Cantilever mount: design, description, assembly order

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Cantilever mount: design, description, assembly order
Cantilever mount: design, description, assembly order

Arrangement of comfortable housing requires certain knowledge and skills. The cozy atmosphere in a house or apartment largely depends on what points the owner focused on. Often, if you want to make living areas spacious and organizationally convenient, many people use cantilever fasteners in practice. Let's talk more about him.

What is a cantilever mount?

Console is a reliable type of fastener for various furnishings in rooms of any size. The console mount allows you to create a reliable structure that supports quite weighty communication and design solutions.

What is fixed with cantilever brackets?

Cantilever brackets designed for mounting:

  • wall shelves;
  • various wall cabinets;
  • lamps;
  • plumbing;
  • bathroom furnishings;
  • electric communications;
  • air ducts;
  • pipeline sections;
  • ventilation systems andconditioning.

In each case, a certain type of fastener is used, which differs in design, assembly and installation scheme.

Benefits of cantilever mounting

The main advantages of cantilever structures include the following criteria:

  • versatility;
  • reliability;
  • bearing capacity;
  • multiple varieties;
  • quality performance;
  • durability.

Disadvantages of console designs

Cantilever brackets, despite their simple design, require some experience on the part of the installer during installation. With the right choice of fasteners, there are no difficulties with the installation of fasteners.

Type of attachment cantilever - varieties

When choosing a cantilever fastener, you should be guided by the following classification:

  • appointment - fastening for shelves, sinks, wires, lamps, utilities;
  • type of load - allowable weight categories;
  • construction - hidden, outdoor;
  • style - classic, decoration;
  • material - metal, wood, plastic;
  • mounting method - wall, ceiling, floor.

Visual examples of consoles and a description of their installation are given below.

Installation of fixtures

A wide variety of lighting design solutions is primarily associated with a variety of different mounting options for fixtures. Mounting brackets for console luminaires can be made in any stylesolution.

Thanks to ingenious design developments it was possible:

  • filling domestic and residential premises with universal lighting structures that can be placed in any projection;
  • light homestead, road, parking areas.

Thus, the use of electrical lighting devices has become not only comfortable, but also multi-purpose.

Currently, the console mount of the lamp has the following variations:

  • outdoor - installed in the conditions of outdoor operation of electrical appliances (mounting on poles, stable supports, walls of buildings and structures);
  • internal - mounted indoors (mounting on walls, ceilings, floors, load-bearing partitions and structures).

Modern projections for the installation of outdoor and indoor lighting devices are ambiguous. Supports for fixing the console light can have different designs.

supports for fastening

In the photo below - a wall console for outdoor lamps, which looks like this. Fasteners are reliable and massive, like the street lamp itself.

cantilever mount

Cantilever mounting fixtures on pole supports looks like this. Additional openwork elements decorate and at the same time visually facilitate the construction.

cantilever fixture

Example of wall-mounted console fixtures. Elegant, simple and at the same time original and very practical.

mounting brackets

Sample of ceiling console mounting of lighting fixtures. Additional elements allow you to fix the lighting fixture in one position.

cantilever mounting type

The procedure for assembling the console mount is described in the instructions supplied by the manufacturers with the lights.

Installing shelves

Cantilever mounting of shelves can also be universal. Fasteners can be made in a classic or decorative style. They can be divided into wall, ceiling, wall-ceiling. Stylish solutions are made of metal or wood, divided into angular, straight, arcuate.

See sample shelf brackets below.

cantilevered shelves

This is what the hidden console looks like. Its base is recessed into the shelf itself, thus creating an invisible fastener effect.

cantilever attachment points

Above in the photo - a cantilever mount of a simple type to the wall.

Installation of sinks

An interesting design solution in the arrangement of the bathroom is the installation of consoles under the sink. Sewer drains are hidden during the installation of plumbing. Console-mounted bathroom sinks are designed for spacious rooms. There are pros and cons of such designs.

console-mounted washbasins

The advantages include a stylish appearance, the outdoor console can serve as an additional holder for towels.

To disadvantages -the impossibility of installing interior furniture lockers for personal belongings. The option is more suitable for use in public areas.

