Rat traps: types, characteristics, functionality and reviews

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Rat traps: types, characteristics, functionality and reviews
Rat traps: types, characteristics, functionality and reviews

A rat is a rodent that likes to live in human housing because of the presence of food in it. During the year, the animal is able to eat 10 kg of different foods. Since the rodent has strong teeth, it is able to cope with wood, plastic, as well as electrical wiring and concrete. But the animal is dangerous because it is considered a carrier of various infections. Therefore, people use various methods of struggle, including rat traps. Their types are described in the article.


Mice and rats eat everything in kitchens, warehouses, pantries, cellars, sheds, barns and other places where there is something edible. They can also ruin clothes, shoes, books.

traps for rats

Rodents leave excrement, urine, saliva in housing. They are considered carriers of over 70 infectious diseases. Sinister mediev althe plague epidemic that wiped out the population of half of Europe was brought by rats.

Methods of penetration

The favorite habitat of wild rats are garbage dumps where they find food. With cold weather, rodents move to basements. In housing, they penetrate through ventilation and sewerage. According to reviews, they enter apartments located on the 1st floor through doors and windows.

traps for rats and mice reviews

Because rats are prolific, well maintained housing will be a breeding ground for rodents. And it happens in a short time. Therefore, if there are traces of pests, you should start fighting them. An overview of effective traps, traps for rats and mice is presented below.

Rodent control products can be bought or made by yourself. Rat traps are a well-known device. Products differ in design, but there is a common feature - the presence of a bait that is inside the device. The animal wants to receive it, therefore it touches a certain part of the mechanism. As a result, the design works, injuring the pest.

Electric traps

This is an effective trap for rats and mice. Reviews only confirm this fact. The innovative design operates from the mains. It is presented in the form of a small house or box, inside of which there is an aromatic bait. The operating mechanism of the device is volatile: the rat inside dies from an electric discharge, but it is safe for a person. Electronic devices are used to destroy small andlarge animals.

rat traps functionality

According to reviews, the Rat Killer electric rat trap is now in demand, which costs about 3,000 rubles. The device operates from the mains and batteries.

Victor Rat Trap is an equally effective type of rat trap. The action of the discharge is directed to the rodent for 2 minutes. Therefore, the animal has no chance of survival. A red indicator indicates the capture of a rat. The device is used to catch rats and mice. With it, it will be possible to easily destroy the rat population.

Glue traps

These devices are also effective types of traps for rats. As evidenced by numerous reviews, such traps are easy to use. They are presented in the form of devices coated with non-drying glue from rodents. Inside them is a treat. Glue "Clean House" is in demand.

How to set a trap for a rat? It is enough to place such a trap in areas of their greater accumulation. The disadvantage of these devices is that the stuck rodents need to be released on their own. This principle of operation has a trap "Barrier House", the inside of which is often treated with special glue.


Which traps and rat traps to choose depends on personal preference. Given the reviews, mousetraps are in demand. The characteristics of rat traps vary, but they are usually made of wood, plastic, or steel. The devices have a long service life, as well as the ability not to touch the caught pest. Butthe dimensions of the device should be taken into account, since a very small mousetrap will not be harmful to a rat.

traps for rats and mice an overview of effective traps

As confirmed, the Super Cat device works effectively. Inside the trap is a bait, thanks to which the rat gets inside. There is an automatic operation of the mechanism and slamming. It will not be difficult to remove the dead rodent: you just need to shake it out.

Don't use dirty traps. A rat trap can be set after treatment with a solution of baking soda and drying.

Zhitrap is a popular type of mousetrap, in demand among consumers. This is a trap cage with a tin door. In the middle is a bait, the smell of which attracts a rodent. When the animal wants to take the treat, the trap closes with a metal spring. As a result, the beast will be locked inside.

Steel mousetrap FIT

The classic option is a mousetrap in the form of a wooden base with a durable steel mechanism. It has maximum sensitivity, therefore, theft of the bait is excluded, since the device slams shut instantly. These traps are the most popular among the people: they are cheap and work effectively.

But they also have disadvantages. This is not the fastest way: sometimes mice do not die immediately, but after a few hours. The tree absorbs the smell of dead pests, so after a while this design will be unusable. The cost is up to 70 rubles.


