Tomato Supermodel: variety description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato Supermodel: variety description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato Supermodel: variety description, characteristics, reviews

Every spring, as soon as it's time to sow tomato seeds, gardeners think about which variety to choose. After all, everyone wants to please themselves and their households with a plentiful and tasty harvest and make preparations for the winter.

Recently, the tomato variety Supermodel has become quite popular among summer residents. It is described in detail in this article.

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Tomato Supermodel: variety description

Supermodel is a mid-early variety, it takes about 110-120 days from sowing the seeds to the ripening of the first fruits. The plants themselves are determinant standard, that is, as a rule, small compact bushes with a height of 60 to 80 cm.

The leaves of these tomatoes are small, dark green. They grow well outdoors and can also be grown in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Supermodel Tomato is one of the best low growing varieties in recent times. It is characterized by unpretentious care, resistant to such common diseases as brown spot andfruit cracking.

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Description of fruits

Perhaps the main feature of Supermodel variety is its fruits. They have a non-standard shape: the tomatoes are thin and elongated. Some fruits can grow up to 15 cm in length. This form is not only very interesting, but also great for whole-fruit canning. A lot of tomatoes are placed in a jar, as they fit very tightly, leaving very little free space.

The fruits themselves are very beautiful. Color - pinkish-red, very saturated, at full maturity it can even be raspberry. The pulp inside is dense, few seeds.

Supermodel tomato fruit weight is usually small - from 100 to 150 g. At the same time, they have a thin but dense skin, so the fruits do not crack during processing, and they are not damaged during transportation.

This variety has one more plus. Supermodel tomato reviews say that fruits can also be harvested green, as they ripen well outside the bush. This is especially important for those regions where summer does not always please with good weather. Tomatoes can be harvested green both when the weather conditions worsen and when there is a threat of disease. This will help preserve the harvest.

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Supermodel variety was bred in 2012 by Altai breeders, at the same time it was registered. This variety loves sunlight very much, therefore it is suitable for the southern regions and for central Russia. The optimal regions for growing are AltaiTerritory, Volga region, Caucasus. Not recommended for growing in northern regions: Siberia, Far East.

According to its application, the variety is considered absolutely universal: tomatoes can be eaten fresh, salads and first courses can be prepared. They are also perfect for preparations and for whole canning, for processing into juice or tomato paste.

The balanced content of sugars and acids in the Supermodel tomato makes it the tastiest undersized variety.

The yield of the variety is not too high, with proper care - 6-8 kg per 1 square. m. Poor care reduces yield to 4 kg.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Like all other varieties, the Supermodel tomato has its advantages and disadvantages.

The variety, according to reviews, has the following advantages:

  • Excellent presentation.
  • High taste properties.
  • Unpretentious care.
  • Strong immunity.
  • Unpretentiousness to the ground.
  • Fruits are well transported and stored for a long time.
  • Fruits are versatile in use.


  • Not too high yield.
  • The variety is demanding on sunlight and weeding.
  • Responds well to timely fertilization.

Variety resistance to diseases and pests

Tomato Supermodel has excellent immunity, but sometimes undergoes phomosis. To get rid of this disease, you need to remove the affected fruits in time, and the plants themselvestreated with the drug "Hom". Also at this time, you do not need to fertilize tomatoes with nitrogen-containing fertilizers, and the number of waterings should be reduced.

Sometimes a Supermodel gets dry spotted. With this unpleasant phenomenon, the drugs "Antracol", "Consento" help to fight.

Of the pests, perhaps the Colorado potato beetle can be feared. You can also fight it with chemicals: Aktara, Regent, Prestige, etc.

Growing and care

Supermodel tomato seeds are sown for seedlings in late March - early April, depending on the growing region.

Sowing is done in small containers, which will be convenient to close with a bag or film. After the first shoots appear, the film is removed, and the containers with seedlings are transferred to the sunniest windowsill.

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In order for the seeds to germinate faster, and the seedlings themselves to be strong and he althy, they can be treated with growth stimulants before sowing.

It is also important to choose quality seeds. If the seeds are bought in a store, then you need to check the expiration date, the integrity of the package, and of course, the manufacturer. One of these manufacturers is the Siberian Garden. Often purchased seeds are sold already processed.

If the seeds are obtained independently, then they must be calibrated and disinfected before sowing. These procedures will help to get he althier and stronger plants, as well as a quality crop.

When 2-3 true leaves appear on the seedlings, it can be dived into separate cups orboxes where seedlings will feel free. Seedling care consists of regular watering and good lighting.

The seedlings are planted in the ground when the threat of frost has passed. The variety is undersized, does not grow too much, therefore, per 1 sq. m planted 3-4 plants. Tomatoes do not need to be tied up and stepsoned, but if they are grown in a greenhouse, a backup may be needed.

Follow-up care is timely watering, weeding, loosening. The supermodel responds well to top dressing. Be sure to fertilize tomatoes in the active growth phase.

As a conclusion, we can say that the Supermodel variety is not in vain so popular among gardeners, it deserves good reviews. This unpretentious short handsome man is sure to please both amateur gardeners and farmers. Its beautiful and tasty fruits will not leave anyone indifferent and are suitable both for fresh consumption and for s alting.

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