Built-in closet in the hallway: design photo, dimensions, content

Built-in closet in the hallway: design photo, dimensions, content
Built-in closet in the hallway: design photo, dimensions, content

In the hallway you need a closet or hanger for storing things. Ordinary furniture will be inconvenient due to swing doors blocking the passage. That is why they choose a built-in wardrobe in the hallway, which will allow rational use of the usable area thanks to shelves, baskets, hangers. Read more about this type of furniture in the article.

Pros and cons

Built-in closet in the hallway has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of the pluses, they distinguish:

  • installation in free niches and corners;
  • rational use of space;
  • hiding communications.
built-in wardrobe in the hallway

As can be seen from the reviews, this furniture has almost no drawback. In its design, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Only the sliding door system can be inconvenient. The doors should be pushed aside, revealing the 2nd half of the cabinet.

With such furniture, you can not immediately access the contents. But this problem is solved withproper placement of shelves and clothes. The built-in closet in the hallway is stationary, so it cannot be moved.

Furniture got its name from the fact that it is installed in a wall or a niche. She has no roof, side walls, which reduces the cost of materials. Given the reviews, these designs are functional and help save space. Furniture has several types, from which you can choose the most suitable.


When it is not possible to install a standard wardrobe, you will need a corner built-in wardrobe in the hallway. In form they are:

  1. L-shaped. The furniture includes 2 cabinets that are close to each other, having a total touch point.
  2. Triangular. Furniture is installed in a corner, and also closed with the desired facade.
  3. Trapezoidal. They are like a trapezoid, arranged in shelves on the side. Given the photo, the corner built-in wardrobe in the hallway looks harmonious.

As evidenced by the reviews, the most capacious include triangular and trapezoidal options. For a small room, it is advisable to purchase L-shaped furniture. Judging by the photo, the built-in corner wardrobe in the hallway looks original.

Built in niche

This built-in wardrobe in the hallway is ideal for the hall, where there is a suitable niche. Usually, furniture does not have side shelves, only its facade is visually noticeable, which is also a door. The design allows you to save space in the hallway.

built-in wardrobe in the hallway

Shelves are placedin different order, from bottom to top. These cabinets do not move. But with them you can update the situation. For example, they use photo wallpapers or change the patterns on the doors.

How to choose?

When choosing a built-in wardrobe in the hallway, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Internal filling. The main function of furniture is the safety of shoes, clothes, so you need to choose a design with roomy and spacious departments. Umbrellas, bags, scarves, hats, care products are placed on sliding shelves. It is advisable to choose 2 or 1 sectional furniture. In the first case, things can be decomposed by frequency of wear, season. The 450mm designs have a hanger that slides out, while the 600mm designs have a rod tube.
  2. View of doors. There should be a mirror on the built-in closet in the hallway. Then the owner can look into it before going out. In addition, this detail visually expands the area.
  3. Color. When choosing this parameter, it must be taken into account that darkened shades are able to absorb light energy, and white ones add it. This should be taken into account when choosing wallpaper, other decoration of the hallway.
  4. The presence of angular inserts and illumination from the outside. Structures must be completed with these elements. This will decorate the design of the hallway. Stained glass and sandblasted drawings are relevant. Stained glass prints can be applied throughout the hallway, and sandblasted only in some places.
  5. Height. There are no specific rules for choosing this option. Consideration should be given to personalpreferences and clutter of the room. For narrow halls, you need direct built-in wardrobes in the hallway. A photo of the designs of this furniture allows you to verify its originality. With the geometric organization of the room, it is advisable to choose an angular view with sandblasted and mirrored doors. Corner cabinets are functional and roomy. Such furniture is usually created in an elite or universal design. They differ in the thickness of the chipboard or the presence of a sliding system and the function of adjusting the legs at the bottom.

Taking into account these parameters will allow you to choose the most attractive option. The placed closet will not only decorate the hallway, but also practical furniture where you can put clothes and shoes.

What is the facade made of?