This is a classic version of the mousetrap, but with an improved design of the bait space. It is made of plastic, which does not get dirty and does not absorb odors. Therefore, the design can be used multiple times.

This design is safer than steel traps because it functions like a large clothespin. According to customer reviews, such devices are easy to use. The cost of the product is about 80 rubles.

The effective functionality of rat traps allows you to quickly remove rodents from your home. Thanks to your skills, you can make the device yourself. According to reviews, these are effective devices that will also save money.

Plastic bottle fixture

How to make a rat trap with your own hands? A plastic bottle (5-6 liters) is required. You just need to pour a small amount of vegetable oil into it and turn it over so that the liquid is distributed along its walls. The bait is placed at the bottom. For catching rats, you need to take animal products, and for mice - vegetable food.

The device should be placed near the table. To prevent tipping, the container is strengthened with the help of improvised items. Then the edge of the table is fastened to the neck of the bottle with a cardboard strip, which will serve as a path for the animal. The aroma of the bait attracts rodents, after which it will fall into the container. And they can't get out of there because of the sliding walls.

Water trap

To make such a structure, you need the usualbucket filled 1/3 with water. A disposable plastic saucer with a treat should be placed on the surface of the liquid.

The inner surface of the bucket is treated with vegetable oil. The trap works, like the previous version. But in this case, the pest drowns.

With glue

As the reviews confirm, there is another effective trap - on an adhesive basis. To create it, a layer of glue is applied to a wide cardboard strip, and a rodent treat is placed in the middle. Wanting to try the product, it will get stuck in a sticky mass.

From a flower pot

Catching rodents can be done in another simple way. A large flower pot is turned upside down and on one side a ruler or a coin is placed edgewise under its edge. At the other end of the substrate is placed a treat for the pest. The animal clings to the ruler, loses its balance, and the animal will fall into a trap.

When choosing this device, it should be taken into account that an industrial-style rat trap is considered more effective than a homemade device.

Ultrasonic repellers are among the most effective means of dealing with rats. These devices produce sound signals that scare away rodents. They are harmless to humans and pets. These devices do not interfere with household electrical appliances.

Best Lures

As you know, hard cheese is the best bait. And it is suitable for both mice and rats. This product has a strong odor that attracts animals.from afar. Rodents like the taste of cheese, it has a dense texture, so it is well fixed in traps and does not deteriorate for a long time.

rat traps characteristics

Used as bait:

  • fat;
  • fish;
  • meat;
  • sausage;
  • flour;
  • beer;
  • porridge;
  • bread;
  • baking;
  • cottage cheese;
  • smoked meats.


It is advisable to place the trap closer to the area where the rats live. And if it is not detected, then you need to take into account the fact that animals prefer to move near walls in clean and dark places. They usually do not go to bright and open areas of the room. They are installed opposite the entrance, that is, towards the usual course of movement.

Since rats are cautious, it is advisable to first place the bait in the rat traps without cocking the trap into a combat position. Rodents must get used to the fact that nothing threatens them inside. You also need to remember about the cleanliness of animals, so you do not need to place devices in cluttered areas. After catching rodents, you need to wash the traps well.

types of rat traps

Almost all types of rat traps kill rodents. But some traps, such as those made from a plastic water bottle, help the animals stay alive and he althy for a while.

If the construction of the second type is used, then you can put the animal to sleep. To do this, the animal is placed in a plastic container, baking soda is diluted with vinegar in the container. Finishedthe mixture is poured into a container. The carbon dioxide formed during the reaction puts the animal to sleep without suffering and leads to death.


A cornered animal can be dangerous. A trapped rat feels frightened, so when removed from a mousetrap, it can bite its incisors into the throat, face or arm. Not only the wounds themselves are dangerous, but an infection that can penetrate a person's blood.

how to make a rat trap with your own hands

Rats can jump up to 2 meters high. If homemade or purchased mousetraps are used, it is necessary to protect them from the access of children and pets. It is important to use these devices correctly.

Thus, various devices are used to get rid of rats and mice at home. Each of them has its own characteristics of application and effectiveness.

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