Modern style - what is it in the interior? Photo and description of style features, design rules, photo designs

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Modern style - what is it in the interior? Photo and description of style features, design rules, photo designs
Modern style - what is it in the interior? Photo and description of style features, design rules, photo designs

Modern style is not the easiest interior design solution. If someone wants to save money or prefers rigor, then this direction is definitely not suitable for them. But for whom is all this created? First of all, this style will appeal to such gourmets:

  • true connoisseurs of art;
  • for those who follow the latest fashion trends;
  • lovers of only natural materials.

With the right approach to decorating your home, you can get a real work of art. And, as you know, everything that is done with a soul and looks great is simply priceless!

Historical background

The term "modern" itself is translated as "modern", which implies compliance with fashion trends. And this applies to each specific time period. To those people whothe first time they encounter this term, the word evokes something new, but there is nothing in common in this regard.

That is, if you compare the interior of any room of our days with a century ago, the differences will be striking. Modernity for each era has its own, which is directly related to the Art Nouveau style. This trend first emerged a little over a century ago in Europe. And, characteristically, in each country the Art Nouveau style is reflected in the name:

  • In Austria it is called a secession.
  • Inhabitants of England call it in a simple way - style.
  • Germany also has its own name - Jugendstil.
  • The name Art Nouveau, or New Art, has taken root in France.
  • US residents are no exception, and here the style is referred to as tiffany.
  • Among Italians, an equally interesting name is common - Liberty.

This is a completely unique direction, which has its own followers. At the same time, they tend to avoid repetitions of other styles. Actually, this is how Art Nouveau arose, and it affected not only the interior - the notes of this style are also reflected in architecture, painting, and fashion.

However, the existence of Art Nouveau is not so long - from 1880 to 1914. This is a very small gap, because there are other directions that are already several centuries old. At the same time, in the 20th millennium, the popularity of this style either grew or fell again. But today he is at the peak of popularity.

Style features

Modern style in the interior of an apartment or premises of a private house has always been opposed to classic motifs with straight lines,representing an alternative solution in the field of design. At the same time, many experienced specialists sometimes just get confused, seeing in Art Nouveau the features of art deco or eclecticism. Indeed, if you look closely at today's style, you can see the reflection of other directions. This is precisely the whole complexity. But this does not distort the essence of the whole concept.

Art Nouveau style in the interior of the apartment

Despite some similarities, modern has its own characteristics:

  • Smooth lines. This is the main characteristic feature of this style, which simply cannot have either straight outlines or sharp corners. There is also no room for symmetry.
  • Only natural materials. Plastic and chrome elements are best left to a different style. For the Art Nouveau direction, the use of forged products, colored glass and textiles is relevant, which is confirmed by many photos of the Art Nouveau style in the interior (some of them can be found in this article).
  • Need more wood. Here, the traditions of decorating a home with this material of natural origin are still preserved. Yes, it is expensive, but there is no doubt about durability. Moreover, the use of wood is relevant not only in the form of furniture, other interior elements are also good - doors, windows. More preference is given to beech and oak due to their pronounced structure.
  • Natural naturalness. And in all its splendor. Art Nouveau style is based on natural motifs. Therefore, on wallpaper, paintings, curtains and other decorated surfacesat least one of the representatives of flora or fauna must be present.
  • Stained glass. This is also a mandatory attribute of modernity. They can be located almost anywhere - on the ceiling or walls, windows or doors. And, as you can understand, the cost does not play a special role here, but the more expensive the decor, the more beautiful it is.
  • Forging. These elements can be seen in almost any photo of Art Nouveau in the interior. Due to the characteristics of the metal, it can be given any shape, which will be a great addition to the railing or furniture. At the same time, you can do without this decor, as this is just an addition, and not a prerequisite.

It is also worth noting that modern is mostly relevant for rooms with a large area, because there is where to roam and show your imagination in full force.

Photo Art Nouveau in the interior

Moreover, its implementation will be easier in the absence of internal partitions, and the whole room can be divided into several zones in different ways.


Since the Art Nouveau style involves the presence of predominantly natural materials, therefore, the color scheme of the general environment should be appropriate. At the same time, the shades are always muted. The base is represented by the following colors:

  • beige;
  • silver;
  • bright red;
  • black;
  • yellow;
  • purple (a shade of fuchsia);
  • cream;
  • peach.

Also here you can include all shades of brown - fromcoffee to chocolate. Smoky, pearly notes, including “wet asph alt”, are still relevant. Judging by the photos of apartments in the Art Nouveau style, it reflects the entire living palette that can only be found in nature. At the same time, the task of the color scheme is to contribute to the relaxation of everyone who is inside the room. For this reason, neutral tones play a key role.

