Tomato "rich hut": reviews, photos, yield, characteristics of the variety

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Tomato "rich hut": reviews, photos, yield, characteristics of the variety
Tomato "rich hut": reviews, photos, yield, characteristics of the variety

With the advent of spring, farmers usually focus on choosing the varieties of cultivated plants that they plan to grow on their plot. Tomatoes, as a rule, are among the first in such a list, since these vegetables are given a considerable place in the human diet. Unpretentious hybrids have long been loved by summer residents and are very popular with them. Of these representatives, the “rich hut” tomato is grown in full swing, reviews of which will be presented below.

At a Glance

Determinant variety was bred by Ukrainian breeders for its cultivation in open ground. The culture was given a promising name, given that it will bestow a generous harvest on the gardener. These are compact bushes, on which many medium-sized fruits ripen. In Russia, especially northernregions, the plant is recommended to be grown in a greenhouse. In order for the seedlings to develop correctly and subsequently give timely fruits, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of the hybrid. In addition to what the originator promises, it is also advisable to take reviews into account. The “boga khata” tomato is already grown within our country and has some feedback.

Tomato "rich hut": variety description, photos and reviews

Application areas

Already during the breeding work, each crop is assigned a specific purpose. Therefore, plant varieties should be acquired according to their economic goals. If you are a salad lover, then you will need other varieties of tomatoes. You should take a place on your site for crops that produce large sweet fruits. Judging by the varietal characteristics and reviews, the “rich hut” tomato is more suitable for conservation. Due to the fact that its fruits are small, it is easier to put them in a jar. Very tasty preparations for the winter are obtained from tomatoes: juice, pasta, adjika. You can also use them to prepare nutritious puree for babies. It is indicated in the marks of farmers and excellent transportability of fruits. This means that these unpretentious vegetables can also be grown for sale.

Tomato "rich hut", description, reviews

Features of the variety

The standard variety has already established itself as a non-capricious plant. Since 2011, it has been listed in the State Register of the country as a crop that can be planted early.spring in unheated greenhouses for mass cultivation, as well as for cultivation in households.

Short bushes reach a height of up to 44-46 cm. The leaves are dark green, quite large, carved. The stem is strong and stable. The variety is characterized by intermediate flowering and low branching. Let's highlight the main characteristics of a tomato:

  • resistant hybrid with good disease resistance;
  • high-yielding (one bush can produce a little over 1 kg of fruit);
  • early ripe determinate variety with gradual fruit ripening;
  • culture does not need pinching and garter;
  • fruits can be harvested after 90-100 days from the moment the first shoots appear;
  • the ability to get tomatoes by growing them on the balcony;
  • beautiful appearance, bushes with fruits look bright and decorate the beds.

You can estimate the yield of "rich hut" tomatoes from the photo (farmers' reviews also confirm this dignity of the variety), in which the culture demonstrates the abundance of its fruits. The gradual growth and ripening of tomatoes makes it possible to enjoy fresh salads from them over a long period.

Tomatoes "rich hut", reviews, photos

Fruit characteristics

Pay attention once again to the photo of the "hut is rich" tomato. In the description of the variety and reviews, the corresponding characteristics of the fruit are given. They are quite elastic, at the ripening stage they have a red, very saturated color. The fruits are round in shape, have a pronounced taste and aroma characteristic ofof this culture. The pulp is fleshy, sweet. The skin is thick and smooth. The average weight of one fruit is 70 grams. Inside, they consist of 3-4 nests, have a slightly ribbed structure. Even at the stage of maturity, tomatoes tolerate transportation well and have a long shelf life.

Tomato "rich hut": reviews and characteristics


The amount of fruit obtained from a crop usually depends on the region of its growth and proper care. In the south of the country, tomatoes are cultivated in the open field, and they give rich harvests. In the middle lane, a film method is used, and in areas of risky farming, tomatoes are grown in greenhouses. With proper care from one bush, you can get more than 1.5 kg of fruit. For a short hybrid, this figure is quite impressive. If you follow the rules of agricultural technology, do not experiment with dense plantings, then about 7-8 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one square meter.

