Loft style in modern apartments

Loft style in modern apartments
Loft style in modern apartments

Loft style began to emerge in the 60s of the last century, Andy Warhol became its founder. Since then, this style began to spread rapidly, to this day, many give it their preference. Translated into Russian, loft means an attic, this word refers to premises that have been converted from public halls of various enterprises into living rooms.

Loft style

The loft style is characterized by an open layout, the rooms should be spacious and bright, this is due to the correct arrangement of furniture. The right texture of the floor and walls can give additional space to the room. A special difference of this style is the presence of various elements of the long-forgotten past and the modern present. It may contain ceiling beams, brickwork, stairs and cast iron columns. To create a loft style in an apartment, experienced designers usually use glass andsteel. In ancient rooms, cast iron and wood have to be used as the main material.

The main principle in this style is to correctly combine the old and the new.

Color scheme varies from monochrome to bright and multi-colored. In the first case, interior designers offer a black and white palette: light walls, checkered floor tiles, black and white photographs. If the customer chooses bright colors, the designer can offer the following design: multi-colored walls and accessories in the spirit of pop art. Functional zones are highlighted in open space with the help of color.

Loft style apartment

Today, the loft style in the interior is designed in such a way that when entering the room, all the apartments were visible. The room begins with the kitchen, mostly always partitioned off by the bar counter. Zones are separated using the texture and color of the walls. Loft-style apartments cannot be partitioned or split, portable partitions or double-sided shelving can be used. Often glass blocks serve as windows.

The loft style uses a minimum of furniture, it is always ultra-modern and stylish. Armchairs are chosen roomy, but huge sofas consist of parts that are easily transformed. Smooth tables, amazingly shaped carpets, gigantic plasma are the essential attributes of this style. Loft-style windows are prone to clarity and rigor of forms. They are mainly decorated with roller blinds or wooden plank blinds.

If you dream of a loft style and are still content with wallpapers onwall, then you should first get rid of them. If at least one of the walls turns out to be brick, then you can consider that you are incredibly lucky. The wall needs to be cleaned of everything and brought to its original form. If there is no such wall, then you can simulate it. In the store you need to purchase a facing brick and lay out artificial masonry from it. One such wall will be enough. She will play the role of the main focus. To emphasize it, the adjacent wall can be made perfectly flat.

Loft-style apartment

A concrete wall will look no less impressive than brickwork. It is best to paint it in gray. Bright colors are not prohibited, but then you will have to choose furniture in colder shades. You should forget about rugs, laminate and rugs and replace them with aged, thick wooden boards. If the bare floor does not please you, then you can purchase an urban-style rug, for example, in the form of a "pedestrian zebra".

Quite often, the loft style is used when transforming an office space into a residential one, but with a skillful approach, it can be used in modern apartments and modest country houses.

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