Why bedbugs don't bite everyone: reasons, interesting facts

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Why bedbugs don't bite everyone: reasons, interesting facts
Why bedbugs don't bite everyone: reasons, interesting facts

Bedbugs are insects that bite even clean people. However, some pests are not affected. But a person is considered food for blood-sucking insects. Why don't bed bugs bite everyone? The reasons for this phenomenon are presented in the article.

Who do bloodsuckers prefer?

Many are interested in why bed bugs bite some and not others. These insects feed only on blood. For its prey, they attack the sleepers. Why don't bed bugs bite everyone? This is due to the fact that pests have their own preferences. Most often they attack people who do not recognize pajama suits. Also, the victims are sleeping without blankets. In these cases, insects do not need to look for open areas of the body. Sleepers are attacked so that they can drink blood.

Why don't bed bugs bite everyone?

The explanation for why bedbugs don't bite everyone is also associated with age. Children are often the victims. Moreover, the younger the age, the greater the risk. The skin of children is thin and delicate, which makes it easier for insects to find food. Why bugs don't bite everyone depends on the gender. Often insects attack women. Their skin is verythinner than men. The smell of blood pests feel good. Bed bugs bite men less often. And the blood type does not affect this.


Considering the topic of why bedbugs do not bite all people, you should familiarize yourself with the signs of damage. This is easy to determine. There will be a trail of red spots on the skin. The affected area itches. But you shouldn't brush it, so as not to introduce an infection, which leads to more pain and inflammation.

why bed bugs don't bite everyone

To eliminate the effects of bites, water and soap are used. After washing the skin, the painful area is treated with natural oil or a soothing ointment. Suitable alcohol-containing formulations. Reduce inflammation with antihistamines:

  1. "Diazolin".
  2. "Dimedrol".
  3. "Suprastin".

But before taking these funds, it is advisable to consult a doctor. When choosing a room for the night, you should examine the space and the bed. This should be done especially in inexpensive hotels.

After sleep, some people notice chains of swelling on themselves. This is bed bug damage. They lead to pain and itching. If you don't touch them, they will disappear. The reason bed bugs don't bite some people has to do with time. These bloodsuckers are active at 3-5 am. At other times they hide.


The article shows all the reasons why bed bugs do not bite all people. These blood-sucking parasites are considered carriers of various diseases. But there is no proof of this fact. This is related to the fact thatthe proboscis of insects is divided into 2 jaws, the blood cannot be infected, since it passes through only 1 tubule. But you shouldn't risk it.

Why do some people get bitten by bed bugs and others don't?

Because of night attacks, people cannot get enough sleep and rest, because the wounds itch and hurt. Therefore, bedbugs are one of the unpleasant insects. Should be destroyed as soon as possible. If this process is delayed, the house will turn into a bedbug, and it will be very difficult to sleep at night.

Causes of smell

Why do some people not get bitten by bed bugs? This may be due to the presence of rough skin. Through it, insects cannot feel blood. Therefore, men are rarely bitten by bedbugs. These pests also bring a characteristic smell into the room: sugary and tart, like almonds or rotten raspberries.

Smell can intensify in areas where parasites are concentrated. Usually these are sleeping places, storage of old linen, shelving of books, paintings and boxes. Pests can also lay their eggs in electronic devices.

These insects have glands, so they smell. The glands secrete a component whose purpose has not been fully identified. It is assumed that this smell is required for the reproduction of parasites, protection from enemies.

When do bites disappear?

Why do some people not get bitten by bed bugs? The reason may be that a person sleeps in pajamas and under a blanket. In other cases, people become victims of these pests. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

Bug sizes are 3-8mm, it depends on saturationblood. By the color of the pest, you can determine when he last ate. If it is scarlet, then the blood was obtained recently. Black indicates hunger and the need for night hunting.

why do some people not get bitten by bed bugs

Feeding method - bites of people and warm-blooded animals. To do this, the pest uses a proboscis that pierces the body and sucks out blood. The bug feels the circulation of blood and the warmth of a person. There are a couple of channels inside the proboscis.

The first is used to inject saliva, which relieves pain. The second channel is used for blood suction. The pest pierces the body and finds a blood vessel with its proboscis. Due to anesthesia, the bite is not felt, so the parasite is difficult to catch.


The duration of the healing of a bite depends on the characteristics of the organism. Still important is the strength of immunity, the tendency to allergies, as well as the characteristics of the skin. Some people have a severe allergic reaction that disappears in 5-7 days. And a person with not very sensitive skin feels discomfort only for a day.

why bed bugs don't bite some people

If long chains do not go away for weeks, you should consult a dermatologist or use folk remedies. It is preferable to use antihistamines. An unpleasant consequence is the infection of scratches.

There is an assumption that bed bugs carry tuberculosis, smallpox, hepatitis B and other dangerous diseases. But it hasn't been confirmed for sure. It has been proven that there are rickettsia in the waste products -microscopic intracellular pests from bacteria.

Animal bites

Bug 98% feed on human blood. Can they bite pets? They rarely do this for several reasons.

Many animals have thick coats that make it difficult for them to get to the skin, and sometimes even impossible. Even if the bug got on the wool, it will be quite difficult to get to the power source. Animal skin is thick and dense with many sebaceous glands, which is difficult to bite through.

Many pets are nocturnal. They have developed sense organs, 10 times better than humans. Therefore, they notice bedbugs and destroy them.

Animals have a strong individual smell, different from human. Bedbugs are able to perceive odors. Probably, this smell does not cause appetite in the bug, provided that human blood is supplied in sufficient quantities.

There is also another danger. Homeless cats or dogs brought home by a person can bring these insects. Therefore, pets should be washed with an antiparasitic shampoo, carefully treat the ears.

What to do?

To protect yourself from bedbugs, you should take precautions. Parasites hide under the mattress, in the upholstery of the sofa, in the pillows. To protect against parasites, the following measures are applied:

  1. Required to block their entry routes. They enter apartment buildings through sockets, ventilation, cracks, cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, as well as windows and doors. They need to be cementednets, rubber seals.
  2. Appliances and furniture should be inspected. It will be possible to completely eliminate pests when a nursery is identified.
  3. In the corners of the apartment it is necessary to lay out fresh bunches of wormwood. Parasites cannot tolerate this smell, as it hides the person's scent and makes it harder to find prey. The inflorescences of tansy, wild rosemary, chamomile and calamus have the same effect.
  4. When washing bedding, add a few drops of tea tree oil.
  5. Before going to bed, it is advisable to use a shower gel that has a lavender scent. You can simply rub the essential oil into your skin. Parasites don't bite then. Also, this method has a positive effect on a person: the remedy calms, relieves irritability and headaches.
why bed bugs don't bite everyone

Chemical agents can also be used when the family grows. Plants and oils are used only as repellents - repellers of adult insects, but they do not work on eggs.

How to completely eliminate bed bugs?

Completely eliminating insects is difficult. Alternative methods are suitable, with a slight infection with bedbugs. But in other cases, it only helps for a while, and then the pests appear again.

why do some people not get bitten by bed bugs

If the infestation is severe, it is advisable to contact the SES or a commercial pest control company. Only in this case will it be possible to carry out successful work to eliminate pests.

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