Isofix attachment for child car seat

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Isofix attachment for child car seat
Isofix attachment for child car seat

All parents know that children should be transported by car in special safety seats. But do all the chairs that are sold provide a high degree of this very security? If you want to give your child maximum protection, then choose devices that have an isofix attachment system.

isofix mount

Back to the background

This design appeared in the 90s of the last century. Until this turning point, all child seats were held on by ordinary car seat belts, so in an accident, this device did not at all insure the baby from injury. It was necessary to come up with a mechanism that would allow the body of the car and the child seat to be rigidly connected.

Any ways of fixing with belts, even very complex ones, did not give the desired effect. Yes, and parents often got confused and as a result installed a chair with violations.

The isofix mount, with its appearance, saved adults from a long fuss withtangled web of straps. And the whole secret lies in two steel and very durable frames that are on the back of the car seat. They cling to the corresponding clips mounted on the car body. The result is a single, highly reliable design.

what is isofix mount

How the isofix mount works

What is it, we, in general, figured it out, and now let's take a closer look at how this whole system works.

First of all, before buying the chair itself, make sure that you have special brackets on your car. Recently, almost all models of cars are supplied with them. This is indicated by markings at their locations. Sometimes manufacturers put plastic plugs on top of bright staples (usually red). But if you're still not sure, then just stick your hand in the gap between the rear seat and backrest. Found something? These are the metal holders.

Now let's see how the isofix mount looks on the armchair. At its base (rear) are two steel hooks. They are located on the left and, respectively, on the right.

isofix attachment system

In order to install a child seat, you need to follow a very simple procedure. Hook hooks on the brackets. Click. Ready. The whole process takes some minutes. And there is no risk of confusing something.

For particularly suspicious parents, an isofix mount with a special indicator is available. If the lock is locked, the indicator showsgreen stripe. If the tongue of the device is not fully latched, the red part of it will be visible on the indicator.

Cleaning these car seats is a pleasure. It is only necessary to release the buttons that are responsible for the function of unlocking the locks.

Car seat features

All chairs are divided into appropriate age categories. The smallest are car seats. It is not customary to install the isofix mount on them directly. It is supplied with a special base. We cling to the base by the brackets, and on top of the locks the armchair for the baby is fixed.

This decision is due to the fact that the infant carrier is often used by young parents as a carrier. Therefore, it makes sense to significantly lighten the overall weight of the device.

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