Seeds from "Aliexpress": customer reviews

Seeds from "Aliexpress": customer reviews
Seeds from "Aliexpress": customer reviews

Recently, quite a lot has been received about seeds from "Aliexpress". This category of goods is rapidly gaining popularity among Russian gardeners and gardeners. It turns out that ordering seeds from China is much cheaper than buying in the market or in the store. But there are practically no guarantees that in return you will receive a high-quality vegetable or flower, simply does not exist. Buying a real pig in a poke, someone is deeply disappointed, while others are lucky. In this article, we will tell you what range of products from this category is currently presented on the popular Chinese platform, what reviews are left by users who have already taken the risk of placing an order and growing the seeds received.

Popular marketplace

Thanks to the reviews about the seeds from "Aliexpress", they even learned about this global trading platformthose who have never heard of her before. The site is currently one of the most popular on the planet. It sells all kinds of goods (small wholesale and retail). For convenience, information about them is automatically translated into different languages.

It is worth noting that the site gained unprecedented popularity very quickly, because it appeared only in 2010. He began to work as a platform in the field of B2B for sales and purchases. Since then, it has expanded significantly, becoming one of the most popular internet sites in the world.

The main purpose of this resource is the sale of goods from China to foreign countries. It is especially popular in our country. According to statistics, more than 21 percent of visitors are from Russia. In 2017, Aliexpress became the most popular online store in the country. Most domestic sites that sell similar or exactly the same products do so at significantly higher margins and costs. In addition, until recently, foreign online sites were exempt from Russian duties and taxes, which gave them an even greater advantage, which many considered a violation of competition.

At the same time, the Aliexpress platform, unlike Russian companies, is significantly inferior in terms of delivery time. But for this problem already found an effective solution. Warehouses with the most popular goods are now located in Russia, which reduces delivery times to one or two days.

It is worth noting that some products that can be freely bought on the Aliexpress website are prohibited fromfree circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation. These include:

  • devices designed to secretly obtain information (criminal liability is provided for this);
  • fakes under famous brands (administrative responsibility);
  • goods that do not have an appropriate certificate on the territory of the Russian Federation (administrative responsibility);
  • items that can be used as weapons, with the exception of certain types of knives (criminal liability);
  • chemical and flammable substances, the circulation of which is prohibited (the most popular of them are fireworks);
  • separate categories of alcohol, foods, plants and seeds.

Therefore, you should be especially careful and vigilant when you order seeds on Aliexpress so as not to violate Russian law. It is worth noting that plant seeds, like the plants themselves, are prohibited for shipment, as they pose a quarantine risk. Right, the volume of orders from China is so large that in most cases the seeds reach the end consumer without being noticed by control and supervisory authorities. However, you should be prepared that if your order is noticed, it will be confiscated, and you will have to bear the corresponding responsibility.


Today, Chinese suppliers can find a fairly wide range that can satisfy even a picky customer. You can find seeds on Aliexpress in the Home and Garden category. Herethere is a subcategory called "For the garden and garden." You can choose one of the sections in it:

  • flowering plants;
  • flower with bulb root;
  • landscape plants;
  • woody plants;
  • herbs;
  • succulents;
  • algae;
  • peonies;
  • weaving plants;
  • garden plants.

And this is not all the categories presented in this section. Prices for goods vary, depending on how many bags of seeds are in the package, as well as how exotic the plant itself is. But in any case, it turns out to be much cheaper than in Russia. Plus, most offers come with free shipping.

Seeds from China

Pay attention to the photos of seeds from "Aliexpress" those who want to completely abandon store-bought vegetables, realizing how many nitrates and chemicals they contain. Instead, he wants to grow everything he needs on his own in a personal plot, which, as it seems, most Russians today have.

Of course, the occupation is very troublesome, but those who have started doing it, assure that the game is worth the candle. In addition, significant savings are obtained, since store and market vegetables cost a lot, especially in winter and early spring. Yes, and the he alth of relatives and their own manages to maintain. The main thing is to find inexpensive and high-quality seeds. Here, seeds from "Aliexpress" from China come to the aid of many. If you study the opinions of those who have been ordering them for more than a year on thistrading platform, you can draw a conclusion about their quality, as well as the prospects for what you can grow. Fortunately, the list is wide. There is literally everything here.

He althy vegetables

How to germinate seeds with Aliexpress

It is worth noting that although "Aliexpress" is an Internet trading platform, more and more pensioners have appeared on it lately, who successfully master it. Firstly, they defeated computer illiteracy, and secondly, it is when a person retires that, as a rule, he has the time and physical opportunities to start his own garden, starting to supply relatives with useful and high-quality products right from the garden.

Those who have ever encountered the amount of pesticides found in market and store-bought vegetables and fruits will never want to go back to them, preferring only their own organic cucumbers and tomatoes.

