The best double beds: types of models, rating and reviews

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The best double beds: types of models, rating and reviews
The best double beds: types of models, rating and reviews

All people need rest. That is why mankind invented beds. Today would not be possible without them. However, they come in different shapes and sizes. They can be decorated with forging elements and various special patterns. Also, the beds are different in size and modifications. Now there are three main types of beds: single, one and a half and double. Everyone will be able to choose any model to their taste. But the best beds are double beds, as they are roomy. Such models are an excellent choice for those people who love a comfortable sleep.

double bed

Bed options and shapes

There are certain parameters by which beds are produced. This is European - in meters and English - in measures. The English style of beds is quite rare.

Standards by which designers work:

  1. International accepted width is 140 cm or 55 inches.
  2. Bed must be 180 cm or 6 feet long.
  3. Typical height is 57 cm or 2 feet.

When choosing furniture abroad, you should considerthat foreign sizes do not comply with CIS standards. Product width measurement is in inches, length and height in feet. There are foreign sites that convert the value to cm for easy determination of product parameters. Therefore, do not be afraid of parameters unknown to you.

Bed made of timber

How to choose a good double bed? This question was asked by more than one person. After all, even a slight difference in size is noticeable. According to reviews, beds are very comfortable, the length of which is from 180 cm to 2 meters. The same applies to the width of the product. However, such parameters can confuse any buyer. Therefore, before buying, you should take measurements of your room.

Given the future design of the bedroom, you need to choose the right size bed. Since it is very difficult to calculate by eye, the minimum length should be considered the height of a person.

Double bed materials

Raw materials for making furniture can be different - from metal to wood. This raises a new question: "Which double bed is better to choose for operation." In reviews, it is often advised to focus on the interior of the room. However, among a large assortment, only designers can easily choose the right model. What to do?

original double bed

Based on different criteria, you can choose both classic and modern style. Some factors will help determine the right material:

  • total loading weight per bed;
  • travel frequency;
  • appearancerooms.

That is, you should not choose the best double bed, focusing only on its beauty. It is also important not to forget about the functionality of the product and mattresses.

Beds are mainly made from the following materials:

  • chipboard;
  • array;
  • plywood;
  • metal.

Each material has both its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when choosing, you need to take into account the quality of the product, the design of the room, your own preferences and the characteristics of the material provided. Currently considered the best double beds from the array. They are comfortable, durable and well suited to different interiors. This type of frame is designed for heavy loads. Occasionally, a mattress made of coconut fiber is included. But it is worth remembering that such a bed will not fit high-tech, grunge and empire styles. An ideal option for such interiors would be a metal openwork and a frame.

metal carcass

Color for any interior

Need to think about what color bed you want and what it will be combined with. There are several color options available. Consider the most popular:

  1. The first option is the contrast with the walls. If the bed is different from the color of the walls, the room will look more dynamic.
  2. The second option is to match the walls. Thanks to this, the room will appear visually larger, wider than it really is.
Double wide bed

White color is considered traditional for the bedroom, itrelaxes, provides good rest and sleep. Such a bed will perfectly fit into both light and darker colors of the interior. According to reviews, a big plus is that it does not fade in the sun. The downside is the need for frequent washing of the product.

If the bed will be exposed to frequent pollution or stand on the sunny side, you should choose a different color. For example, colors are in demand: sea coral, burgundy and gray-blue. When choosing furniture, consultants will help and suggest what it is desirable to choose in a given situation.

Double bed models

There are a lot of options for forms. Beds are very popular these days:

  • with interior curve;
  • round;
  • with arched mattresses.

Also, thanks to modern technology, it will be possible to make a bed of the most extraordinary shape to order.

Matress materials

For those who value their sleep, it is important to know which mattress is best for a double bed. It is advisable to pay attention to the type of material from which the product is made. Most mattresses are made from:

  • natural latex;
  • orthofiber;
  • wool;
  • sisal;
  • highly elastic foam;
  • thermal felt;
  • coconut fiber.

Types of mattresses for beds

It is impossible to mark the best option. Each person chooses for himself. But it is important to consider that each model is adapted to different loads. Which mattress is better for a double bed, not everyone knows. But the answer is very simple:you need to choose the one with a smart surface. This type perfectly takes the shape of the human body and does not allow the back to get tired. Do not worry about strong deflection, as the product is very elastic.

Thus, the best mattresses for a double bed, according to doctors, are orthopedic. They completely relax the spine, provide a comfortable sleep.

There are quite a few other mattresses out there. For example, spring. Which is divided into different subgroups. These are mattresses with a system of dependent and independent springs. The difference is that the dependent spring is not considered orthopedic, as it does not have certain characteristics. In addition to spring, there are springless mattresses. They are made from a single filler or multi-layered. Some have anatomical abilities.

Different variations of double beds

When it comes to choosing a bed, you need to think about the fit and build quality. Sometimes couples can't decide which one is right for them. This choice can be made using some simple criteria that will tell you what to look for. The first is the type of bed, the second is the frame, and the third is the mattress.

Bed types are very diverse. The most common and easily accessible is the frame. It is a metal frame with supporting lamellas fixed on it. Next comes the bed with a reinforced frame. In this model, the distance between the lamellas is reduced. The next view is a double sofa bed. This product folds like a folding chair. Has a backrest and two soft armrestssides. Another interesting view is beds with a lifting mechanism. They have a deep internal niche for storing a large number of things. It is usually divided into 2 compartments for organizing sorting.

Beds with lockers

Bed with built-in shelves

Beds come in many shapes. For convenience, cabinets or drawers are also built into them. A good double bed, according to reviews, is distinguished by this particular detail. This solution is designed to save space. Built-in cabinets are very spacious. They can store both bedding and various bedding items.

Transformer beds

This bed option has been designed to free up room space. This type of furniture has a special niche in which the sleeping bed is folded. These beds may have some features. For example, a bed can be put away in a closet, and a sofa can be left in its place. This type is called a wardrobe-bed-sofa transformer. This style of bed is very practical and comfortable.

Polish quality products

Polish-made "Vox" beds are an example of form and style. Great functionality will satisfy any needs of the buyer. Good build quality and eco-friendly material. Very soft and high quality mattresses. A different assortment of both timber and metal bases. There are combined models. They perfectly combine wooden beams and decor in the form of forging. The Vox bed is practical and very sturdy. Every item is excellentapproaches each other. Also important is the large selection of colors of products. Polish beds are suitable for any bedroom interior. Reviews about them are positive.

wooden frame

Customer Feedback & Manufacturer Rating

And yet, which double bed is better? You can learn a lot from customer reviews.

Today, the interior item under study has a different design and modification. To make a choice, you need to study the reviews. With the help of opinions, you can choose a good and high-quality model. Indeed, in their responses, people tell what the bed was made of, what are the service life and build quality. They explain how this or that model differs specifically.

For example, many housewives praise double beds from Ormatek. The buyers were satisfied with the delivery, assembly and quality of the product. All the reviews left about the beds of this company are positive. There are still buyers who recommend the company "Mnogo Mebeli". In the comments, customers wrote about the low price and good quality, about fast and inexpensive delivery. Multifunctionality was also noted.

Based on reviews, the rating of the best manufacturers is:

  1. "Ormatek";
  2. "Ascona";
  3. "Lots of Furniture";
  4. "Costa";
  5. "Vox";
  6. "Blando".

These companies have been producing practical and high-quality furniture for many years. And pick the best double bedwill be labor. Each model is special and original. The huge assortment provides a wide choice according to individual preferences. Creative solutions are perfect for any interior. It remains only to choose the right model and enjoy a comfortable stay at any time of the year.

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