Remedy for wood lice in the apartment: a list of disinfectants, application features, effective folk methods

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Remedy for wood lice in the apartment: a list of disinfectants, application features, effective folk methods
Remedy for wood lice in the apartment: a list of disinfectants, application features, effective folk methods

There are many insects on our planet. Each species lives in a particular environment, and some live next to us. There are those who need moisture to live. They find her next to a person in apartments and houses. All living organisms need certain conditions to reproduce. So, excessive humidity in the room can contribute to the appearance of wood lice. How harmful and dangerous they are to humans, as well as what remedies for wood lice exist in the apartment, we will consider further.

Woodlice in the apartment

The woodlouse is a crustacean. Its slightly convex oval body has antennae and is divided into segments. Eyes on the sides of the head. It has 7 pairs of pectoral legs that cover each other in a tiled manner and correspond to each segment, as well as antennae, one pair of which is developed, the other is underdeveloped.

If woodlice sense danger, theycurl up into a ball. They live on land, but in places where moisture accumulates. Under wet stones lying on the ground, trees. They are suitable for hunting in the dark. Rotting plants and microorganisms are used for food. They can also feed on ordinary young plants.

The apartment can start:

  • In potted flowers, in flower trays.
  • Habitats of wood lice in the house
  • In the bathroom.
  • In places where pipes and plumbing leaks.
  • In a damp room, basement.
  • Under the tiles, in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Under peeled wallpaper.
  • In the vegetable storage area.
  • Around and in the trash can.

Woodlice can start in an apartment, even if there is no dampness. They come from neighbors, from basements.

May penetrate:

  • Through the cracks in the floor, in the walls, from under the plinth.
  • Through the room ventilation system.
  • Through holes for water pipes and sewers.
  • Through outlets.

What is harmful wood lice

Let's consider what harm these representatives of the animal world can bring:

  • Harm indoor moisture-loving plants.
  • By destroying rotting plants and decaying microorganisms, they can become a source of fungus, infection.
  • Vegetables are being harmed in the cellars.
  • Damage to vegetables by wood lice

Woodlice can start right in a flower pot, for example, for an orchid. The flower will die. In the place where potatoes and vegetables are stored, wood lice appear,that spoil the harvest. They will feed on rot.

Everyone can benefit from information on how to deal with these pests. What is the best remedy for woodlice in an apartment?

Starting with cleaning

If you find wood lice, you need to start cleaning. The following steps are recommended:

  • If there are wood lice, it means that this place is excessively damp. An air conditioner or fan must be used. This is necessary in order to dry the room or a certain area.
  • Be sure to ventilate the room when cleaning.
  • Pay attention to the pipes, maybe moisture is accumulating somewhere or there is a leak.
  • Cleaning is one of the means of combating wood lice
  • If there are animals in the house, look under the bathtub and sofas, suddenly something is hidden there and has already begun to decompose. This is the perfect food for wood lice.
  • If you decide to make repairs, it is best to get rid of wood lice in the beginning, using home remedies, or call specialists.
  • After the destruction of wood lice, it is good to fill the gaps in the floor and baseboards with sealant. Moisture will not penetrate from under the floor, and new wood lice will not appear.

One of the important points is the choice of an effective remedy for wood lice in the apartment. How to get rid of them with the help of chemicals and folk methods, we will tell further.


To combat wood lice, there are a lot of modern chemicals.

They are available in the following types:

  • Insecticide sprays.
  • Concentrates.
  • Insecticidal powders.
  • Pencils, crayons.
  • Gels.
  • Sticky traps.
  • Baits.

Sprays and aerosols

Using aerosols as a remedy for wood lice in an apartment is beneficial if a small area is being processed. Such drugs are not prolonged action. These include:

  • "Varan". The drug is a new generation, odorless. Fights not only woodlice, but also flying, crawling insects.
  • "Combat". Superspray. Low toxicity to humans and animals. Recommended for use in children's and medical institutions, in offices and cottages. From crawling insects.
  • Remedies for wood lice

Concentrates are beneficial for large rooms. Microencapsulated preparations are highly effective and have a long-lasting effect. Available in small or large packs.

  • "Get". Available as a concentrate. Has a slight smell. You can use it not only from wood lice, it also helps well against cockroaches and bedbugs.
  • "Tetrix". Strong tool. The concentrate must be diluted. One bottle can treat the whole apartment. Long-acting.

Powders and crayons

Powders are insecticides that need to be sprayed around the perimeter. Woodlice are often found on the walls. Therefore, this type of tool is used as an addition to the main method.

The best ones are:

  • "Tarax". The most effective remedyfrom wood lice in the apartment. It is diluted in water and applied from a spray bottle. It forms a poisonous film, which does not act on the pest immediately, but gives time for it to infect the rest. The drug is absolutely safe for people and pets. Not addictive to pests.
  • "Phenaksin". The powder is insecticidal. Suitable for flat surfaces. It is necessary to remove pets and children from the premises during processing.
  • "Riapan". The powder is used to treat the places of accumulation of wood lice. On vertical surfaces, you can apply a solution of this product, diluted with water. After processing, wet cleaning is required.