Judging by the photo, the built-in closet in the hallway is original and compact. When buying furniture, you need to consider what material is used in the manufacture. This determines the design parameters. Now in furniture stores you can choose double wardrobes, the facades of which are made of the following materials:

  1. Natural wood. Such models have a luxurious design, they are solid, with a high level of wear resistance. But the price of these structures is high.
  2. LDSP. The degree of security will not appeal to lovers of natural interiors. The material contains a hazardous component - formaldehyde. Edging does not reduce harm to human he alth. If this option is still chosen, then it is advisable to give preference to the Super E class.
  3. MDF with plywood. The first material is used for the manufacture of facades, and the second - for the frame. Soit turns out durable furniture, which will have an average degree of resistance to negative factors. The designs have an attractive appearance, since the material differs in colors and textures. The price of this product is affordable for most people.
built-in wardrobe in the hallway photo

Moving door mechanisms are made from:

  1. Aluminum. Has a good lifespan and is also affordable.
  2. Steel. More durable, but more expensive.

Steel is considered a quality material, but aluminum is aesthetic and silent. The decor of the facades may be different. Designs are decorated with natural rattan and bamboo inserts. The furniture may contain mirrors, stained-glass windows, sandblasting. As you can see from the photo, the built-in wardrobes in the hallway are diverse. Several decor technologies can be combined in the product.


What are the dimensions of the built-in closet in the hallway? For small structures, doors are made 1-1.5 m wide. The maximum is limited by the number of doors. There can be no more than 5. It must be taken into account. That a wide profile with 5 “rails” is installed on the floor, along which rollers fixed on the door roll. The same profile will be on the ceiling.

The depth of the cabinet is different. But the standard parameter is 45-60 cm. To order, they are made in 400-700 mm. In height, the structure can reach the ceiling. Usually they are made within 2,000-2,700 mm. As you can see from the photo, the dimensions of the built-in wardrobes in the hallway may vary slightly. You can order furniturecustomized to fit the room perfectly.

Outerwear compartments

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to the filling of the built-in closet in the hallway. For coats and other long clothes, you need a compartment where hangers will be located. If the width of the structure is 60 cm and above, then a regular crossbar is installed, on which hangers are hooked. It is placed at shoulder level or slightly higher.

sliding wardrobes built-in corner in the hallway photo

If the cabinet width is 45 cm or less, then you should look for retractable cross bars on which hangers are installed parallel to the door. These products are installed slightly above head level. You should raise your hand and hang a hanger. Therefore, a shelf is fixed at this level, and then a bar.

The height of the departments depends on what will be stored there. For raincoats, coats, fur coats, departments of 130-150 cm are needed. For jackets, jackets and other clothes, 90-120 cm is required. If the height is 220 and above, then in one section it will be possible to place 2 compartments for crossbars with hangers. Not a bar is set up, but a pantograph. This is a crossbar with a mechanism that is needed for lifting and lowering. Only then can outerwear be arranged compactly.

How are shoes stored?

What else is inside the built-in closet in the hallway? It should have room for shoes. It is usually located at the bottom. Shelves are considered convenient not from chipboard, but mesh. They will not accumulate dust and dirt, in addition, they are suitable for placing shoes onheels.

Many closets have drawer systems for shoes. Narrow mesh can be fixed in one compartment 2 pcs. They are not very wide and there is some space between them. The gratings can be replaced by tubes or rods at some distance from each other. But the back tube needs to be higher.

The height of the compartments is set based on the number of shoes. Someone needs 2, and others - 5. Furniture can be designed for personal needs. As you can see from the photo, inside the built-in wardrobes in the hallway include the necessary compartments.


An important component of the cabinet are shelves-drawers. In the upper part of the structure - under the ceiling, a compartment is created for storing large, rarely used items. There you can put clothes that are irrelevant in this season. The height of the shelf is 60 cm.

