Violet: signs and superstitions, the meaning of a flower, is it possible to grow violets at home

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Violet: signs and superstitions, the meaning of a flower, is it possible to grow violets at home
Violet: signs and superstitions, the meaning of a flower, is it possible to grow violets at home

There are many superstitions and signs associated with violets, or, as they are also called, saintpaulias. Some of them prophesy positive changes in the lives of people who have this flower at home. Others, on the contrary, warn plant lovers against growing violets at home. In our article, we have collected the most popular signs and superstitions about violets.

Good omens

Let's start, perhaps, with those beliefs that reveal Saintpaulia from the positive side.

  • If the culture flourishes, happiness will come to the family. Perhaps this will be a long-awaited replenishment or improvement in prosperity.
  • If fleshy leaves are located on small sprouts, then positive changes will affect your family well-being.
  • To strengthen the immunity of a newborn, you need to put a pot of violets by his crib. This will have a beneficial effect on his he alth.
  • Single people who want to quickly find a soul mate can pick Saintpaulia inMonday, but it must be done before sunrise.
  • A girl who discovers a flower different from other violets will soon be happy: she will become pregnant.
  • Culture helps build relationships in large teams.
  • The plant repels cockroaches, ants and other harmful insects from the home.
  • Red violets help to improve the financial situation.
Violet omens and superstitions

One more fact should be added to the listed signs and superstitions about the violet. If you love your flower very much and take good care of it, but it quickly withers and dies, this may mean that the plant has taken away a serious illness or damage from you. It is difficult to say whether the he alth of a plant is really related to the well-being of its owner, but this point of view has become widespread. Florists also note that most often violets die due to root rot.

Vampire flower

The beauty of violets was appreciated by the ancient Greeks. They grew flowers in their homes to beautify their surroundings. But since time immemorial, there has been a belief that this flower is a real vampire. So, it is believed that it gradually drains the vitality of people who sleep in the same room with this culture. This opinion has a basis, moreover, scientifically substantiated.

The fact is that during the daytime, flowers produce oxygen during photosynthesis (and it takes place only under the influence of sunlight), and at night, like people, they absorb it and release carbon dioxide. If the roomsmall, and the violet has grown, then a person inhales a large amount of carbon dioxide. This can lead to mild poisoning, which in the morning is manifested by muscle weakness, migraine and general malaise. You can solve the problem very simply: you need to move the flower from the bedroom to another room where no one sleeps.

flower vampire

Strange shops

There are a few more signs and superstitions about violets that reveal the flower from the negative side. For example, it is widely believed that buying violets from strangers or in an unknown flower shop can lead to a black streak in life, and this is accompanied by failure and bad mood. In addition, strangers can jinx you by selling a flower, which will create negative energy around the plant. This problem is also solvable: if you want to grow violets at home, then purchase the plant from trusted stores and sellers that you know.

If you are single…

The meaning of violet for unmarried girls is negative. There is a fairly popular opinion that this plant should not be cultivated by those people who want to start a family. It is believed that violet repels potential suitors from girls. This superstition has its roots in ancient times. A few centuries ago, girls were forbidden to grow saintpaulia on the windowsill, as it "forced" men out of the house.

Violet flower meaning

Isotericists explain this as follows: violets have female energy, and they give it to the environmentspace. And in a family, female and male energy must be in equal amounts so that the house is a full bowl. Representatives of the stronger sex may feel oppressed if there is too much female energy. Young people in whose houses the saintpaulia is already growing often cannot find a girl, because young people feel feminine energy in their homes and feel superfluous. All this makes the violet a flower of loneliness.

However, flower growers consider such signs and superstitions about violets in the house unfounded. Experienced gardeners assure: a small beautiful flower can in no way interfere with the personal happiness of its mistress or owner (only if the pot does not fall on the head of the boyfriend or chosen one). It is impossible to argue that life on the personal front does not work out precisely because of violets. In most cases, the cause of loneliness is a person's attitude towards the opposite sex and his psychological attitude.

Grave flower

As you already understood, there are many negative signs and superstitions about violets. Many people tend to believe that the appearance of this plant in the house will lead to misfortune and loss. This opinion is based on historical facts: in the past, saintpaulia was planted on the graves of young people, since it was believed that violets could calm the hearts of grieving parents.

Red Saintpaulia

The meaning of the violet flower is largely determined by the color of the plant. For example, scarlet saintpaulia attracts we alth and improves material well-being. And if the red violet buds open, then a passionate romance awaits you.

Violet room omens

White Saintpaulias

The white violet flower is the enemy of quarrels and negative thoughts. It relieves nervous tension, fatigue and anger. Such a plant will instill in the hostess a desire to maintain comfort in the house, help get rid of bad thoughts, as a result of which conflicts in the family will occur less frequently. The flower is advised to be grown in families where one of the household members is prone to sudden mood swings.

In addition, indoor violet (the signs were presented above) are advised to be cultivated in homes where there are small children. The fact is that this shade symbolizes purity and innocence, kindness and new beginnings. The well-being of the children will be wonderful if you have a white Saintpaulia at home.

Pink violets

Such flowers are considered talismans in the field of he alth. They help young people find their other half. At the same time, they relieve obsessive thoughts associated with carnal desires. In addition, pink flowers are recommended for people who want to lose weight. You can even put them on the kitchen table. Pink violet with a purple tint, i.e. two-color saintpaulia will have a beneficial effect on even the laziest family members, as well as improve the well-being of the household.

Violet pink with purple

Purple flowers

Saintpaulias of this color predict spiritual growth for their owners, help to fill their lives with harmony and improve relationships with others. The plant destroys all negative energy. In addition, purple buds will help you in a different waylook at problems and solve them successfully. Hosts soon after acquiring the culture will notice that they have become more resilient to stressful situations.

Blue Saintpaulia

These violets are ideal for creative natures. They fill the work on large projects with pleasure, and also help to realize all the ideas. In a house with blue flowers there is no place for melancholy and sadness. The plant cleanses the space of negative energy and helps to reveal the inner talents of people. Learning to play musical instruments, drawing and other types of creativity will accelerate significantly, you will stop being bored and yearning, and you will also feel the desire to spend more time with loved ones.


This is the name of the tricolor violet. The beauty of this plant is that it contains all the positive qualities listed above. Therefore, if you cannot give preference to Saintpaulia of any one color, get pansies. An interesting fact is that with the help of this culture they even treat respiratory diseases and skin ailments.

Violets in the house - signs and superstitions

If the flower was presented…

There are several beliefs associated with receiving violets as a gift. Firstly, if a girl is given such a flower, this may portend a meeting with her beloved. You need to “talk” with the plant daily. And if you want to know if a wedding awaits you in the near future, ask the flower. If new buds appear, you can choose a wedding dress.

If a violet gives a girl heryoung man, then the plant will feel how the couple develops a relationship. If, for example, a flower gets sick or starts to tie, then the lovers quarreled or soon parted.

Can violets be grown at home?

The signs listed in our article reveal the violet not only from the positive, but also from the negative side. Therefore, everyone decides for himself whether he wants to share personal space with this beautiful plant. However, experienced flower growers do not believe in signs and superstitions about violets in the house and are advised to purchase Saintpaulia. The flower has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere prevailing in the house. It not only decorates the room, but also improves energy, absorbs negativity and calms the household.

Is it possible to grow violets at home signs

But remember that violets are very sensitive, so you can buy them only if you are ready to take care of your "green neighbor" and give him a lot of time.

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