After reviewing the photo of seeds from "Aliexpress", you need to carefully study all the necessary parameters - the size of the likely crops, description, compatibility with a particular soil, and then place an order. Colorful and bright illustrations give a visual representation of what specific result you can expect if you order one or another cherished bag. However, it should be understood that the shipment of seeds is lengthy, so the buyer runs the risk of receiving a dried or rotten product. It is also important that almost all categories of seeds from "Aliexpress" with photos and reviews. From them you can find out how conscientiousthe seller, how long does the order take, what difficulties can you encounter, what should you pay especially close attention to.

Chinese seeds

Aliexpress seed catalog

However, there is no reason to be afraid that the seeds are Chinese. All the pesticides and other harmful substances that modern vegetables are crammed with, they get from fertilizers, with which they are diligently treated so that the yields are higher, and the fruits themselves are larger and heavier. This means that they will be sold more expensively, everything is done for the sake of profit.

If you order Chinese seeds, but when growing them you will not fertilize them with any chemicals, you can be sure that you will get an environmentally friendly product at the end.

Flower and vegetable seeds on "Aliexpress" are presented in such quantity that here everyone will definitely find everything they were looking for. By the way, do not forget that the choice is so diverse that you can find not only vegetables, but also garden or indoor plants that will delight the eye with their beauty. The range of products is truly huge!

Note that vegetable seeds from "Aliexpress" do not belong to the category of the most popular products, so you can not count on the fact that they will arrive within one or two days. It will take a long time, perhaps several weeks or even months. Therefore, it is best to place an order in winter, so that you are fully equipped by the beginning of planting. Fortunately, the seeds have a sufficient shelf life, if they arrive a little earlier than you expected, then they will lie without problems until they are established.appropriate weather so that they can be planted. But if everyone around is already planting cucumbers and tomatoes, and every day you check the mailbox based on the cherished notification, then there is a high probability of missing deadlines, not planting vegetables or flowers on time.

To begin with, you can start with vegetables that are usually planted as early as possible. For example, with peppers. Agronomists advise planting sweet peppers before most other crops. You can do this both in the ground and in the greenhouse. They require a moderate amount of daylight and relatively little water for irrigation to grow properly. So water should be dosed, make sure not to overexpose them in the sun. The main thing is not to keep the seedlings in a draft, otherwise you will ruin your future harvest. There are quite a lot of peppers in the catalog of seeds from Aliexpress, so you should not have any special problems with the choice. In addition, customer reviews of the studied platform about pepper seeds are among the most favorable.

By the way, all seed bags, although from China, come with detailed and comprehensive instructions in Russian. On each pack it is written how and when to plant, what to look for. Separately, for maximum convenience, for very little money, you can order special pallets and cups for seedlings. You will also need land and some natural fertilizers.

Next, it's time to start planting tomato seeds. On the Aliexpress website, their choice is very extensive. There are varieties for almost any terrain and climate. Most importantly, whenthe acquisition take into account the characteristics of the terrain, climate, soil. Of great importance, for example, is what the ground will be - open or closed. It depends on which seeds you should buy.

For example, you can find especially good and enthusiastic reviews from "Aliexpress" about Tanya's red tomato seeds. The germination rate of this variety is close to one hundred percent. They grow throughout the summer right in the open field. Most importantly, they cost almost a penny. You can find a bag with a hundred seeds for only fifteen rubles! In this case, quite weighty fruits of 250-300 g each are obtained. In some cases, you have to harvest real giants, whose weight can reach up to 0.5 kg.

Cucumbers also deserve special praise. Having ordered several packs for testing, summer residents then constantly buy and buy more seeds from Aliexpress. A photo that has grown, they willingly publish reviews, demonstrating what results they managed to achieve in a short time. Japanese long cucumber seeds are especially praised. The main thing when planting is not to confuse which varieties should be sent to the greenhouse and which to the open ground.

Many say that the seeds that are sent from China are also good because they are optimally suited for our climate. Adapted even to the conditions of the Far East and Siberia. If necessary, choose frost-resistant varieties. Here you can even find climate-resistant strawberries, if you take care of them properly, you will be able to harvest a good harvest in almost any Russian region.

For example, especiallyPraise the seeds of the strawberry variety Everest. Bushes grow that do not spread along the ground, but turn out to be curly with large berries and a wonderful smell. At the same time, a whole package of seeds costs no more than twenty rubles.


Flower seeds on Aliexpress

When the sections with vegetables and berries have already been mastered, it's time to start studying flower seed catalogs on Aliexpress. There are so many of them here that not a single woman will be able to resist this diversity. After all, I want not only he althy and tasty vegetables to grow on the plot, which help save the budget, but also just beautiful flowers that will please the eye all summer.

Experienced gardeners advise starting with the most common flower seeds from China from Aliexpress. For starters, you can order roses, for example, Black Pearl varieties. It turns out very unusual and original flowers, ready to simply amaze others with their beauty. If you want to plant a Japanese-style garden on your site, then you definitely can’t do without it. True, you will have to sweat, as the variety is very capricious. It is best to plant it in early summer.

After such success, you will definitely want to share photos of what has grown. Seeds from "Aliexpress", according to many, exceed all their expectations.

