Bed-sofa with lifting mechanism: description with photo

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Bed-sofa with lifting mechanism: description with photo
Bed-sofa with lifting mechanism: description with photo

Not all living quarters can afford to install the furniture you want. A sofa bed with a lifting mechanism is the best solution to equip a small room with a bed and a small sofa. The device in question is a multifunctional, compact and convenient piece of furniture.

Photo of a sofa bed

Distinguishing Features

The sofa bed with a lifting mechanism meets modern requirements for comfort and functionality, providing a person with a decent rest. The product in question refers to representatives of upholstered furniture, which are equipped with a special device that raises the bed, freeing up a compartment for storing linen and small items.

Among the benefits are the following points:

  • presence of a niche for storing accessories and clothes;
  • small dimensions;
  • ease of care and use.

In addition, the design features of the furniture in questionminimize the ingress of dust under the base of the device, which reduces the frequency of cleaning the room. High quality sleep is ensured by a flat and smooth bed surface. A sofa with a lifting mechanism fits perfectly into almost any interior. Often, an orthopedic mattress is included in the package, which removes the load from the user's joints and muscles during rest.


Selection criteria

When buying a piece of furniture in question, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the dimensions, upholstery, model configuration, but also to the design of the lift. High-quality modifications, such as the Etude sofa bed with a lifting mechanism, have a long service life, more comfortable performance, and are less likely to fail.

Several configurations are available on the market. For example, a manual mechanism is a system that does not contain shock absorbers and springs, provides assembly and disassembly of the product mechanically.

Due to the absence of additional elements, sofas are small in size and the most affordable. The connection of the mattress with the frame is carried out by means of standard loops. Such a simple but reliable fastening is quite difficult to maintain alone, especially for fragile ladies.

Compact sofa bed

Other lift-up sofa bed systems

Spring structures are equipped with specialshock absorbers, which greatly facilitates the lifting of part of the product. This method differs from the mechanical configuration in complexity, while the process itself is much simpler and easier.

Despite this, certain efforts must be made during the transformation. Shock absorbers are spring parts of a twisted configuration, which over time stretch and cease to function at full strength. Elements need regular replacement, not designed for a large user mass.

Another type of sofa bed with a lifting mechanism is gas shock absorbers. They are a modern complex block, which will not be difficult to lift even with the heaviest mattress. This design is the most expensive among analogues, but it is more durable and more practical. The principle of operation of the device is based on the energy of compressed air, which guarantees an extremely smooth ride when folding and unfolding. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Double sofa bed


When choosing a sofa-bed with a lifting mechanism 90x200 or analogues, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of fixing the structure in the upper position. Such a solution will make it possible to put things and accessories in the under-bed space without fear that the "top" can fall.

Modern modifications are equipped with twisted or gas systems, loop analogues are mounted mainly on the most compact samples. Among the advantages of the sofa "Etude"with a lifting mechanism, the following factors are distinguished:

  • the ability to quickly bring the sofa to the "guest" position, since the linen is quickly hidden in a special compartment;
  • comfort when cleaning and cleaning;
  • operational simplicity.

It's no secret that many people live in small apartments. Nevertheless, even in such a limited space, you can correctly place everything you need for a comfortable life. Among themselves, the considered types of furniture differ in the following parameters:

  • volume of internal compartments;
  • material for making the ottoman and bottom layer;
  • lifting device design;
  • additional equipment that affects the final cost of the product.
Original sofa bed

Materials used

For the production of an ottoman or sofa with a folding mechanism, natural leather, leatherette, natural wood, chipboard and fiberboard are used. Products made from natural materials are undeniably better and deliver maximum comfort. At the same time, high-quality artificial analogues are much cheaper, which is important for families with low incomes.


By the design of transformation and common features, the beds in question are divided into:

  1. Single modifications that are optimally suited for a comfortable stay for one person. Such versions are quite suitable for children's rooms. Often in small spacesmount corner versions of these fixtures. The average size of such a sofa is 90 x 200 centimeters. Such models can be equipped with both coil springs and gas shock absorbers with a stopper in the upper position.
  2. One-and-a-half and double sofas with lifting mechanisms. The dimensions of such a bed are 120 x 200 or 160 x 200 centimeters. Taking into account the size of the structure, the lifting system is fixed on the long side of the sofa. On the "double bed" mattresses are used, the weight of which can be difficult to carry out the transformation by one user. Sometimes manufacturers introduce a "gas lift" system, which makes it possible to raise and lower the most massive pieces of furniture without any problems.
  3. The 140 x 200 cm version is found in specialized stores, often at a promotional price. Its peculiarity is that it is quite large for one person, but not entirely convenient for two adults. Nevertheless, such modifications are in demand, have an interesting design and can be used in an apartment or a private house.
Folded sofa bed

Custom Designs

Among other samples - modifications that do not require constant transformation, focused on specific tasks, for example, resting several people sitting or one in a reclining state. Such products are shorter in length, equipped with a compartment for things. piece of furniture oftenequipped with a backrest, chrome-plated landing legs, a folding device of a predominantly mechanical type. The cost of such modifications is much higher than that of standard counterparts.

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