The rest of the free space is filled with shelves and drawers. There you can place hats, bags, mittens, gloves, scarves. You can make a compartment for umbrellas. It is especially required for long cane-type umbrellas. There is one feature related to drawers. The compartment where they are located should be narrower compared to the width of the door. Only in this case, the products will be retractable.

Vacuum cleaner and ironing board

The closet can accommodate an ironing board and a vacuum cleaner. These are two types of equipment that are not so easy to find a place to store. The ironing board can be built-in with fastenings to the walls. But then it will not be possible to transfer the structure to another room. Under the vacuum cleaner can also be suitableoffice.

built-in closet in the hallway


Most wardrobes are durable and stylish designs. When choosing a storage system, people prefer built-in products not only to save space. Another advantage of such furniture is the variety of styles, colors and designs. There is a suitable option for every room.

Types of designs are as follows:

  1. Vinyl doors. The main advantage is considered to be low weight, which ensures simple sliding of the panels during opening. If there is a frame made of aluminum frames and tracks, then the design will have a stylish glossy look.
  2. Mirror doors. This is one of the trendy ones. Such surfaces bring space to the room, visually increase the area, so this furniture is chosen for small rooms.
  3. Door panels for painting. Although there are many color solutions, not all buyers can choose the right option. Then you need to order the product without paint on the door panels. In this case, it will be possible to make the structure complete on its own, taking into account the interior of the room and personal preferences. Doors can have aluminum or steel frames and tracks.
  4. Colorless glass doors. For the manufacture of panels used frosted glass. Usually they have silver frames in white and light green. The doors come in different colors and are framed with silver frames.


Built-in wardrobes are indispensable for a small space, so theyperfect for Khrushchev. With such furniture, you can hide the wrong corners and slanted walls.

sliding wardrobe in the hallway photo built-in dimensions

You need to carefully select the cabinet model. You should not choose the first one that comes across, because sliding and radius structures look great in Khrushchev. And if necessary, you can make the product to order by combining angular, straight and radius parts. It is important to remember about mirrors that visually expand the area.

Installation principles

When installing, it is necessary to prepare the floor. Since built-in cabinets must be installed between the wall and the floor, you must first level the surfaces and determine the size of each. The corner cabinet in the wall has its own subtleties in installation. It can be built-in or cabinet. The second type is in demand. It will save space, which allows you to properly use the space.

Built-in structures can be supplemented with special panels. They are pasted over with different patterns. You can place a mirror in the hallway, which will visually expand the area.

How to choose the right option?

It is advisable to buy cabinets of this type in prepared form or order. If you have sufficient material resources, it is advisable to order a coupe, choose the right material. The best design to make from:

  1. Particleboard using laminate.
  2. Natural wood.

Custom order allows you to choose the desired color, external coating for a mirror or glass, decide onsuitable fittings. The craftsmen will assemble and install the furniture themselves. The advantages lie in getting a closet that is suitable in size and personal preferences. Moreover, the product can be periodically updated by sticking photo wallpapers on it.


To choose the right cabinet model, you need to consider some rules. It is important to remember that over time, the wardrobe will increase. This is especially true for families with children. You should not give up the necessary boxes, shelves. Furniture should be spacious. The ceiling and bottom can be floors and walls that should not be finished with gypsum board. It will be brittle and may not withstand strong pressure.

built-in wardrobe in the hallway dimensions

It is important to consider the pattern of opening the door. There are 2 mechanisms with which you can open the doors. The first one is common. The door is placed in a metal frame and moves on rollers along a special groove. In the second situation, the rollers rotate on the rails.

The first option is unreliable. If the door is long, the roller may come off the track. In addition, movement is impaired due to dust or a foreign object. These grooves must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. During the movement of the roller on the monorail, it is equipped with a device that prevents it from moving off the track. This roller has a special protection against the ingress of unnecessary materials.

Thus, built-in wardrobes will be a great choice for a hallway, especially a small one. There you can clean clothes, shoes, bags and various accessories. Then in the roomthere will always be order.

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