Furniture in the color of apple-tree Locarno - a classic of modern interior

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Furniture in the color of apple-tree Locarno - a classic of modern interior
Furniture in the color of apple-tree Locarno - a classic of modern interior

The variety of the palette of furniture facades makes you think when choosing. The Locarno apple color has been the most popular color for many years and was considered a classic. He earned the love of society by getting a feeling of warmth and calmness. The choice of furniture and interior color is a very important moment in the development of interior design. The right combination of palettes can create the perfect atmosphere, and vice versa: the wrong use of trendy shades can be tasteless.

Apple blossom Locarno

Offers on the furniture market are full of different designs and colors. But the cozy color of the Locarno apple tree is still as relevant as it was many years ago. It is a natural shade of wood bark, combines yellow-brown-red motifs. It has a calming effect, adjusts to the working mood, so it can be used in any room: both office and home.

apple blossom locarno

Apple Locarno furniture is not bright, not contrasting, so it goes well with any background.Used for the design of many interiors, relevant in the following design styles:

  • English - conservative classic elegant interior;
  • antique - spacious stately luxury style;
  • Empire - noble and rich design;
  • art deco - bohemian;
  • Venetian - with bookcases, with old maps;
  • vintage - a combination of antiquity with classics;
  • grunge - concise and modest;
  • country - rustic and romantic;
  • conservatism - strict and concise;
  • constructivism – minimalistic;
  • contemporary - democratic and self-sufficient;
  • lounge - interior for maximum relaxation;
  • Moorish - the atmosphere of Arabian tales;
  • parisian - elegant;
  • postmodernism is free creative;
  • pop art - youth;
  • Provence - light and dreamy;
  • renaissance - ceremoniously strict;
  • retro - the return of the forgotten old;
  • romanticism is sublime and dreamy;
  • romanesque - status and majestic;
  • rustic - design from a Russian hut;
  • Scandinavian - getting closer to nature;
  • Mediterranean - the energy of the sun and the sea in the interior;
  • steampunk is fantastic;
  • functionalism - transforming interior;
  • hygge - comfort and coziness;
  • eclectic - a combination of items from different styles;
  • ecological style - unity with nature;
  • ethnostyle - emphasis on the peculiarities of the culture of any nation;
  • Japanese– concise and discreet.

Kitchen furniture

The use of this color in the dining room is very relevant. Spacious cozy kitchen in warm colors predisposes to a pleasant conversation at a family dinner. The furniture color "Apple Locarno" is ideal for this purpose. It is also worth noting that it is not easily soiled, so the hostess does not have to carefully monitor the condition of the surface. Its use in small kitchens in combination with light walls of the same shade will be the right decision, thus the effect of cluttered pressing space is not created.

apple tree locarno furniture color

However, special attention should be paid to lighting, in such a room - not enough light can create a feeling of tightness and dullness.

Living room

A Locarno apple tree modular guest room system does not reduce space, is not the main accent of the room. Properly selected furniture model will decorate any room. To do this, it is better to contact professional designers, with the exact dimensions of the room and wishes. Such services are provided free of charge in large furniture stores. By placing in a small living room several roomy modular structures in the color of "Apple Locarno" you can create a comfortable functional room without wasting space.

apple tree locarno


"Apple Locarno" - the color of the furniture is perfect for the bedroom. To create the effect of spaciousness, it is necessary to use shades close in tone in the design.premises. Suitable for this color: beige, brown, yellow. The use of bright contrasting colors in combination with the Locarno apple tree is not recommended. But professionals are able to combine the incongruous even at first glance.

apple tree locarno furniture color

The use of this color in the rooms of the shady side is especially relevant. The façade of the Locarno apple tree shade creates an emotionally warm feeling, warms and sets in a calm mood. In such a room it will be comfortable to sit, read before going to bed, wake up and lie in the morning on a day off.

Design Tips

Quality furniture in the color of "Apple Locarno" can serve indefinitely and not bother. To change the interior, you can change curtains, bedspreads, pillows, paintings - so without spending a lot of time and money, you have the opportunity to enjoy a modern interior and change the situation depending on your mood.

The color of the interior has a huge impact on the well-being and mood of those present in the room. Since the furniture is chosen for long-term use, it is worth paying attention to calmer tones that can be diluted with interior items or accented with wallpaper. Locarno Apple is one such versatile color that suits a variety of room decor styles.

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