However, do not think that such a palette can get boring - bright colors are also used for this. Thanks to this, contrast is created, from which the overall harmony is formed.

Features of Art Nouveau finishes

To implement the Art Nouveau style, one must be prepared not only psychologically, but also financially - after all, quite a lot of expenses are coming. After all, as we know, the materials used here are not cheap:

  • wood of valuable species;
  • natural stone;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • quality textiles.

Wood. It is relevant not only in terms of creating pieces of furniture, it is also a good decor in the form of individual finishing elements. The high cost of this natural material is due not only to valuable varieties, but also to the quality of its processing. In the photo, the modern design using this material looks luxurious.

Features of modern style

Metal. As for the inclusion of this material in the interior, there should be little of it. Otherwise, it can no longer be called modern - as a result, you can get a hellish "mixture" that will only spoil the human psyche. Contentsuch elements only favorably emphasize the elegance of wood and glass. The priority will be forged products with floral motifs.

Textile. You should also be more careful with it - busting is also unacceptable here, as with metal. At the same time, curtains, soft upholstery, including pillows and accessories of compact sizes, should be in tone with the surface of the walls and furniture. Sometimes window drapery can act as a color accent. To do this, choose plain textiles or fabric with a floral pattern.

Glass. It occupies a special place in the formation of the interior of almost any room. This material makes beautiful partitions, good countertops. Based on it, marvelous stained-glass windows are made that look perfect on windows or doors. As with the use of wood, the interior of the Art Nouveau house with glass inclusions has a touch of present-day modernity.


As a rule, in any interior, these surfaces are the background, so their design is carried out in the most simplified form. For painting it is worth choosing a monochromatic range. The same applies to the wallpaper, but the option that contains an unobtrusive floral pattern will do. At the same time, in no case should you save on them in order to preserve the atmosphere of modernity.

A combination of several materials is allowed for this style:

  • underside can be wood paneled;
  • paint the upper part or paste over with wallpaper or cover with textiles.

The main thing is that the walls do not stand out too much! At thatAt the same time, their boring appearance is also out of place. And the presence of floral patterns will only benefit the interior.


If the walls are the interior background of any room that requires uniformity, then the ceiling surface is a real expanse for an experienced designer. There are no more serious restrictions here, and therefore you can use your imagination to the maximum.

Popular style in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries

The implementation of the European Art Nouveau style implies the use of a calm color scheme for the ceiling:

  • white;
  • creamy;
  • dairy;
  • pale green;
  • light blue;
  • pink.

As a rule, the shade of the ceiling and walls can match, which does not spoil the overall harmony. Stained glass inserts, floral stucco, beams will serve as a good addition. And since a sharp transition from the ceiling to the walls should be avoided, cornices will be needed.


There is simply no better material for flooring than wood. At the same time, parquet boards can be laid out traditionally or herringbone, which will be more refined. Figured layout will make an even greater impression - after all, here you can also show your imagination. It can be the outlines of sea waves or flower stems. Instead of parquet, you can use a massive board, in extreme cases, a laminate is suitable. But due to the peculiarities of the Art Nouveau style, linoleum definitely does not correspond to this direction of interior design.

The color of the wood must matchshade of walls and furniture. The best option, which will only win, is one gamut for walls and floor, which will be perceived as a whole. Playing with contrast is also allowed. That is, choose a dark color for the floor, while the walls will differ in light shades.

The use of ceramic tiles, like linoleum, is also out of place here. Excessive severity of the material will do a disservice and only spoil the whole picture. The best choice is stone. And now you can give in a little and instead of natural, which is quite expensive, use an artificial analogue. The latter, by the way, has a good imitation of natural stone.

Interior of different rooms

Giving a modern style to any room is possible only if there is harmony between all the things used. Only in this case the interior will not cause irritation. At the same time, modern is suitable not only for private suburban real estate, but also for non-standard apartment layouts.

Complete harmony

There are several ways to bring the Art Nouveau style into reality in the interior of an apartment or house:

  • Totally recreate the original spirit. This is the most expensive design, because it is necessary to take into account all the details, down to the smallest.
  • Scenery. Here, the emphasis is already on imitation of style through the main elements.
  • Designer choice based on color scheme.

But the most important thing to take into account is the expression of natural motives. After all, it is on thisthe Art Nouveau style is based, without which it would look rather dull and dull.

