A classic representative of pink varieties: a productive Fidelio tomato, which is very easy to care for

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A classic representative of pink varieties: a productive Fidelio tomato, which is very easy to care for
A classic representative of pink varieties: a productive Fidelio tomato, which is very easy to care for

The beautiful fruits of the Fidelio variety are able to impress anyone, even the most fastidious gardener. These tomatoes are very large. The weight of individual fruits can reach 900 g. On average, the mass of tomatoes of this variety is 400 g. The manufacturer describes the shape of Fidelio tomatoes as heart-shaped ribbed. However, as gardeners note, in most cases, the fruits of this variety grow flat-round.

Only tomatoes growing on the topmost shoots differ in heart shape. The color of the Fidelio fruits is very beautiful - from hot pink to crimson.

Transferring Fidelio to the beds

Origin of variety

Its name - "Fidelio" - this tomato was not accidental. This variety was bred on the basis of tomatoes grown once from seeds brought to Russia from Cuba. The Novosibirsk breeders O. V. Postnikov and V. N. Dederko, well-known in our country, were engaged in breeding this tomato. These specialists have been selecting seeds from the best fruits of Cuban tomatoes for many years.

Registered variety in the State RegisterFidelio was in 2007. Despite the fact that he can still be considered a novelty, he has already earned immense popularity among summer residents. At the same time, not only domestic gardeners appreciated Fidelio. With great success, this variety is grown today also in Ukraine, Belarus and even in Germany.

Tomato Fidelio: yield characteristics and fruit use

The advantages of this wonderful tomato summer residents of Russia and other countries include, among other things, high yields. Being completely unpretentious in care, Fidelio tomatoes are capable of producing up to 6 kg of fruit from one bush per season. This variety belongs to the group of mid-season lettuce.

Summer residents use the fruits of Fidelio tomato, usually for summer cuts or fresh consumption. Also, this variety, like almost any other large-fruited variety, is great for making ketchups and juice.

Fidelio's pulp, as gardeners say, is very tasty - sweet, fleshy, sugary at the break. A distinctive feature of the fruits of this variety, among other things, is that they contain quite a lot of dry matter. Some summer residents even consider these tomatoes a bit dry.

There are a lot of seed chambers in Fidelio fruits - usually 6 pieces. However, they are quite small in size. In addition, there are usually not too many seeds in them. Most of the Fidelio fruit is occupied by sweet, almost devoid of sourness, pulp.

Fidelio seeds

Appearance of bushes

Tomato Fidelio belongs to the group of medium-sized varieties.During the season, bushes of such tomatoes can reach a height of 1-1.5 meters. The root system of tomatoes of this variety is very well developed, the shoots look powerful, and the crown is quite dense. The pluses of Fidelio summer residents, among other things, include good fruit set. This process in such tomatoes goes very easily even in the hottest seasons. Gardeners consider another undoubted advantage of Fidelio to be that this tomato is well suited for growing both in open ground and in a greenhouse.

Tomato Fidelio: cultivation features

This tomato does not belong to hybrids. And therefore, summer residents can collect seeds for its cultivation on their own. Before planting in the soil, the manufacturer recommends soaking such planting material in solutions of growth stimulants. Such preparation of tomato seeds for sowing seedlings guarantees a high yield in the future. It is also advisable to pre-etch Fidelio planting material from pests and diseases using a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Seeding Fidelio

Seedlings of these tomatoes in the Russian climate are planted in the usual way. That is, seeds are sown in boxes in late March - mid-April. The pick is made in the phase of 1-2 leaves. After 60 days, the grown plants are transferred to a permanent place. By this time, there are usually already 5-7 sheets on the bushes. Experienced summer residents recommend hardening seedlings 7-10 days before planting in open ground. To do this, boxes can, for example, be taken out for short periods of time daily to the balcony.

Seedling Fidelio

Summer Care

Judging by the descriptions of the Fidelio tomato variety available on the Web on specialized forums, it does not cause any special problems for summer residents when grown on plots. Caring for these tomatoes, judging by the reviews, is quite easy. On the beds, Fidelio bushes are planted in such a way that there are no more than 3 pieces per 1 m2. This will provide a sufficient amount of nutrients and light for each plant in the future. Since Fidelio tomatoes grow quite large, they, of course, require a garter. A trellis is usually installed next to such tomatoes. Also, stakes can be used as a support for such tomatoes.


In order to get a high yield of Fidelio, experienced summer residents recommend forming these tomatoes in 1-2 stalks. Stepchildren these tomatoes should be regularly. Tomatoes of this variety are watered in the summer, usually twice a week. At the same time, the beds are abundantly moistened. Too often, experienced gardeners do not advise watering these tomatoes. Otherwise, the fruits on Fidelio tomatoes may crack. To fertilize these tomatoes, according to summer residents, it is best to use organic matter.

Pasynkovanie tomatoes

The Fidelio variety is considered resistant to various nightshade diseases. If the preparation of tomato seeds for sowing seedlings was carried out correctly, they most likely will not pick up any infection. However, a couple of times during the season, for prevention, these tomatoes should still be sprayed with some kind of fungicide or, for example, an infusion of garlic.

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