Is the whatnot a modern style or a bygone past? Models, advantages and placement tips

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Is the whatnot a modern style or a bygone past? Models, advantages and placement tips
Is the whatnot a modern style or a bygone past? Models, advantages and placement tips

In the article we will talk about what a bookcase is, and we will understand the configuration of the presented part of the interior. The house is peace and comfort, so it is necessary to equip the furniture in it so that warmth and comfort are felt. You can do the interior on your own, it is only important not to overdo it with furniture. A bookcase on wheels can replace huge wardrobes and give aesthetics to a room.


The bookcase first appeared during the Renaissance. But since the 19th century, in France, they began to mass-produce the presented furniture. They were only among we althy Europeans. Used it as a stand for books and small items.

wooden bookcase

The beginning of the twentieth century was a second wind. The whatnot was used in all industries, even in navigation. Until that moment, they were exclusively wooden, but the era changed, and designer metal products appeared. The bookcase is a multi-tiered structure. It consists of horizontal shelves that are interconnected. Such a furniture design in mostno walls.

Modern models

There is never enough space in a small apartment. Therefore, huge cabinets are replaced by whatnots. Pros:

  • space saving;
  • attractiveness;
  • goes harmoniously with any room design;
  • functionality;
  • safe use;
  • fashion addition.

To date, there are a variety of variations. Ranging from angular to rectangular. Whatnots are available:

  • plastic;
  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • glass.

The best and most practical are metal and wooden shelves. They hold up well. Choosing it in the house, you should pay attention to additional boxes and baskets.

Selection and placement

Before going to the store, you need to visually take a closer look at where to put the whatnot. When choosing in a furniture salon, you should consider the colors that your room is filled with. The bookcase should be of medium size, without visible errors and scratches. It is strictly forbidden to buy the first one that comes across. You need to find out what material it is made of, whether it will fit your interior and whether it will withstand the load.

Functional bookcase

It is recommended to place such a furniture structure near the exit or closer to the sofa. You can put it against the wall so that things do not fall on the floor. Do not place near the window, as the bookcase will block the passage to it. Visually inspect the room and imagine where you will be comfortable with it.see.

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