Beds - rating of manufacturers. The best bed manufacturers in Russia

Beds - rating of manufacturers. The best bed manufacturers in Russia
Beds - rating of manufacturers. The best bed manufacturers in Russia

A quality rest is vital for a person, which should include not only breaks in work, but also sleep. If not everyone can soak up the bed during the day, and rest comes down to distraction from work for the lunch period, then at night most people still sleep. Few people know how to choose the right furniture to fully relax. What you should pay attention to when choosing a bed in a store, we will tell you using the example of well-known brands.

Main criteria

When purchasing a bed from a popular brand or from an unknown manufacturer, the following points should be considered:

  1. Size. Despite the fact that this parameter is standard and there are not so many options, you should ask about the dimensions of the model you like. For maximum comfort, the length of the bed should be 10 cm longer than the height. The width of double copies starts from160 and ends with 200 cm, single beds - from 80 to 120 cm.
  2. Shape. Round and oval beds look outrageous. Only whether you need to surprise someone with your bed is up to you. The only disadvantage of this option is that everything from sheets to bedspreads, you have to order in the studio. Bed linen of this form is not on sale.
  3. Frame. It is believed that models on supporting backs are much better than on legs.
  4. Material. Here financial opportunities decide for you. The most expensive samples will be wooden and metal. Cheaper you can buy beds made of MDF, chipboard and fiberboard.
  5. Foundation. The manufacturer can offer lamellas, solid sheets, metal meshes or springs. Experts say that you can choose only the first option. Everything else is short-lived and inconvenient.
  6. Manufacturers of lift beds position these products as the best available. However, such models are simply convenient indoors and provide the owner with about 3.5 m2 of storage space. Samples with or without drawers do not have this advantage.
  7. The presence of a headboard. Such options should be chosen if the bed is not close to anything. Otherwise, you can decorate a wall imitating a headboard with any available material.
Bed "Milana"

Ranking of bed manufacturers

Of course, when planning a place for rest and sleep in their home, each family roughly imagineswhat she wants. Not the last role is played by financial opportunities. Usually, the majority of Russian buyers rely on this fact. Professionals, on the other hand, know exactly what is needed for sleep, so their rating of bed manufacturers is as follows:

  • In first place is Askona with a rating of 4, 9 points out of five possible.
  • The specialists gave the second place to Ormatek beds with the number 4, 8 points.
  • Third place was shared by Hoff, Perrino and Rayton with 4.7 points each.
  • In fourth place are Toris beds with 4.6 points.
  • The fifth place was given to the manufacturer "Borovichi-Mebel", marking it with 4.5 points.
  • The sixth place belongs to the beds "Sonya" of the company "Mebelgrad" with a rating of 4, 1 points.


This is undoubtedly the best bed manufacturer in Russia. The company's facilities are located in Kovrov and Novosibirsk. Since 2010, the company has been part of the Swedish concern Hilding Anders Group and supplies goods to a number of European and Asian countries. However, the cost of most of their samples is quite high and not accessible to everyone. Let's find out what this brand offers to Russian citizens.

The base of the beds are birch slats, which are covered with a special moisture-resistant composition. The products of this brand are distinguished by an orthopedic grille, gas shock absorbers, powerful mechanisms for lifting the upper part along with a mattress, which is fixed with special clamps.

Image "Ascona" with rise

Some samples are supplied with removable covers. A feature is the size of the niche.Its length and width are two centimeters larger than a standard mattress, which allows you to calmly deepen the latter into a niche and make bed linen without any problems.

The shape of the bed is divided into single, double and round. Available with and without lift mechanism. Sample sizes start with dimensions of 80x200 cm and end with large beds with dimensions of 200x200 cm. Children, classic, modern and elite are distinguished by style. The soft upholstery of the beds made of eco-leather looks quite beautiful, the headboard is made using the carriage tie technique, and sometimes it is supplemented with large decorative elements in the form of buttons. The products are distinguished by a variety of color schemes, of which more than a hundred are presented.

Particular attention should be paid to the transformer bed Askona model Ergomotion.

