Baby crib: rating, review of the best manufacturers, photos

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Baby crib: rating, review of the best manufacturers, photos
Baby crib: rating, review of the best manufacturers, photos

The appearance of a newborn child in the house is not only a great joy, but also the need to provide him with comfortable conditions, as well as things that make it easier for parents to care for the baby. A necessary accessory is cribs, the rating of manufacturers of which we will consider below.

Premium class

If financial opportunities allow, people try to surround the firstborn with all the best from the first days of his birth. High-quality, beautiful, comfortable and expensive beds are no exception. How to choose the right option? The ranking of the best Italian premium cribs is as follows:

  1. Baby Expert Abbracci. Beautiful model made of natural beech in white with an orthopedic base. Cost - from 90 thousand rubles.
  2. Baby Italia Dalia. High quality classic version. Estimated price - from 55 thousand rubles.
  3. Perla Bambolina. A unique version of the transformer, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Cost - from 90 thousand rubles.

Let's take a closer look at each model.

Baby Expert Abbracci By Trudi

In the ranking of cribsthe product from this Italian brand occupies a leading position. The model is made in a classic rectangular configuration with slatted walls and solid backs. The package includes a spacious pull-out compartment for storing children's things. A cute animal is painted on the back, and there is a canopy mount, which is sold separately.

Special skids are used to quickly rock the child, and wheels with brakes provide easy transportation of the product. Overall dimensions (820/1390/1200 mm) allow the modification to be used by children up to 4-5 years old. If necessary, the front wall can be lowered.

In their reviews, consumers point to the original and beautiful design, orthopedic base. Other benefits include:

  • naturalness and high quality of component materials;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • high security;
  • maximum ease of use and maintenance.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this modification is the high price.

Baby cot made in Italy

Baby Italia Dalia

This model got into the rating of the best cribs not by chance. In the production process, natural, processed and harmless varnished wood is used. The product is available in several colors (white, dark or light brown). Durable wheels are equipped with a stopper, a spacious drawer is provided for storing linen.

Reinforced design does notis difficult to assemble, even a young mother will cope with this task. The side wall descends easily and silently, without disturbing the child's sleep. Young parents in their responses point to the following benefits:

  • high build quality typical of Italian production;
  • natural ingredients used;
  • practical comfortable wheels with brakes;
  • interesting design;
  • presence of a compartment for things.

Users did not find any particular shortcomings. In isolated cases, a remark about the presence of the smell of synthetics slips, which may indicate the acquisition of a low-quality fake.

Baby Italia Dalia

Perla Bambolina

One of the leading positions in the ranking of the best cribs for newborns is occupied by this modification. The luxurious version initially plays the role of a comfortable cradle, transforming into a comfortable bed as the child grows up. The configuration is oval, there are no sharp corners. The soft and hypoallergenic eco-leather coating makes the product absolutely safe for the baby. The outer walls are instructed with chic Swarovski crystals. Wooden elements are made from selected beech.

Model effortlessly moves in any direction, thanks to self-centering wheels. The set includes a pair of mattresses (for a cradle and a sleeping bag). Parents note the safety, comfort of the product, not to mention the appearance, which will fit harmoniously into the most sophisticated interior.

Among other features, users in theirreviews point to the following points:

  • softness and naturalness of materials used;
  • quick transformation;
  • good packaging;
  • unique exterior;
  • high price.

Transformers with wheels

Below is the rating of cribs for newborns with the possibility of transformation and the presence of wheels. They have a number of advantages over conventional models, they are simple, convenient and multifunctional. These versions are relevant for spacious apartments and large houses.

Top three, based on features, price and customer reviews:

  1. Azzurra Gemini. Unique Italian model for twins (from RUB 65,000).
  2. Stokke Mini. A beautiful modern round bed from a Norwegian manufacturer (from RUB 35,000).
  3. Nuovito Nido. Russian-Italian design with a pendulum mechanism (from 21,000 rubles).

More on these brands and their products below.

Transformer Gemini Design Azzurra

In the ratings of cribs for newborns, this model occupies a worthy position. It differs in that it is designed for two beds. The walls and backs are made of natural treated beech, the design includes wheels with a brake. Dimensions - 1310/1310/1080 mm.

