It's very easy to make hand winches with your own hands

It's very easy to make hand winches with your own hands
It's very easy to make hand winches with your own hands

Hand-made winches made by hand are indispensable in the household, as well as in the construction of a house or for a vehicle that can act as a tractor in certain situations. They are needed for lifting cargo, during the construction of various structures and moving cargo around the site. This building element can be used as an independent mechanism for loading and unloading operations. But it is not always possible to buy an electric or mechanical winch, because it can be expensive and inconvenient. If the owner of a house or construction site lives in a village, then it is not always possible to travel to the nearest city in order to make such an acquisition. Therefore, you need to be able to make manual winches with your own hands - this can come in handy at any time. Such mechanisms should always be in the house, because there are various situations when they may be needed.

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What should I consider when choosing?

First of all, it is worth understanding what these constructions are and what they are used for. After all, if you have to make this elementindependently, you need to understand what exactly to build and why. By appointment, the winch can be traction (for moving horizontally) and lifting (for lifting and lowering the load). According to the type of drive, these structures are divided into electric and manual, and according to the principle of operation: mechanics, hydraulics, levers, as well as scraper and worm elements for the concept of cargo. It should be noted that the installation of the device depends on the type and method of operation of the mechanism. Levers can be used if you need to move the load, for example, in metal rolling or in a building supermarket. It can be used to move both horizontally and vertically. Do-it-yourself hand-made winches can be used in warehouses where you need to constantly move bags or boxes with some kind of product.

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Where should I start assembling the structure?

Having chosen the type of mechanism, you can begin to manufacture the structure. In the store you need to buy a threaded stud, which will continue to rotate, and the nut will secure it. It is necessary to fix them on bearings, attach a cable, which is then passed through special supports and thrown over the block. At the end of this cable, a hook and a sling system are made. The pin drive is inserted manually and the gear is attached. Thanks to improvised means and such simple actions, strong and reliable hand-made winches are made, which can be used for various purposes. So, the necessary design will appear on the farm, which will always come in handy.

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Vehicle with a winch - confident off-road driving

Sooner or later, a car owner who has to move on a bad road is faced with the problem of acquiring this design. A hand winch for a car is an indispensable thing that can come in handy at any time. Of course, there are a huge number of similar elements on the market, but still made on your own, such a design will be a reliable assistant in different situations. Such a device will work properly, and the power will depend on the physical strength of the person and the length of the lever to which efforts are applied.

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What does a homemade winch consist of?

The main knot is a drum with a cable. A manual winch for a car is very simple, because you can find ready-made parts and simply assemble them together. For example, a drum or hubs from the "Zhiguli" - all this is useful for assembling the structure. If there are no improvised materials, then you have to make them yourself. Weld cheeks to a piece of thick-walled pipe. Depending on the design, you can also weld the driven gear, and make room for the bearings in the pipe.

Everyone knows that "Jeeps" are reliable machines, but sometimes they need such a device to do some work. A hand winch for an off-road vehicle must be strong and durable. Therefore, it is better to do it yourself to be sure of all the details and elements.

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Worm gear - high reliability

In many mechanisms of this type, having a large load capacity, control of the speed of the cable is provided. Thanks to this, it is possible to change the intensity of the applied physical efforts. A worm hand winch can have a variety of mounting options. Such a device is characterized by ease of operation and significant reliability. With the help of this element, designed for carrying capacity, it is possible to carry out installation, repair and construction work. In this case, the winch will have a high level of safety during operation. It should have a comfortable grip, and the worm gear can provide excellent load holding capability.

Reliable and strong mechanism - fast and easy operation

If you need to re-roof or plaster walls up to the second floor or higher, then you will need a manual mechanical winch, with which you can lift tiles or other material up. Such designs are acquired by owners of suburban areas and expensive garages. In general, the winch is useful for all occasions, it is only necessary that it be designed for a large load capacity and not break on the first use. Elements of this design can be susceptible to corrosion, so metal parts can be treated with a special solution that prevents rust. Thanks to this, the winch will serve for a long time and produce lifting loads.

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