Bunk bed for teenage girls (photo)

Bunk bed for teenage girls (photo)
Bunk bed for teenage girls (photo)

If there are two children in a family, care must be taken that everyone has their own working, sleeping and playing place. In addition, the interior and layout of the room are selected taking into account the tastes of both children. Not the last role is played by the number of cabinets and cabinets - there should be enough storage space for everyone.

Bunk bed for two girls will be a great solution! It will not only improve the living conditions of children, freeing up space, but will also create very comfortable places to relax.

bunk bed for girls

Beds in various styles

Undoubtedly, the selected bed must be combined with the overall interior of the room. Now it is quite easy to maintain one style in a room, as manufacturers are constantly updating the range of furniture for every taste. Children's bunk beds for girls are no exception. So, let's look at the styles in which they can be performed.

  • Ecostyle. This is the most suitable option for a child. Firms that manufacture furniture in this style use only natural materials with natural shades. Thanks to this, a calm, he althy, peaceful atmosphere is created in the room.
  • Romanticism. A very popular style. Teenagers really like it because of the predominance of airy forms, accessories, souvenirs and toys, soft shades. A bunk bed for girls can have round and ornate details.
  • Hi-tech. It has such features as the maximum layout of the room, as well as an abundance of laconic forms. Unlike other styles, beds made in this variation are stacked on top of each other in a strict order.
  • Minimalism. The characteristic of this style can be understood from the name - a minimum of unnecessary details, a maximum of functionality. Thanks to this feature, a large amount of free space prevails here. Great for a nursery as it leaves plenty of room for outdoor play.

Bunk bed functionality

All girls' bunk beds (pictured below) are easily combined with furnishings such as shelving and shelves. Thanks to this, you can save space, which will be very important for children who do not differ in large area.

Built-in beds are another great option. After the children wake up, parents can lift the furniture, thereby freeing up space. This option is also suitable for large families. Part of the room in this case can be equippedas seating areas, separated from each other, for example, by curtains.

The bunk bed for girls has one important advantage - compactness. As already mentioned, families with small apartments need such furniture the most.

An excellent solution would be to purchase a loft bed. It is made in such a way that there is a sleeping place on top, a table or a wardrobe on the bottom. Often in such a bed there is a ladder or steps with shelves.

A metal bed will come in handy if the next ten years it is not planned to expand the room. Therefore, if desired, it can be purchased for a teenage girl. Models made according to the type of chest of drawers are also suitable. The lower part, which will be retractable, has wheels, the upper one is located on strong legs.

bunk bed for teenage girls

Bunk beds can serve as guest beds. This is very convenient when close friends or relatives are always at home.

Triple options are designed for a family with a child living in the same room. Usually there is a double seat at the bottom, and one at the top. Moreover, there are convenient options when the lower part unfolds like a sofa, or there are also drawers for storing things under the bed.

An excellent option would be a transforming bed, as it can be disassembled and assembled. The design is created in such a way that the beds are on top of each other. At the same time, the upper bunk can be detached and can be used separately. This optionwill be suitable if you plan to increase the premises or move to another apartment in the future.

Bunk bed choice

Children's room should be designed depending on the age and gender of the child. The style of the room must match the hobbies of the baby. From a psychological point of view, the walls should be painted in light colors, the bed should match the color scheme, for example, be pink or white.

When buying, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Safety. At a minimum, a bunk bed for girls should be solid and without sharp corners. Children are terribly fond of jumping in their bed, so this question is quite important. If the child is very small, then it is better to prefer a model with a board, otherwise there is a risk of falling out of bed, which is fraught with serious consequences, even death.
  • Age. Bright beds with beautiful curly cutouts or drawings with cartoon characters are suitable for little girls. A teenager needs a more restrained option. Ideally, the latter should be given the right to choose.
  • Functionality. The bed must have drawers. This will save space in the closet. Bedding can be placed under the bed. The advantage of such models is that the penetration of dust into such boxes is almost impossible.
  • Square meters. Often, especially for children, there is not enough space in the room. That is why a bunk bed will help to rationally use all possible space.
bunk bed for two girls

Teen Bunk Bed

Bunk bed for teenage girls is not always suitable. When buying it, you cannot act like with small children, here you will have to discuss everything with the child. At this age, boys and girls become aware of the world, so their own interests appear. Some people like more restrained options for the room, others prefer bright and rich colors. If the girl is bold and active, then a bright rock-style bed may suit her. Often such models are decorated with special fasteners in the form of chains.

Most teenagers like bunk beds for several reasons. Firstly, some, remembering the early years, want to return to the “fairy tale” again, and secondly, such a sleeping place can easily be transformed into a cozy sofa. For parents, this option is the most suitable. Some bed models come with a chest of drawers, cabinet or table, which saves the family budget, and some are equipped with an orthopedic mattress, which also benefits the child's he alth.

children's bunk beds for girls

Bunk bed benefits

The first and most obvious plus is space savings. If there are two children in the family, and the apartment does not allow them to be placed in different rooms, then they can freely sleep in the same room, but in separate beds. If the child is alone, then the first "floor" will become his work, play or place to store things.

Bunk bed for girlsand for boys, often at an early age is a special dream. Even if the funds are not enough, you can wait for sales and fulfill the desire of the child.

bunk beds for girls photo

Disadvantages of a bunk bed

The main disadvantage is the price. It is slightly higher than a regular bed. The disadvantages include the fact that a bunk bed is designed for a certain growth (age category), which is why it will have to be changed in a few years.

Unfortunately, at the moment most of the models are arranged in such a way that the bed is on top, so you should take care that there is a side. Even a teenager can, in a restless sleep, absolutely accidentally fall out of a bed. This should be warned.

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