The package does not include a storage compartment and a changing table, but one wide sleeping bag can be quickly converted into two separate units. Taking into account the dimensions of the product and the length of the mattress, children can sleep in a bed up to 4-5 years. Judging byreviews of parents who were lucky enough to give birth to twins, this is one of the most requested modifications.

Users consider pluses:

  • naturalness of the design components;
  • stylish appearance;
  • possibility of splitting into two objects;
  • several levels of the bottom in height.

Among the minuses is a rather high cost, lack of a table and a pencil case for things.

Cot for twins

Stokke Sleepi Mini

The next participant in the ranking of the best transforming cribs is a representative of Norwegian production. This model is made in different colors from natural, carefully processed wood. The features include the possibility of connecting an additional section, with the help of which the product is made oval or increases in length. Large dimensions allow you to operate a sleeping place up to the age of seven. In addition, the model is disassembled into three elements, transforming into a pair of chairs and a table.

Stokke Sleepi Mini

The reviews indicate the following benefits:

  • multifunctionality;
  • presence of wheels with stoppers;
  • no sharp corners;
  • possibility of lowering the backrest;
  • modern design.

Among the downsides is overpriced.

Nuovita Nido Magia(5-in-1)

This version got into the rating of the best cribs due to the presence of a pendulum mechanism, which increases the already considerable functionality. Cabinetpart is made of natural beech, the line includes a lot of color solutions, which allows you to choose the option for any interior.

The model from the cradle turns into a crib, a small sofa or playpen. In their responses, the owners note the optimal combination of an affordable price, versatility and decent quality parameters.

Other features include:

  • beautiful exterior;
  • removable type back;
  • possibility of fixing to an adult bed;
  • safety and hypoallergenic.

Rating of transforming cribs with changing table

Such modifications are successful due to their versatility. In one product, the consumer receives a cradle, a bed, a table and a locker. Models are presented in various configurations and colors, can be equipped with a canopy. All the features indicate that choosing a crib will not be difficult: the product will fit into any interior. Transformers do not take up much space, they are easily transported on special wheels.

The rating of the best manufacturers of cribs with the possibility of transformation is as follows:

  1. Valle Allegra (from 12 thousand rubles). Convenient practical transformer with the best combination of price / quality.
  2. SKV-9 (from 11 thousand rubles). Unusual model in the style of "modern" Russian production.
  3. "Fairy" (from 9.8 thousand rubles). Bright budget modification for newborns.

Valle Allegra

In the rating of cribs, this model is far from the lastplace. The transformer is equipped with a changing table, one open compartment and a pair of closed drawers. In addition to the fact that this variation is multifunctional, it is easy to use, equipped with an enlarged bed, allowing children up to seven years of age to use it. The specified model is suitable for small-sized dwellings, since all elements are placed thoughtfully and compactly.

Product benefits based on consumer feedback:

  • presence of a convenient pendulum device for motion sickness;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • fair price;
  • several colors;
  • chest of drawers with three compartments.
crib Valle Allegra

Among the shortcomings are poor fitting of drawers, dubious chipboard processing.


In the rating of transforming cribs from this manufacturer, modification No. 9 should be noted. It has an unusual design, perfectly fits into a room with a "modern" interior. The package includes a spacious box for linen, a chest of drawers, a changing table. The dimensions of the sleeping bag are 1200 x 600 mm, the color design is monophonic or with a layout of several shades. To protect the baby, silicone pads are provided, the back is lowered, the bottom part is adjustable in height in several positions. The transverse pendulum mechanism of motion sickness contributes to the rapid falling asleep of the baby.

The advantages in their responses, users include reliability, versatility, decent quality materials, affordable price. Cons - poor delivery package,there may be factory defects.

Children's bed-transformer

Fairy 1100

In the rating of baby crib companies, the company "Fairy" is present in different segments. Model 1100 is a transformer that is great for newborns. Parents have everything they need at hand thanks to a pull-out compartment, a chest of drawers and a changing table. Compact dimensions and original design allow you to install the modification in small rooms with any interior. The manufacturer offers a wide range of colors (from white and green to wenge or cherry).

Among the benefits, consumers point to the following points:

  • Convenience design with the ability to install a chest of drawers from any side;
  • removable configuration back;
  • multi-position height adjustment;
  • presence of protective tabs.
bed fairy 1100

The disadvantages include incorrect operation of the pendulum device and the presence of sharp unsafe edges.