Green corner of the house

Surely after a busy summer season, you will want to arrange a green corner at home to delight yourself with houseplants all winter. For starters, you can chooseon one of the most famous plants - geraniums. You can easily find out how to germinate seeds with Aliexpress, as detailed instructions are attached to each bag.

For example, the variety Thyroid Pelargonium is presented in 17 shades - from the simplest white to numerous multi-colored variations. In addition, this is one of the most unpretentious varieties, and it is quite inexpensive - you will have to pay about 30 rubles for packaging. Having mastered this plant, you can move on to other varieties, increasing the degree of exoticism.

Orchid seeds from "Aliexpress" have long conquered many domestic lovers of indoor plants. The African variety Symbidium pleases with large flowers, good survival. Its seeds are sold by the piece - about five rubles per piece. Balcony Anthurium can also inspire - it grows and reproduces well, feels very good after transplantation, and the Flycatcher (Dioneya) is also in demand. They say about the last flower that it is not only exotic and beautiful, but also very practical, because it catches flies and mosquitoes. Since then, insects have been trying to fly around the apartment in which this flower grows.

Tips from experienced

How to grow seeds with Aliexpress

Those who have already encountered orders on this site willingly demonstrate what has grown, in the reviews of seeds from "Aliexpress" they are advised to carefully study the opinions of other buyers who have already worked with this seller, and also follow several recommendations.

When purchasing seeds, be sure to considerclimatic conditions in which you live. If you live in Siberia, and the weather outside is cold most of the year, you should not expect exotic plants to take root and grow in you. Pay special attention to where the seeds should be planted - in a greenhouse or in the ground.

Decide in advance for yourself how much time you are willing to devote to the garden. If very little, then the choice should be made in favor of unpretentious plants specially bred for this purpose. Pay attention to the delivery time - they can be significantly delayed, so you should do everything in advance.

Having figured out how to grow seeds with "Aliexpress", you can easily see the expediency of this purchase. Having mastered the most common and popular varieties, you can safely take on experiments with previously unseen vegetables and plants.

Pig in a poke

Photo of seeds from Aliexpress

At the same time, it is worth recognizing that there are quite a lot of negative reviews about this experience. It becomes especially surprising when users begin to share photos from their backyard or flower beds, which show what has grown. Seeds from "Aliexpress" often really turn out to be real cats in a poke.

While citing free shipping and a low price as obvious pluses, many admit that most seeds simply don't germinate. And if something sprouts, then it turns out to be a completely different plant than it was originally stated. In addition, most often, a weed. At the same time, in fairness, it is worth recognizing that conscientioussellers still meet on this Chinese online trading platform. If you place orders with them, then you can really count on a good harvest, exactly what you ordered will grow, and not something unknown. True, there are few such sellers on the site. So, before placing any order, be sure to study the comments and reviews, according to which you can get a completely objective picture of what to expect from such cooperation.

Low productivity

Seeds from Aliexpress

Many frankly do not recommend making at least some orders on this site, since in most cases you have to deal with the fact that the seeds will not sprout at all.

If you order a plant, then initially you need to be prepared for the fact that the result will be zero. If this really happens, do not be too upset about this. For example, many have recently ordered indoor banana seeds. To grow them, they buy special peat pots, fill them with universal soil, pour earth into a small depression and water them. For greater efficiency, they are advised to cover them with a bag to create the effect of a greenhouse. But, judging by the reviews, this does not help much. In the vast majority of cases, nothing sprouts at all, so that buyers have reasonable doubts whether these were the seeds of an indoor banana or some other unknown plant.

In general, the main danger when placing an order with "Aliexpress" is that it may come up completely different from whatwas originally stated. You need to be prepared for the fact that you most likely will never be able to grow black or blue strawberries or pink bonsai in real life. As a result, users come to the disappointing conclusion that up to 90 percent of the sellers on this site that sell seeds are the most common scammers and scammers. Everything they send, of course, costs a penny, but at the same time, the germination rate is almost zero, which cannot but upset gardeners and houseplant lovers.

Good experience

Those who still sprout seeds from "Aliexpress" share positive feedback. They admit that they come across weeds, but if you approach the choice of seeds and the seller especially meticulously, then their percentage will not be high.

Therefore, the main thing is to focus not only on the seller's rating and the number of orders he has completed, but also on the real reviews that customers leave about his product who have already tried to plant a particular plant. It is worth remembering that there are pitfalls in the reviews. When users write that the package arrived on time or the seeds look good, you should not take into account these opinions, since these people have not planted anything yet, they cannot give you really good advice, telling you what will grow.

Most likely, such reviews are left by the sellers of this store themselves, winding up a higher rating for themselves. The ideal method for seed selection is to view additional reviews. In cases where nothing has grown at all, or plants that have not risen as originally announced, vigilant buyers usually reinforcetheir words with real photos, warning others not to buy anything from this seller. If there are a lot of positive points and gratitude in additional reviews, then you can make a choice in favor of this product.

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