Effective remedy for rats: list with names, rating of the best, composition and instructions for use

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Effective remedy for rats: list with names, rating of the best, composition and instructions for use
Effective remedy for rats: list with names, rating of the best, composition and instructions for use

In numerous videos on the Internet, rodents can seem like very cute and funny animals. But when it comes to rats and mice, they can make the life of almost every person unbearable. These animals destroy stocks and spread infections. Of course, for the most part they prefer to stay in sheds, haystacks, barns and other outbuildings. However, it is not uncommon for rats to start up in a private house or even in a city apartment. In this case, one has to face a lot of problems in getting rid of such "neighbors".

big rat

Of course, in this situation, everyone wants to find the most effective remedy for mice and rats. However, you need to understand that it also should not harm other household members.

Features of the fight against rats

First of all, you need to be prepared for a very long and painful process when it comes to the simplest methods of getting rid of rats. However, even if such “neighbors” manage to survive, then inIn this case, it is mandatory to carry out preventive measures. The house must be kept absolutely clean, and food must be permanently stored in places where animals cannot enter. All dishes must be securely covered so that they do not emit odors that attract pests. Food waste and any garbage must be thrown out every day.

The most harmless ways

If we talk about methods of getting rid of rodents, then the simplest and most effective remedy for rats, of course, is to get cats. In this case, there are 2 scenarios. Either a four-legged friend will constantly destroy rodents, or long before that they will smell his scent and stop visiting the house. However, even this method only helps if there are not so many rodents.

Mouse trap

Some believe that special bait traps placed around the entire perimeter of the house are an effective remedy for rats. This method, of course, helps to solve the problem, but if there are other animals or small children in the house, then there is a high risk of injury. Rat traps and other traps may also be of interest to a restless child or pet. In such situations, it is best to avoid mechanical methods of killing or trapping rodents.

There is also a chemical method to get rid of such neighbors. To do this, it is enough to buy a rather aggressive poison in the store and sprinkle it in the corners. This method has both advantages and disadvantages. Considermore this way.

Destruction of rats using chemistry

Modern poisons for rodents can be produced in the form of powder, gel, glue, baits of various checkers or solutions. However, to choose the best tool, you must carefully read the instructions for use. It is also worthwhile to first clarify in which particular room you need to destroy the rats. Since what works in a garage or cellar is not always allowed to be used in a residential apartment. In addition, it takes into account how many rodents do not allow you to live in peace. It is important to pay attention to the presence of children and pets in the house. Based on those requirements, consider the rating of the most effective rat remedies recommended by users.

Glue "Rodentoff"

This tool has proven itself very well. The main advantage of the glue is that it is absolutely safe for humans and pets. The preparation consists of synthetic rubber, mineral additives and vegetable oil. It contains absolutely no toxins. At the same time, it is a very powerful and effective remedy for rats in the house.

good glue

The drug is sold in tubes worth up to 200 rubles. The number of required packages must be calculated based on the dimensions of the room, as well as the number of rats. The tool must be applied to a thick cardboard, the diameter of which is about 25 cm. On the resulting site, it is necessary to evenly spread about 7 cm of glue. In this case, the fields of the cardboard must be left clean. In the middle of such a mousetrapyou need to put the bait in the form of cheese or any other treat. As soon as a mouse or rat approaches the treasured treat, it sticks to the glue with its paws and wool. After that, it remains only to destroy the rat. And forever forget about her existence.

Glue ALT

Many people call this composition the most effective remedy for rats and mice. The tool has a more complex and incomprehensible composition to a simple man in the street. However, despite the terrible names (butylene and polyisobutylene), there is nothing to be afraid of. The manufacturer immediately clarifies that these substances, although they are chemical, do not carry absolutely no toxic hazard. Glue also costs about 200 rubles. You need to use it in the same way as described earlier.