Askona Model Ergomotion

It is able to change the angle of inclination, and you can control it through your smartphone. This sample can no longer be called just a bed, since it is a whole system for resting the body. The Relax mode, the Anti-snoring system, the ability to turn on the massage function with different intensities in the head and legs area provide relaxation for tense muscles, and the tilt of the bed allows you to take a position that prevents snoring.

The advantages of this manufacturer include the use of natural materials in the base and frame, as well as the presence of an orthopedic mattress in the kit. However, some consumers complain about the unpleasant smell coming from artificial materials.


Productsof this brand is produced in Ivanovo. Since 2015, the company has been a partner of the US mattress manufacturer Tempur Sealy International Inc. The range of goods is formed based on the needs of customers, which are quite wide today. "Ormatek" can offer beds from 10 to 300 thousand rubles and more. The most expensive samples are, like the previous manufacturer, systems for rest, which are called beds with superpowers.

Bed "Ormatek"

There are also a great many options. There are children's, single and double samples, beds with a lifting mechanism and without it. A separate place on the site is occupied by forged and wooden products made of solid wood. Experts call an advantage a wide range of accessories, which allows not only to purchase a sample for sleeping, but also to completely fill the bedroom with suitable furniture.

It should be noted that, unlike most of the bed manufacturers included in the rating, Ormatek does not include a mattress in addition to furniture and does not insist on purchasing it. The advantages of the goods of this brand include high-quality assembly, which eliminates gaps and squeaks.


The products of this brand are rightfully located on the third line of the rating of bed manufacturers, since it also offers the arrangement of the entire bedroom at once and uses many original design solutions. We can say that the range is quite wide, ranging from children's models, separately sold frames, to double options with lifting mechanisms.worth up to 200 thousand rubles.

From the reviews posted on the Web, it follows that Hoff beds are, of course, quality products. However, problems with a complete set, when they can bring you, for example, a lifting mechanism from another product, unsettles customers. Many do not recommend contacting this company also because there are real supply problems. The buyer may be called by the company's employees and informed that the bed will not be delivered to him at all or it is necessary to wait for a long time, since the delivery of this model is postponed indefinitely.


The beds of this manufacturer are distinguished by their simplicity of design, high-quality fittings, natural materials and a long-term guarantee provided by the supplier. The brand is considered one of the Russian leaders in the production of orthopedic products. Components are not only domestic materials, but also spare parts from Belgium, Holland and Germany. This manufacturer produces both budget sleeping systems and separate beds. In general, the cost of this furniture attracts customers. Also pleases the color scheme from pale and calm tones to bright and defiant. The advantage of buyers is the delivery of the mattress in the kit, as well as the possibility of removing the cover from the product in order to wash or replace it with a new one. Consumers pay special attention to the competent work of consultants and their polite treatment. However, again, there are problems with delivery, which causes a wave of indignation from customers and a lot of justified claims.

Bed Perrino


Another brand of quality domestic goods, ranked third only because of complaints about the service. Otherwise, she could rise in the ranking of manufacturers one line higher, bypassing Perrino and Hoff. Beds "Rayton" are presented in 14 sizes, they are particularly reliable and comfortable. In addition to standard sleeping places, sleeping systems are offered. The upholstery of products is made out both with eco-leather and furniture fabric. Most of the models have a reinforced metal grill, in large models equipped with four gas lifts.

The covers are removable and the bottom parts of the lift beds can be pulled apart for cleaning. A feature of the samples is the ability to choose the style that suits you. The Sonata, Woodstone, Garda, Accord, Milena series and the Otto option for children are popular. The company positions itself as a manufacturer that uses environmentally friendly materials and produces, in addition to beds, a lot of accessories for sleeping and relaxing. And finally, the excellent value for money wins you over and makes you forget about the small annoyances associated with delivery or waiting for an order.


