Bosch MFW 66020: customer reviews, power and specifications

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Bosch MFW 66020: customer reviews, power and specifications
Bosch MFW 66020: customer reviews, power and specifications

Bosch ProPower MFW 66020 is an attractive meat grinder model of the budget segment with a stylish design, accessory storage system from a well-known brand. It would seem, what else is needed for household appliances? However, judging by the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020, buyers are confused by the mentioned productivity - 3 kg / min, which is not at all typical for a household appliance with a power of 600 watts. Whether such technical characteristics are real or is it just a marketing ploy, we will understand below.


bosch mfw 66020 reviews

On the cardboard packaging of the meat grinder, the technical specifications and the complete set with the display of photos of accessories are indicated.

The handle for carrying the package is not provided, however, buyers in the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020 note the quality packaging: the meat grinder and accessories are wrapped in plastic bags and protected by pressed cardboard liners. There is no free space in the box, the contents are tightly fitted to each other.

The complete set of kitchen appliances is as follows:

  • Meat grinder.
  • Nut,neck and auger.
  • Knife and discs with different holes.
  • Kebbe and sausage attachments.
  • Meat tray.
  • Operating instructions.

The equipment of the device is standard for equipment of this level.

First Look

meat grinder bosch mfw 66020

Externally, the Bosch meat grinder gives the impression of an expensive and well-assembled device that does not correspond to the actual price category. This is explained by the original design, high-quality body materials, pleasant to the touch and in appearance.

For the body of the meat grinder, light gray glossy and white matte plastic was used. In the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020, its pleasant texture and expensive appearance are noted. The instrument is easy to carry thanks to the handle on the top of the case.

At the bottom there are air vents, a technical data sticker, a wire storage compartment and small rubberized feet. In reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020 electric meat grinder, buyers note the presence of a separate recess for the cord and plug, so that the wire not only does not interfere, but is also practically invisible. There is no automatic cord winder; it folds into the compartment manually.

On the right side of the meat grinder body there is a control unit represented by two mechanical keys and a red LED indicator.

The disc storage compartment is located at the top, at the back of the case. Its lid is held by a latch, the compartment itself is divided into three sections, ineach of which freely accommodates a forming disc.

In the front there is a bayonet connector, to which the auger and neck are connected. The latter is fixed with plastic guides, while the connector for the auger is made of metal. The automatic clamp release button is also located here.

The standard assembly method is evaluated in the Bosch MFW 66020 meat grinder reviews: the neck is inserted turning to the right and counterclockwise until the locking mechanism works, which is indicated by a click.

The notch on the grip - a predetermined break point - prevents significant damage to equipment. The gripper breaks if excessive force is applied, but is easily replaced after contacting a service center.

Clamping nut, screws and neck of the meat grinder are made of aluminum, molding discs and knives are made of steel. The diameter of the holes in the disks varies from 3 to 8 millimeters.

The pusher and food tray are made of plastic. In the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020, the original design of the pusher is noted: it is made in the form of a container, inside which plastic nozzles are stored for making kebbe and sausages.

Such a solution, coupled with a storage compartment for molding discs, can be called a complete system. The compactness of the assembled meat grinder is an advantage noted in the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020: the discs are hidden inside the body, the nozzles are in the pusher, the wire is collected in the compartment at the bottom. This arrangement of equipment avoids the use of boxes and boxes for storing accessories.


electric meat grinder bosch mfw 66020 reviews

The meat grinder is controlled by two mechanical keys; the process itself is very simple and standard.

Starting the device in normal mode is carried out by the main button. The additional one is not equipped with a pressing locking mechanism and is designed to reverse the motor. A similar function is resorted to if it is necessary to clean the meat grinder from veins and other products that are difficult to process. The red LED is on when the appliance is in operation.

Operation and preparation for use

Before the first start, no equipment settings are required, which is another advantage noted in the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020. The user needs to assemble the meat grinder in accordance with the attached instructions and prepare the products.


bosch mfw 66020

Users in the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020 note the ease of operation of the meat grinder. The assembly process of the device is very simple and does not cause difficulties, all parts of the structure are easily connected to each other.

The control buttons are soft, when pressed, you feel the moment of activation.

The average noise level does not interfere and does not exceed the standard values ​​for kitchen appliances of the same power level.

Separately, in the reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020, the fact that almost all products are crushed is noted: a small amount of raw materials remains after work.


meat grinder bosch mfw 66020 reviews

Maintenanceinvolves cleaning and rinsing the main elements in contact with food. The use of mild detergents is acceptable. The blade and discs can be washed in a dishwasher, while the aluminum parts are cleaned by hand.

Metal elements after washing are thoroughly dried and lubricated with edible oil to prevent rust and corrosion.

Users note the lack of hard-to-reach places on the device and the ease of cleaning the main parts.

Technical side of the issue

According to customer reviews of the Bosch MFW 66020 meat grinder, some of the users measured the technical characteristics and energy consumption using a wattmeter. In the pork grinding mode, the indicators were 435 W, beef - 465 W, pumpkin - 335 W, orange - 370 W; idle - 185 W, reverse - 135 W.

The instruction manual does not contain information about the maximum time the meat grinder can be used without stopping.

During the operation of the device, no activation of the protection system against blocking and overheating is recorded.

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