How to build formwork with your own hands?

How to build formwork with your own hands?
How to build formwork with your own hands?

Building formwork with your own hands is not so difficult, but you should take this process responsibly, since it depends on the mentioned element how strong your building will be. It should be noted that the presented design can be removable and non-removable. The first option is much easier to build. For work, you will need wooden boards, stakes and mastic, which is coated with the inner surface of the structure. In this case, the above-ground part of the base will be smooth and beautiful.

do-it-yourself formwork

Before you build formwork with your own hands, you must definitely dig a trench of a given width and depth. The part of the ground on which the structure in question will be installed must be perfectly flat and strong. It is necessary to set the boards according to the level. For work you will need a hammer, nails and lumber. However, ready-made metal molds are now sold in stores, which have a smooth surface and are very easy to assemble.

To properly build formwork with your own hands, you should adhere to the following action plan:

- we insert wooden blocks into the ground, which will serve as supports;

- to them usingnails, we nail the prepared boards or shields, after which we check their verticality with a level without fail;

- on the outside of the structure we install spacers that will give it rigidity;

- check the correctness of the geometric shapes and dimensions of the structure.

do-it-yourself polystyrene formwork

So, the formwork is done with your own hands, you can start pouring concrete. After the base is completely dry, the boards must be removed.

Now consider the technology of construction of a fixed structure. Its advantage is that it makes the walls stronger, moreover, it eliminates the need for additional insulation of the building.

So, most often do-it-yourself fixed formwork is built from polystyrene foam blocks. Each element has grooves, thanks to which it is attached to the previous one. Naturally, in this case, you will need a lot of reinforcing bars. The blocks should be installed on the finished underground part of the base, covered with a waterproofing film. Reinforcement must be embedded in it in advance, on which the formwork will subsequently be put on.

do-it-yourself fixed formwork

It is not so difficult to build such a structure as a formwork from polystyrene foam with your own hands. However, pay maximum attention to laying the first layer. The fact is that at this stage it is necessary to make a practical marking of walls, slopes of windows and doors, openings for communications in accordance with the project. In order for the walls to be strong, it is imperative to doligation of sutures.

After 3-4 layers of blocks have already been placed, you can start pouring concrete while simultaneously compacting it. The last row of elements should be poured only halfway, and the mortar joint should be inside the formwork. Reinforcement and concrete must be of very high quality. Only in this case the building will be strong and stable.

It should be noted that, in addition to wall insulation, the mentioned building allows the living space to "breathe". In addition, for the construction of such formwork, you do not need special equipment, the rental of which, as a rule, is quite expensive. Thus, you will save money and speed up the process of building construction.

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