Bed "Toris"

The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by Toris beds. A feature of the production is the manufacture of samples from a solid array, which ensures the product's environmental friendliness and durability. Many advantages that unite all instances are described on the official website. The most important are the following;

  1. Practical. Beds"Toris" in comparison with competitive products made of fiberboard, chipboard or MDF, are more durable and reliable, which increases their service life.
  2. The positive energy provided by beech, pine, oak and birch is good for the emotional and physical he alth of a person.
  3. The aesthetics of the product is manifested by the original texture of the tree.
  4. The absence of sharp corners ensures safety for both children and adults.
  5. Birch glued lamellas allow you to evenly distribute the load and circulate air.
  6. Shock absorbers are used exclusively elastic, which increases the orthopedic effect and prevents the bed from creaking.
  7. The lifting mechanism allows for a few extra square meters of storage, and the sturdy handle makes it easy to move the structure.
  8. Excellent ventilation effect is achieved by the vent hole in the base plate, and support washers prevent damage to the bed.

The manufacturer produces products for any wallet. A budget option can be called the Evita series. Models from the Atria and Vega collections have proven themselves well. There are also bunk beds for children made of natural materials at an attractive price. Many models are made of solid wood. There are also affordable samples of oak and beech veneer. The company offers options for single beds both without drawers and with the ability to complete the furniture with spacious storage spaces. To the advantages of the manufacturercan be attributed to the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses, perfectly suited to any bed model and providing quality and he althy sleep complete with the product.


Russian company, whose production facilities are located in the Novgorod region, offers products from high-quality laminated chipboard. To say that this is a budget option for furniture is not enough. This is a very profitable purchase that will absolutely not harm your wallet. The most expensive model costs a little less than 25 thousand rubles. The company produces single, double and even triple beds, when the bunk bed "Borovichi-Mebel" becomes a transformer, and one more bed extends from the first tier. There is an attractive option for preschool children, where the bed is located at a height of 110 cm above the floor, and the space between is provided for games and is designed in the form of a toy house with windows. An excellent example is a bed for adults, which takes the size of a single model, but with a pull-out place for another person.

In general, the products are reliable, for the most part quite conservative and strict. There are no frills, all the details are to the point. The models do not have much chic and gloss. Most of the samples are designed in a minimalist style. The manufacturer himself claims, and most buyers agree that the purchase of furniture from this brand is a win-win option. If you want to sleep on a reliable, modern, practical and durable bed, and allocate a tidy sum from the family budget toAt the moment it is not possible, then the company "Borovichi-Mebel" will help you solve the problem.


Bed "Sonya"

Inexpensive products of the Russian company "Mebelgrad" made of natural materials with a large number of color schemes - this is what the layman who is short of money today needs. However, it was the Sonya line, intended for children, that got into the rating. It is represented by several bed options, ranging from samples for two-year-old babies, where there are bumpers around the entire perimeter of the product. The manufacturer guarantees natural materials, namely solid pine or birch, covered with water-based varnish. Despite the fact that the furniture is made in Russia, the process is completely entrusted to Italian and German equipment. The Sonya bed with drawers is popular with buyers.

The manufacturer offers the following assembly options for this popular model:

  1. "Sonya" for kids from two years old. The principle of the bed is an ottoman. There are two versions: with perimeter protection, when the child can go down only in one place, and with protection in the center, when three sides have solid sides, and on the fourth it is located in the middle, giving the child two exit options. An optional attribute, but possible as additional storage space, two hinged drawers are offered. The cost of the bed is about 10 thousand rubles. And it's worth it, because, having bought a few modules, with the growing up of the child, you can turn it into a bed -attic, and into the usual single version, removing all unnecessary parts. It can be perfectly transformed with the purchase of additional parts into a bunk version, and from it into two single beds. Perhaps this is the dream of mothers who are planning to increase the family in the near future or are already expecting a second child.
  2. Sonya loft bed. It can be purchased within 15 thousand rubles. This is exactly the option that is again being transformed. However, his parents choose for kids aged 4-5 years. The space between the floor and the bed turns into a playhouse with a ceiling of 120 cm. A vertical staircase leads up to the bed. In addition to the bed, accessories in the color of the furniture are offered: pillows, hanging pockets for the child’s personal belongings, walls for decorating the house and a door to it.
  3. The bunk model "Sonya" costs about 20 thousand rubles and can also be transformed into two single independent beds.

Thus, choosing furniture for sleeping is easy. The range of Russian manufacturers is so wide that you just need to study the reviews on the Web and visit the bed store of your favorite brand.

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