Violet Lady Hamilton: description and features

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Violet Lady Hamilton: description and features
Violet Lady Hamilton: description and features

Currently, there are many different indoor plants, but among them a separate place belongs to various varieties of violets. What variety can you choose? What are the care requirements for these flowers?

Violet Lady Hamilton is considered a real "beauty" among flowers. It is very popular among fans of houseplants.

Let's talk about whether it is possible to keep violets at home, how to care for them so that they please their owners with abundant flowering for a long time.

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What is Lady Hamilton's violet? Let's start with a brief description of this delicate and exquisite home flower. This variety has a neat rosette, large flowers (reach 5-6 centimeters).

Violet Lady Hamilton has a round flower shape. Petal type: terry and semi-double. Color is of interest. Delicate light pink flowers with a lilac-crimson border look very impressive.

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Lady Hamilton's violet is so delicate that it will be appropriate in a large spacious room and on the kitchen windowsill. Lovers of home flowers are attracted by the unusual sprayed border of this variety, which gives the plant a mystery and originality.

How does Lady Hamilton violet reproduce? The description of the cultivation of these flowers is no different from other varieties. It can be propagated by seeds (preferably), as well as by cuttings of shoots. What method is advised by experienced gardeners? They suggest growing violets of this variety from seeds. Plants are stronger than cuttings.

If you dream of tender and exquisite violets of an unusual color standing on the window sill in the cold winter, take care of planting seeds in pots in March-April. The plant will have time to take root by the winter period, will please you with large and bright flowers.

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Helpful tips

How to care for Lady Hamilton's violets? In order for the plant not to die in the cold winter, it is necessary to place the pot with this delicate flower in a place with an average air temperature of at least 10 degrees.

These flowers grow well both in the shade and in the light. What is important to know when planning the planting of this indoor flower? It does not tolerate drought well, so care must be taken to ensure that the soil in the flower pot does not dry out.

Periodicallyit is advisable to remove old leaves, apply mineral fertilizers to the soil. In case of insufficient watering or lack of air, the violet is affected by a spider mite, it dies.

What are the characteristics of Lady Hamilton's violet? She loves the light a little more than her other "relatives", but it is important to protect the plant from direct sunlight.

Watering is preferable in the pan as the soil dries. Do you want the flower to have a beautiful and even rosette? In this case, turn it (2-3 times a week) towards the sun.

Can I keep these flowers at home? Despite numerous legends and conjectures, amateur gardeners see no reason to deprive themselves of the opportunity to enjoy the delicate large flowers of this variety of violets.

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