Mattresses "Sonya": reviews and photos

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Mattresses "Sonya": reviews and photos
Mattresses "Sonya": reviews and photos

Reviews of Sonya mattresses will be of interest to consumers who are wondering about the quality of these products. Should the manufacturer be trusted? Why this particular brand deserves attention? In the article you can find reviews of mattresses and photos of such products.

About the manufacturer

When studying reviews of Sonya mattresses, you should get acquainted with their manufacturer. This is Viorina Deko, which is a furniture factory that creates a diverse range of furniture that is purchased by a wide segment of consumers.

Viorina Deko creates bright, modern, unusual and very attractive children's furniture. The category of clients are children who have become too old to continue sleeping in a comfortable cradle. It's time to get a real "adult" bed.

For three-year-olds (it is at this age that children are transferred to another bed), it is important that the bed is cozy and beautiful. Therefore, caring parents not only carefully choose the crib itself, but are also interested in the quality of the mattress. What can you learn from customer reviews about Sonya mattresses?

Sony mattresses customer reviews

Mattresses for children

Viorina Deko creates not only furniture, but also mattresses for cribs. Mattresses "Sonya", according to reviews, consist of two layers of filler:

  • latex coconut coir;
  • periotheca.

Selection of fillers depending on the degree of rigidity is selected taking into account the special requirements that exist in order for the baby's sleep to be correct and he althy.

mattress manufacturer Sonya reviews

Product Features

Judging by the reviews, Sonya mattresses are characterized by the following parameters:

  • height - 6 cm;
  • hardness - medium, hard, versatile hardness;
  • the presence or absence of a spring block;
  • filler - with coconut coir and periotek;
  • cover fabric - calico.

Also, mattresses with a height of 15 cm are also distinguished by similar characteristics.

Medium firm mattress

Polyester properties

According to reviews, mattresses "Sonya" manufacturer Viorina Deko are products whose covers are made of polyester. It is a unique fabric made from polyester fibers that are stacked in layers.

Polyester combines the properties of materials such as wool and cotton. Its main characteristics are indicators of strength and wear resistance, low density and lightness. Therefore, the fabric is able to keep its shape well.

Features of Periotheque

This is a bulky, vertically laid nonwoven fabric. Triplethe complete set helps in instant restoration of a form, providing possibilities of excellent air circulation. Such an important property is noteworthy, since the delicate skin of children requires the use of "breathable" materials.

A periotek mattress will not retain moisture. Therefore, pathogenic bacteria and fungi will not start inside.

Sonya mattresses reviews

Benefits of latex coconut coir

To get acquainted with the products, it is better to study the reviews. Mattresses "Sonya", the photo of which is given in the article, as already mentioned, have coconut coir in their composition. This material is an excellent solution for a he althy and comfortable sleep. It consists of natural coconut fibers.

This filler is purchased on the African continent. The additive of natural latex is purchased in Brazil, where the Givei tree grows. The texture of such material remains elastic and rigid at the same time.

What customers think about Sonya La Palma mattresses

Mattress "Sonya La Palma", according to reviews, is a kind of orthopedic mattresses, which have different rigidity of the sides. The base is represented by an independent spring block. The mattress filler on the side, the rigidity of which is moderate, is 20 mm thick. Next comes the 10 mm thick latex coconut coir.

Types of Sonya La Palma orthopedic mattresses are offered for both children and adults. They provide treatment and prevention of such ailments as osteochondrosis and scoliosis.

Mattress Sonya Ultra Hard

Frameworkmattresses are spring blocks. Between them is a filler. Also provided is a portion of the cushioning fabric - spunbond, non-woven thermally bonded material, the basis of which is polypropylene.

Spunbond has high breathability and density properties. Therefore, its use in the form of covers is common so that the mattress filler does not rub as a result of contact with the springs.

The Sonya La Palma mattress consists of 250 independently arranged springs. Each has a separate fabric case. This method of connection was created in order to keep the spine as high as possible. Silent operation is characteristic of independent springs, as well as complete independence of the bed.

Sonya La Palma single type mattress is designed for body weight up to 120 kg. The stiffness indicators of one side are average. The second side is characterized by a high degree of rigidity. The height of the mattress is 19 cm.


According to scientists, a person's posture to a large extent depends on which bed he sleeps on. Today there is a huge selection of quality mattresses. Among them, the brand "Sonya" should be highlighted. These products are popular among users due to the use of natural materials in the composition of the mattress. The method of connecting the springs in the block is also noteworthy, which allows you to keep the spine in the correct position during sleep with the highest quality.

Sonya brand products are intended not only for children, but also for adults.The maximum weight of a person should not exceed 120 kg. The natural basis of such a product allows the body to breathe, and insects cannot appear inside the mattress. Coconut coir is a material with which such troubles do not happen. The choice of Sonya mattresses is a great option for the whole family!

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