Clay Alt

In their reviews of an effective remedy for rats, many people pay attention to the fact that this composition really cannot harm a person. However, if there is a cat or a dog at home, then unpleasant situations can arise if the glue gets on the wool. Also, many do not like that after the rat sticks to the base, you need to do something with it further. Of course, no one wants to wait until the unfortunate rodent dies of dehydration on its own. In this case, you will have to take the liberty of destroying it on your own.


These are the next most popular effective anti-rats. They are delicacies, inside of which there is a strong poison. As soon as the rodent treats himself to what people have offered him, he dies. In this case, the bait should be painted quite brightly.This is necessary not in order to attract a rodent, but to always remember exactly where this remedy is located.

However, it is immediately worth mentioning several disadvantages of such drugs. First of all, they are made in very bright colors and bizarre shapes. This may spark interest in a child who thinks it's sweet candy. Therefore, if there are children in the house, then you should not use such products.

Rat eats

Poisons that are used in baits are usually toxic, so if you eat it, then very severe poisoning can occur. Also on sale there are baits that look like tablets, granules or grains. They must be scattered along the paths of rodents, also along walls, under baseboards, and so on. In addition, it must be borne in mind that baits of this type are prohibited from being used in residential apartments. They are intended exclusively for houses and other larger premises. Consider the most popular tools of this type.

Granules "Quiet Hour"

This effective rat control is designed for all 4 seasons of the year at once. This is due to the fact that rodents in summer, autumn, winter and spring prefer completely different delicacies, so the poison must be chosen depending on the weather that is. The composition of this remedy includes the poison bromadiolone. It does not immediately kill the pest, but after 4 days or even after 2 weeks.

Sold product in the form of granules that are of interest to rodents. It must be scattered both on the land andinside the house, where rats most often make their way. As a rule, for 6 acres, only half a kilogram of the drug is enough. It is best to place such poisoned grains in small containers and place them at a distance of several meters from each other.

This is a very effective rat repellant as it can kill a large population of pests.

Briquettes "Quiet Hour"

In this case, we are talking about baits that are made on a paraffin basis, so these products will not be afraid of moisture. They can be used in winter or during heavy rains. The granules do not lose their shape over time.

Briquettes from rats

There are 7 briquettes in each package. At the same time, they differ in their taste, depending on the preferences of rats in terms of food. One package (65 grams) of an effective rat repellent is enough to kill 3 large individuals. Accordingly, depending on the number of population, it is necessary to purchase the required number of briquettes.

Bait "Ratobor"

Speaking about what effective rat remedy should be used, many people mention this brand in their reviews. "Ratobor" is another briquettes with poison in the form of difenacin. This poison is considered one of the most aggressive. Up to 8 briquettes of 10 grams are placed on one substrate. Such products work great in wet conditions, so they can be used in basements and even sewers. You can use such poison only for suburbanhouses.

According to user reviews, the tool helps to get rid of mice and rats almost instantly. Many note that pests seem to evaporate and do not visit for a long time. However, when using such drugs, you must also be careful and monitor pets.

Means rotabor

Clean House

The tool is a grain bait. In order not to accidentally feed the animals with poisoned grain, manufacturers have thought of this nuance and stain the poisoned granules with bright blue and red. On sale there are compounds that have a mummifying effect. It is very comfortable. If the rat dies from the poison between the walls, then no fetid odor will come from its body.

Smoke bombs

Such funds are effective and low cost. In addition, with the help of smoke bombs, you can get rid of not only annoying rodents, but also fungus, mold, various insects that poison life, and even ticks. However, such funds should also never be used in city apartments.

The active component of these drugs is sulfur. To use the checker, you must first study in detail the instructions for a particular tool. After that, you need to take out flowers, food from the treated premises, remove animals. After ignition, the checker begins to spread very acrid smoke. It penetrates into all the cracks and corners of the room. Thus, pests are practically smoked out of the house. During the burning of the checkers, you need to carefullymake sure that a pet does not enter the house and a child does not run. After processing, you can forget about many pests for quite a long time. But many note the difficulty of using this method, therefore, in the rating, smoke bombs are at the end of the list.

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