Medium price segment

Not everyone can allocate a decent amount for the purchase of accessories for children. There is a way out - you need to choose a model that optimally combines the parameters of price and quality. Many inexpensive versions are almost as reliable and practical as their more expensive counterparts.

In the middle price segment, the rating of beds for newborns is as follows:

  1. "Papaloni Giovanni". Stylish Russian-made model of high qualitymaterials used (from 15,000 rubles).
  2. "Elise C717". Practical bed made of natural wood (from 17,500 rubles).
  3. "Gandylyan Anastasia". A simple, thoughtful design with all the necessary functionality (from 12,500 rubles).

Papaloni Giovanni

The next in the ranking of cribs is a modification with a beautiful and smooth surface. It is equipped with silicone pads that ensure the comfort and safety of the baby. The frame part made of wood is positioned in six colors, there is a pendulum device for motion sickness. The array is made of beech, in the lower part there is a voluminous box for storing linen and things. Operating age - from 0 to 4 years.

Benefits according to users:

  • height adjustment in four modes;
  • removable type wall;
  • presence of a linen compartment;
  • natural wood body.
bed Papaloni Giovanni

Cons - rapid wear of working parts, creaking, weak rods, incorrect assembly instructions.

"Elise S717" ("Red Star")

The crib of domestic production has an unusual design, graceful curves, durability and the presence of protective pads. The range of colors offers two shades, the material of manufacture is natural birch, treated with a safe coating. A longitudinal pendulum structure is provided as a rocking mechanism. The side wall can be lowered, but the baby will not do it by itself (requires loosening of the fasteners).


  • bottom height adjustment;
  • presence of a voluminous box for things;
  • noiseless pendulum mechanism;
  • removable walls;
  • original appearance.
Crib "Elise"

The disadvantages include the dubious quality of protective overlays.

Gandylyan Anastasia

This model was included in the rating of baby cots for newborns due to the simplicity of the design along with the necessary functionality. The front and side panel are detachable type, assembly and disassembly is easy and fast. The frame is made of natural wood, the drawer is made of chipboard. The universal pendulum is easy to move and makes almost no noise.

The advantages of the owners include:

  • variety of colors;
  • removable back;
  • height adjustment;
  • presence of a convenient capacious compartment for clothes;
  • age range for use is 0-3 years.

Disadvantages - not entirely clear design, questionable quality parameters of chipboard.

Rating of manufacturers of budget category cribs

Modifications of the economy class have less functionality, which will cause more inconvenience to parents than to the baby. In addition, the low price leads to a corresponding quality and a shorter service life. Nevertheless, in this segment there are conscientious manufacturers producing worthy models.

Consider the top three:

  1. "SKV-Company", model120111X (from 4000 rubles). A classic crib that matches any decor.
  2. "Fairy 304" (from 6.2 thousand rubles). Eco birch version with comfortable mechanism.
  3. "Lel Buttercup AB 15.0" (from 7.7 thousand rubles). Standard crib with wheels.

SLE Beryozka 120111X

Classic kids bed has everything you need, combined with canopies and other accessories. The existing mechanism makes it possible to adjust the bottom in height and remove the front wall.

In the reviews, buyers note simplicity along with an affordable price and good functionality. Other benefits include:

  • presence in the design of wheels;
  • durability;
  • quality case made of natural material;
  • sliders for motion sickness.
Children's bed "Birch"

Cons - there is no linen box, you can rock the crib only after dismantling the wheels.

Fairy 304

"Fairy 304" deservedly got into the ratings of cribs. According to parents, the model, made of environmentally friendly solid birch, is equipped with a convenient mechanism for double-sided lowering of the walls. There are protective pads on the sides. The advantages of users include ease of operation and maintenance, reasonable price, decent quality characteristics of all nodes. Among the minuses are a limited range of colors and the absence of a box for storing baby clothes and things.

Children's bed "Fairy"

Lel Lyutik AB 15.0

This model from "Kubanlesstroy" is equipped with skids and removable wheels, made of high quality beech. The design is covered with a safe varnish, giving the product a sophisticated look. In general, the crib optimally combines quality, affordability, comfort and functionality. Removable slats allow the grown-up child to go to bed and get up independently.

Reviews about this modification are mostly positive, among the pluses are noted:

  • height adjustment in three positions;
  • transformable front panel;
  • seven color variations;
  • decent quality materials.

Disadvantages - no storage compartment, high price for its class.

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