How to remove the drawer from the guides: a short instruction

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How to remove the drawer from the guides: a short instruction
How to remove the drawer from the guides: a short instruction

Modern design furniture is often equipped with telescopic skids. This is a simple design, notable for its convenience and reliability, but, like any mechanism, it can fail. If during operation the part has become unusable, it must be replaced. Here the owner has questions about how to remove the drawer from the rails.

At first glance, this seems incomprehensible, but if you follow the simple instructions below, everything will become very clear. The process itself will take no more than 1-2 minutes. So what is the procedure?

How to remove a drawer

Dismantling order

Before you remove the drawer from the rails, please note that each of them is equipped with the two structural elements indicated. It is necessary to act in the following sequence:

  1. Pull out the drawer as far as possible.
  2. In the window will beYou can see the plastic fasteners. Lower the special "antennae" down, and then pull it towards you so that it comes out.

Before you remove the drawer from the rails, please note that the options for the location of the antennae are different depending on the design: symmetrical or mirrored.

In the first option, gently pull both elements down, in the second case, one "antennae" moves down, the other - up. You can only determine which method is right for you by trial and error.

3. Lowering the "antennae", pull out the drawer. It slides out of the guides effortlessly.

Telescopic slides for drawers

How to reset the drawer to its original position

It's easy to guess how to return the design back. It is only necessary to repeat the sequence of the described dismantling steps in reverse order. Insert the drawer into the skids and push it along the guides until it clicks into place.

As you can see, figuring out how to remove the drawer from the telescopic rails is not so problematic. Simple instructions will always come to the rescue if you are new to repair business and need an express consultation without leaving your home.

Some advantages of telescopic rails

Sometimes problems arise with such designs during operation, but these are just minor flaws compared to the characteristic advantages of telescopic drawer guides. Among the main advantages of retractable systems:

  1. Increasedreliability of this type of boxes compared to mechanical roller systems.
  2. Long service life of structures.
  3. The quality of metal parts made from alloys that are durable. This ensures that the rails do not "twist" under the weight of the drawer.
  4. Easy and quick pull out of the drawer completely or to the desired depth, combined with a secure fixation of the device.
  5. This option is more affordable due to the low cost compared to the analogue - tandem box.
How to remove a drawer from telescopic rails

Knowing how to remove the drawer from the rails and how to easily mount it back, you will not have problems with the operation of telescopic structures. With a simple instruction at hand, consisting of just a few steps, you can dismantle the box yourself and put it back just as easily.

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