Living room

The design of this room should create a special atmosphere of calm and friendliness. It is better to cover the walls with neutral tones, for which you can use different options:

  • liquid wallpaper;
  • decorative plaster;
  • paint of matching color;
  • paper wallpaper in calm colors or with unobtrusive ornaments.

Parquet is appropriate for the floor, and the ceiling can be multi-level, on which stained-glass elements are allowed. As a last resort, you can buy a good large chandelier.

The most significant part of the living room is the soft zone of the room. Here it is optimal to place a sofa in the Art Nouveau style and several armchairs, and it is advisable to arrange the furniture a little in a chaotic manner so that there is no noticeable symmetry. The scheme of the Russian letter G is often used.

All wood furniture must be of the same species. A soft carpet of a suitable color will serve as a good addition. But, in addition to it, it makes sense to arrange a number of other elements:

  • floor lamps;
  • sconces or table lamps;
  • paintings or exquisite figurines;
  • glass vases;
  • forged railings.

The presence of a fireplace will make the atmosphere of the room more comfortable. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is worth taking advantage of it.

Modern style kitchen interior

To embody modernity, this room must also be spacious, in general, thisthe main condition for any room. And just for this room it is best to use paint for finishing the surface of the walls. This option will be closest in spirit to modern.

Modern kitchen interior

As for materials for the work area, it is appropriate to use options such as:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • stone.

In this case, the tiles should be chosen in solid colors, and the products themselves should be of medium size. This will create a single harmony without separation into separate fragments. If desired, you can give preference to a stretch ceiling or just cover it with paint.

Do not forget about the doors that are present in almost every kitchen. They can also be decorated with stained-glass windows, choose a different decor for them, or simply paint them in the color of the main background (that is, the walls). If you wish, you can visit a specialized store and find Art Nouveau doors, which will harmoniously complement the overall style of the room.

There are also several options for finishing the bottom:

  • parquet;
  • laminate;
  • self-leveling floor;
  • porcelain tile.

In the latter case, you can achieve the look of natural stone or wood. It is desirable to have a headset with soft lines or floral ornaments in the kitchen. Glass inserts will be very useful and emphasize the sophistication of the interior image. The dining table can be the same shade as the floor, but a contrasting option is allowed. It is rational to arrange chairs around it with softupholstery.

But what can decorate the interior of the kitchen? It is worth looking at glass or porcelain dishes. Sofa cushions, fruits and flowers will also be appropriate. The main thing here is not to overdo it - too much decor is not good. Curtains should be a few shades darker than the walls.


Looking at this room, you involuntarily wonder: what style? Modern, classic, retro, country, art deco? There are oriental motifs and marine themes, Provence. You can guess endlessly, but still, even this room also deserves to give it a modern charm.

"Wet" areas should preferably be finished with ceramic tiles or laid out with mosaics. Only their shade should be a couple of tones darker than the main background. Other areas can be painted or plastered.

Modern bathroom interior

For the bathroom, a self-leveling floor containing an ornate pattern will be relevant. But here it is appropriate to use ceramic tiles. In fantasy, one should not limit oneself here either - you can form an exquisite ornament, the main thing is to keep the lines smooth.

Now about the furniture - it should be the same color as the floor and better from one set. The abundance of glass and smooth lines will only be held in high esteem. Bathtubs, sinks, and other plumbing items should not have right angles.


How can you avoid this room where we spend most of our time. And the Art Nouveau style is the very direction in design that is morejust right for this room. Moreover, it will take quite a bit of effort to maintain an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility:

  • Pick up two basic tones.
  • Choose a few dainty accessories to go with the space.
  • Create diffuse lighting.

As you can see, everything is much simpler here than in other rooms. Walls can be painted, plastered or wallpapered. Dark-colored parquet is suitable for the floor, and the ceiling should be left as simple as possible.

The choice of bed should be approached thoroughly - a luxurious headboard made of wood at the price of the breed. Close to place a few bedside tables with legs. Like a bed, a wardrobe should be chosen consciously - let it be a massive structure or even a wardrobe with stained glass doors.

The shade of the accessories should match the color of the vertical and horizontal surfaces. The main thing at the same time is to observe the principle of minimalism.


Modern style is a special atmosphere that is close to romance and will appeal to all lovers of modern aristocracy of the new millennium. It combines sophistication with simplicity. And, most likely, it is precisely for this reason that the Art Nouveau style is once again attracting the attention of professional designers.

Art Nouveau house interior

The only drawback is that not everyone can afford to plunge into this special atmosphere of comfort, coziness, we alth and moderate luxury. And the whole point is the need for a large space and the use of onlynatural materials of high quality, which cost accordingly. Not everyone will have such funds.

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