Installation of wall-mounted TVs

Speaking about the comfortable arrangement of living quarters, it is impossible not to mention the console-type brackets for flat-panel TVs. Often, variations with a swivel function are used to place TV on the walls.

TV console

Designer console options for a modern TV set come down to a stand option or hanging fixture. These can be classic designs or decorative, made of wood or metal, innovative models.

fixed TV bracket

TV wall mounts can be divided into single or multi-pole, swivel or fixed, angled or horizontal.

Laying cable communications

Console mount for electrical wires allows you to aesthetically lay the wiring in the premises using perforated and non-perforated cable channels. It looks like this.

console for wiring

Cantilever fasteners allow you to create any kind of wall or ceiling communication plexus, is an element that provides structures with reliability even under heavy loads.

Cantilever stairs

Quick assembly technique is so easy to practice that it is used in any segment of the interior design.Very practical and comfortable is such an element as a cantilever staircase. The type-setting design fastens to a wall on the one hand. Solid consoles are designed for a decent weight load.

Cantilever ladders have taken root both on an industrial scale and in home use.

This is how the design version of welded cantilever steps looks like.

cantilever staircase

And this is how the cantilever fastening to the wall of the steps of the stairs looks like. The effect of airiness of the structure as a whole is created.

stairs with hidden fasteners

The cantilever staircase with a central single support also looks interesting. No unnecessary details - strict and practical.

stairs with one console

Recommendations for choosing console mechanisms

Currently, in the arrangement of premises, preference is given to items with a cantilever type of fastener. This article describes only a small part of how the quick mounting system can be used. Console can be tables, and cabinets, and window systems, and balconies, and side cabinets, and original decorative coasters …

  1. When choosing fasteners for individual components of the filling of the premises, one should start first of all from the indicator of the retained mass of the latter. Each console is designed to hold a certain weight category.
  2. When it comes to hanging heavy objects at a certain height, then the best option in this situation is a strong metal structure.
  3. If necessarysuspension of furniture shelves, then massive console designs will be inappropriate here. It is better to give preference to decorative metal or wooden samples with elements of forging, carving.
  4. Console curved or arcuate appropriate for hanging shelves and lamps. But when using them for television equipment, they do not always turn out to be practical and convenient later.
  5. The attachment points of cantilever fasteners must create a strong bond of the structure being held, therefore, when choosing, you should check the quality of the components of the latter.
  6. The high cost of cantilever brackets does not always guarantee high quality. Do not look at the price tag when choosing, focus on the technical and operational characteristics of console structures for furniture, TV, communications.
  7. The cantilever structure consists of fasteners - strips, corners, self-tapping screws, dowels, anchor bolts. Don't buy console kits without quick mounts. If you have an original product in front of you, they are always included in the kit.

Consoles are a form of mobility in the construction and design of modern homes and offices, as well as industrial and public spaces. The versatile and versatile console system creates interesting and unique designs.

From the many options for cantilever fasteners, you should choose a sample for its intended purpose.

  1. When it comes to practicality, discreet options are fine.
  2. If design ideas are a priority,creative exquisite patterns should be preferred.
  3. If the goal is a combination of materials, a selection by the identity of the components and colors is necessary.
  4. If the idea is individualization, the choice can be made in favor of the absolute opposite.


Working with console solutions is exciting and interesting. Once you bring your design ideas to life, taking into account not only the practical side, the ideas will flood over to you.

Summing up, let's not forget to say that the console is selected not only for its purpose, quality, style, compliance with the design solution, but also in terms of the strength of the future bearing main support - the ceiling, the wall.

If the main focus is the floor, then you should pay attention to the mounting consoles for the floor, if the console is intended for the wall, then you should consider what materials it is made of - concrete, brick, wood, crate, foam block. This also applies to ceiling bases, which can be either concrete or plastic or metal. The quick mounting system of consoles must match the quality of the future mounting base.

Here, perhaps, are all the nuances of console-type designs and their variations. Take on board interesting ideas for mounting fixtures, with which you can make your home not only practical, but also very modern and comfortable. A variety of designer consoles will allow you to create a secure home with a twist, emphasize the individuality of the design style.

We hope you found this article usefuland educational.

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