Crayons as a remedy for wood lice in the apartment have proven themselves well. This is a great way to deal with cockroaches as well. The insect passes along the strip applied with chalk, and at this moment the insecticide gets on the paws. Apply strips around the perimeter of the room, along walls, baseboards. Ideal for vertical surfaces. Effective crayons - "Mashenka", "Titanic".

Gels, traps, baits from wood lice

Gels can be compared in effectiveness with crayons. They can be used as additional pest control.

Sticky traps are good for prevention.

Baits are effective in the fight against cockroaches, but they are also suitable as a prophylaxis against wood lice. The most popular are:

  • Schabengel. It can be used both from wood lice, and from ants, cockroaches. Available as a gel bait. Easy to use in hard to reach places.
  • Gel "Raptor". Convenient for application. Easily gets into cracks. Odorless.
  • Gel Raptor from wood lice

All drugs have a destructive effect on the central nervous system of insects.

Features of the use of chemicals

Before using any of the proposed remedies for wood lice in the apartment, you must:

  • Study the instructions for the drug.
  • Be sure to keep out of contact with children and pets. Although many manufacturers indicate that the drug is safe for humans and pets.
  • When using chemicals, use gloves and a mask when cleaning the room.
  • Take into account the fact that the number of wood lice after processing may visually increase, they will begin to randomly crawl around the apartment.
  • After finishing the treatment, wash the room and ventilate well.

Various preventive methods can be used to prevent wood lice.

Help from experts

If you are unable to cope with wood lice on your own, we advise you to contact specialists. This is a sanitary and epidemiological station or organizations that specialize in disinfection of premises.

Positive aspects of this solution:

  • Specialists will properly and carefully process all possible habitats and breeding woodlice.
  • The apartment will be disinfected from wood lice.
  • Disinfection in the apartment
  • Effective andsafe means. They are odorless and leave no residue on furniture.
  • The effect is guaranteed for at least 3 months. If woodlice appear earlier, treatment will be free.

Home remedies

How to get wood lice out of the apartment using folk methods? There are the following time-tested options:

The following ingredients must be mixed:

  • Red hot pepper, 3 grams.
  • Soda Ash, 3 grams.
  • Tobacco blend, 3 grams.

Dilute the mixture with water and treat the area with wood lice. Wash the areas with bleach after 8 hours.

2. Prepare a solution of boric acid with water (per 1 liter - 20 grams). Spray product.

3. Dilute dry kvass (100 grams) in half a liter of hot water. Treat the area.

4. A popular remedy is dry s alt. It is scattered in places where wood lice accumulate, under cabinets, behind baseboards.

5. If woodlice are wound up in flowers, it is necessary to transplant the plant by treating the root system.

Additional methods of struggle

Several methods of dealing with wood lice in the apartment:

  • Birch brooms are wetted and placed in the corners of the room. A damp broom will surely attract wood lice. Leave overnight. In the morning, carefully collect the brooms and take them out of the apartment. Can be repeated several times.
  • Make traps for wood lice. You need to use potatoes. Cut out the middle in half. Lay flat on the floor. Leave for a day. In a wet potato, wood lice will collect. Required periodicallyclear the trap of wood lice.
  • In a room with uninvited guests, leave a bucket of quicklime. Treat the places of their accumulation with this solution. Do not enter the premises for 3 days.

It should be noted that woodlice do not like:

  • High air temperature, dry climate.
  • Alkalis and acids.
  • Corrosive substances. Strong odors.

Prevention measures

In order not to have to use chemicals against wood lice in the apartment, it is better to prevent their appearance.

Let's list the steps to help avoid this trouble in your home:

  • Ventilate the room more often.
  • Take out the trash can. Don't store trash. Wash and disinfect the bucket.
  • Don't leave food out in the kitchen.
  • Fix pipe leaks promptly.
  • Plumbing must be in good condition.
  • Cracks in floors, walls, near baseboards must be covered up.
  • The entrance and exit of water and sewer pipes at the junctions with the floor and the gaps must be carefully sealed.
  • After the floor in the kitchen, in the bathroom is washed, it must be wiped down without leaving wet areas.
  • It is necessary to thoroughly wash and wipe the floors under beds, wardrobes, behind sofas.
  • Prevention of the appearance of wood lice
  • Clean ventilation shafts regularly.
  • It's best to dry your laundry outside rather than in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Flower pot trays should be wiped dry, avoid moisture stagnation.
  • Detached wallpaper must be glued and dried.
  • Use dehumidifiers during periods of high humidity.

Let's summarize how to deal with wood lice in the apartment. To begin with, block all ways of their penetration from the outside. Choose an insecticide based on safety for humans and pets. Expensive means - does not mean effective. Follow the instructions for use of any drug. Following simple methods of prevention, you will protect your home not only from wood lice, but also from other unpleasant insects.

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