Tomato Golden mother-in-law: description, characteristics, reviews

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Tomato Golden mother-in-law: description, characteristics, reviews
Tomato Golden mother-in-law: description, characteristics, reviews

Tomatoes are the most sought-after and popular vegetable crops that are grown in suburban areas by summer residents. Today, there are a huge number of different varieties suitable for certain climatic conditions. Particular attention should be paid to the tomato Golden mother-in-law.

A bit of history

Breeder Lyubov Myazina did an amazing job with rare tomato varieties to get a first generation (f1) hybrid called Golden Mother-in-Law. The official registration of this variety took place in 2008. This vegetable crop can be called the pride of domestic selection.

What is interesting about this variety

Description of tomatoes Golden mother-in-law should start with a ripening period, which is 85-90 days. Mature plants reach a height of up to 80 cm. Shrubs have strong, stable stems, with a large number of crops, they are recommended to be tied to supports so that the weight of the fruit does not damage the green spaces.

tomato golden mother-in-law characteristic

Tomatoes themselves haveround shape and yellow-orange color when ripe. Under the dense and smooth skin hides red-orange flesh. From the inside, the tomato has a division into 4 chambers, in which there is a small amount of seed material. Vegetables have a characteristic taste for this culture with a slight sourness.

Tomato fruits Golden mother-in-law weigh an average of 100-150 grams. Interestingly, this variety is suitable for growing both in the greenhouse and on the plot. Amicable ripening of the crop allows for the simultaneous harvesting of several beds at once. The fruits are used to add to vegetable salads, for processing into juices, for canning directly as a whole.

You can grow this crop in any region of the Russian Federation, taking into account climatic features. The middle and southern strips allow planting directly in the open ground, but the inhabitants of the North are best off using greenhouses to get a good harvest.

Tomato immunity and productivity

Each summer resident is interested in the question of how resistant this or that variety is to various types of diseases? If we talk about the characteristics of the Golden Mother-in-law tomato in this aspect, then it looks like this:

  • alternariosis;
  • bacterial cancer;
  • tobacco mosaic.

Against the listed diseases that affect horticultural crops, this variety has high resistance. But with late blight (if any), the gardener will have to fight. Plants can be protected by folk methods or using chemicals.

  1. Folk technique involves the treatment of all plants with copper sulphate and soap. The first ingredient is taken in the amount of 2 grams, the second in the amount of 200 grams. All this is diluted in water - 10 liters. It is necessary to apply the solution to the Golden Mother-in-law tomatoes as soon as the first signs of the disease appear.
  2. If the moment is lost and late blight began to develop actively, then you will have to use chemistry, these include Quadris, Fitosporin, Antrakol, drugs successfully suppress pathogens.
tomato golden mother-in-law reviews

As for the yield, this variety has approximately the same indicators for both greenhouses and open ground. Although tomatoes grown in a greenhouse always produce a little more fruit. In open areas, up to 3 kg of vegetables are harvested from one bush, in greenhouses (also from one bush) - up to 5 kg.

How to grow

In order for the cultivation to be successful, and the harvest to please the owner of the summer cottage, it is recommended to comply with the following conditions.

Before planting seeds, the greenhouse and soil are being prepared. The earth is being disinfected. The best way to kill bacteria is Fitosporin. 5 grams of the product is diluted in 10 liters of water and the soil layer is processed. Disinfection of seed material in this case is optional.

fertilizing tomatoes after planting in the ground

Some gardeners additionally soak seeds in growth stimulants, which improves germination and seedling resistance tounfavorable conditions. Seeds are planted in the ground to a depth of 1-2 cm, the air humidity should be 60-65%, and the temperature should not be lower than +20 degrees.

Depending on the germination of seeds, the question of picking arises. If the plants do not interfere with each other, then the procedure can be abandoned. With excessive thickening, the seedlings are transplanted into separate pots, at the moment when the sprouts give a couple of true leaves. You can plant Golden Mother-in-law tomatoes in open ground 55 days after germination.

Where to plant, how to care

This variety differs little in terms of care from other tomatoes. The soil is mulched, if possible. Water once a week, and also loosen the beds to saturate the roots with oxygen and remove weeds.

When growing in a greenhouse, special attention is paid to indicators of humidity and temperature. The presence of a draft is not an obstacle for tomatoes, and therefore you can safely open windows in the room, lift the film, etc. Airing is carried out 2 hours after the plants are watered. It is very important to maintain humidity in the flowering phase, wet pollen does not contribute to high-quality pollination.

tomato golden mother-in-law

If it is planned to plant tomatoes in an open area, then preference is given to free places, the main thing is that they have protection from the cold wind. A lowland and damp area is not suitable for vegetable crops.

No less important issue is the feeding of tomatoes after planting in the ground. In springtime, three times a day is recommended.fertilization:

  • the first dressing is applied 14 days after planting seedlings on the site;
  • the second top dressing is organized in the flowering phase to form fruit ovaries;
  • the third feeding occurs at the time of fruit formation.

As for the amount of fertilizer, it all depends on the soil layer. If the soil is chernozem, then the use of dressings is impractical due to the large amount of nutrients in the ground. Tomatoes growing in sandy soil will need regular fertilization once every 14 days. Here, perhaps, is all you need to know about feeding tomatoes after planting in the ground.

Golden mother-in-law tomato

What summer residents say

Many gardeners have already tried this variety for growing on their site and were satisfied with the result. Among the positive qualities, the following stand out:

  • high quality taste;
  • tomatoes ripen early enough;
  • interesting fruit appearance;
  • high yield;
  • immunity to certain types of vegetable diseases.

These are the reviews about the Golden Mother-in-Law tomato that can be heard from people who have de alt with the described tomatoes.

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