Care Requirements

To get a high yield, you should initially take good care of the tomato bushes. It is important to remember that seedlings need to be sown with new seeds, which must be purchased every year in the store. Self-collected seed material is not used when planting hybrids. Immediately it is worth mentioning the increased demands of plants for top dressing. The lack of fertilizers negatively affects not only the crop yield, but also the taste of the fruits themselves.

If we compare the description and reviews of tomatoes "rich hut", it becomes obvious that the culture can normally survivelack of moisture and disease resistance. This makes it especially valuable for the mass production of fruits for sale. It was noticed that the culture does not like acidic soils and needs complex fertilizers at every stage of its development.

Sowing seeds

Planting material for seedlings should be sown in separate containers. For the middle lane, this time falls on March 15. The picking of young seedlings is carried out when the second true leaf appears. After 10 days, the plants should be fed with a special complex fertilizer. On the 56-57th day they can be planted in the garden. It is recommended to place the bushes on the bed in a checkerboard pattern, with the calculation of 5 seedlings per 1 m 2. Keep the optimal distance between crops so that they receive enough light and heat.

Tomato "rich hut": description, yield, photo, reviews, characteristics

Pest and disease control

To look the same as in the photo, the tomatoes are "rich in the hut", from the reviews of summer residents you need to learn some useful tips that will help you avoid mistakes and grow he althy bushes. The most insignificant problem that gardeners have to face is fruit cracking. To avoid such a negative phenomenon, it is necessary to ensure humidity in the greenhouse or adjust watering in the open field. Tomatoes can be affected by dry spotting. In this case, Antrakol or Tattu preparations will help to save the plants. If plants are treated in a timely manner with means forprevention from diseases, fertilizing, this will protect them from various lesions.

Of the pests, slugs and scoops like to visit tomato bushes. The latter can reach crops that are grown in greenhouses. Against the scoop there is a special tool - "Arrow". If this pest is found, it would be good to take preventive measures, otherwise such a nuisance may befall your tomatoes next year. After harvesting, you need to dig up the soil, carefully select all insect larvae from it, and then work the soil with Arrow.

Gardeners have to deal with slugs mechanically. To facilitate your work, you can carry out the zoning of the soil. Tomatoes are attacked by the Colorado potato beetle only in the southern regions. If you do not take the necessary measures, then you can suffer significant damage in the crop. To destroy these pests, the drug "Prestige" is used. When growing tomatoes on a loggia, no significant troubles were found with the invasion of pests and damage to the bushes by any disease.

Tomato "rich hut": reviews, yield, photo

Ground requirements

Even beginner gardeners can grow this variety of tomatoes. It is resistant to diseases, normally tolerates small frosts and is unpretentious. An important condition for plants is fertile land and control of its acidity. In the fall, manure and sand must be applied to the area where it is planned to plant tomatoes. When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, the land must be enriched with peat, sand should be added to it. Herneed to dig several times.

When the seedlings get stronger after planting in a permanent place, the ground around each bush needs to be loosened and covered with mulch. Plants should be watered twice a week.


The plant is very popular with farmers and lovers of small fruits. Since the information coming from farmers who have already been growing this crop is of considerable value, we will summarize the reviews about the “rich hut” tomato variety. In general, there were no bad reviews about undersized hybrids. Gardeners are pleased that about 15 pieces of fruit can be harvested from one bush. Many people like the compactness of plants. Despite their short stature, farmers still recommend tying them up so that the shoots do not break off under the load of fruits. Supports are installed under the branches, and a powerful trunk is tied up with a rope.

Tomatoes react normally to spontaneous temperature drops, they tolerate cool spring nights remarkably. It is also good that the fruits ripen early - this makes it possible to replenish your diet with fresh he althy vegetables already in the middle of the warm season. At the same time, farmers emphasize that it is possible to get the maximum return on a variety only if timely feeding of bushes is done. Basically, all problems with plants arise due to a lack of attention from the gardener.

Variety of tomatoes "rich hut", reviews

In closing

When choosing any garden crop, you should always take into account all its advantages and disadvantages, get acquainted with itsmain features. This includes: varietal characteristics, yield, photos and reviews. The “rich hut” tomato, taking into account these criteria, can be assessed as a quite worthy variety. The hybrid is suitable for both mass cultivation and standard home farming. It also finds wide application in various economic areas.

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