How to assemble an office chair without the help of strangers

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How to assemble an office chair without the help of strangers
How to assemble an office chair without the help of strangers

The workplace should be comfortable, especially if you are constantly in a sitting position. If you do not sit comfortably, then this can significantly affect your he alth. When buying a new office chair, it is often delivered unassembled, packed in a cardboard box. If there is enough free time, we will assemble and adjust the chair ourselves.


Conscientious manufacturers include an instruction sheet for assembling an office chair in each package. But it can be easily lost, or simply not understood in the diagrams and description of the process. Getting to the installation.

We are preparing a place where we will assemble the future executive chair so that all the components are at hand. Carefully unpack the box so as not to damage what is inside. Check if all the parts are in the box:

  • seat;
  • back;
  • cross;
  • armrests;
  • gaslift;
  • rollers;
  • top gun;
  • mounting bolts.

If everything is in place, proceed to the second stage of assembly.


Rollers and gas lift

For those who do not know how to assemble an office chair, we offer detailed instructions:

  • Lay out all the details in front of you.
  • First of all, let's install the rollers on the crosspiece. In most configurations, it is not required to fasten the rollers with screws. We simply turn the crosspiece over with the convex side down, and push the roller cotter pin into the holes of each of the five beams. Absolutely no tools required. All the wheels are in place, turn them over on the floor.
  • Gaslift is a special cylindrical mechanism filled with gas, which is compressed when a person sits in a chair. Remove the protective plug and simply insert it into the hole in the middle of the cross.
what does a top gun look like

The gas lift should not be completely disassembled, as it is filled with high pressure gas, and its rupture may cause harm and injury.

Seat and top gun

The next step is to connect the seat and the rocking mechanism, which makes the chair soft and supple for the back position. This device regulates how much the backrest will deviate under the influence of weight and at the same time fixes the backrest to the seat. To understand how to assemble an office chair, look at the screws included with the kit.

Typically, there are three types of screws of different lengths:

  • 3 pcs short;
  • 2 pcs medium;
  • 6 pcs long.

Four mounting holes are visible on the bottom of the seat, which means, logically, three short screws do not suit us.We recline two large screws for the armrests, the rest serve as a fastening of the top gun to the seat. The depth of the holes is the same, but the design of the mechanism differs in the device of the front and rear fasteners.

Go to the installation itself:

  1. Turn the seat over with the holes up and apply the top gun so that the holes match.
  2. Using the wrench that is included in each set, we tighten the long screws from the back side, where the back will be, and the middle bolts from the front side.
  3. It is recommended to tighten all four bolts in turn, and then tighten them evenly in the same order.
armrest fasteners

Mounting the backrest and armrests

Let's discuss how to assemble the office chair next. The top gun that we screwed to the seat is an important mechanism, because in addition to adjusting the swing, it serves as a connecting component for the seat, backrest, gas lift and cross. On the back of the chair is an iron bracket with holes. It is he who is attached to the top gun:

  • We take the key and three small bolts from the package.
  • Place the bracket over the flat protrusion on the top gun so that the backrest fasteners are on your side, and tighten the screws.
  • Raise the resulting structure and carefully insert the gas lift into the corresponding hole on the iron mechanism under the seat.

Assembly of the executive chair is almost complete.

To mount the armrests, we take four identical bolts that are left. We find holes for their fastening and completework by attaching them to both sides of the chair.

armchair with headrest

So we assembled our own comfortable office chair. For those who did not know how to assemble an office chair on a mechanism, we assure you that there is nothing complicated here.

In case the model provides for a separately mounted headrest, check in advance whether there are bolts for it, what size, and attach the headrest to the back of the chair. See that the main part of the part moves freely up and down.


Usually armchairs have a standard set consisting of five parts. But the mechanisms and methods of their regulation differ individually, depending on the model. So, we sit in a chair to find out whether it will be comfortable to sit in it, whether the gas compression system works when landing - how much the chair drops under your weight. In a sitting position, we try to spin the chair as quickly as possible until it stops.

We adjust the height of the seat: we sit down and, using the lever under the seat, raise and lower the chair so that the hands placed on the table are at an angle of ninety degrees relative to the position of the body. And the legs should reach the floor with the whole foot. During work, the back should be in an upright position, and at moments of rest, we recline it slightly back so that the muscles and spine can relax.

Correct seat height

You need to focus more on your feelings, on how it is most convenient for you to sit and work at the table. If atlanding and getting up from the chair, it moves behind you - this means a malfunction of the gas cartridge in the mechanism.

Ready for use

Now you know how to assemble an office chair with your own hands. Any person can cope with such a task, and by doing it yourself, you will save money on calling the master.

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