses that allows the equipment to remain operational even in difficult operating conditions. The characteristics of the DSG abrasive blasting machine are similar to previous versions, but there are some differences. First of all, it concerns the possibilities of working with abrasive. In the bunker, which has an average capacity of 200 liters, it is possible to load sand with a fraction of 2 mm. But it cannot be said that the small fraction of the consumable material in this case causes a lack of technology. The limitation on the size of the abrasive only determines the direction of use of the unit - mainly these are more delicate operations, close to grinding procedures.

abrasive blasting machine DSG


Sandblasting equipment is not cheap, so you should choose it with the utmost responsibility. Relying in this event is on the primary characteristics, as well as on the design features. For example, the DBS abrasive blasting machine and other mentioned modifications are equipped with a running gear with wheels. But not always mobility is a selection criterion. So, if the unit will be operated in the same place on the production line, then there is no need for such an addition. But you should carefully approach the choice of components. Nozzles, couplings and adapters determine the possibilitiesinterface sandblasting with compressors and exhaust guns. It is important to take into account the requirements of technology in terms of energy supply. Recently, autonomous models equipped with stabilizers and protection systems are increasingly entering the market.

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