Mattresses "Strong": customer reviews, models, fillers and service life

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Mattresses "Strong": customer reviews, models, fillers and service life
Mattresses "Strong": customer reviews, models, fillers and service life

Good sleep is very important for any person. To be alert, he althy and efficient, you need to get enough sleep. This will help mattresses "Strong", reviews of which confirm their popularity and functionality.

Mattresses "Strong"

Advantages of Strong mattresses

Strong is one of the leading orthopedic mattress companies established in 1998. It differs from competitors in the author's development of models and its own production of components. This makes it possible to provide high quality at an affordable price.

Manufactured products comply with international quality standards, thanks to the use of modern technologies and continuous improvement of production, taking into account the needs of modern society.

Here are the basic principles that the manufacturer adheres to in its work:

  • Use only safe and proven materials.
  • Taking into account the characteristics of certain categories of customers: a linear range of mattresses is represented by models withvarious appearance, degree of rigidity and cost.
  • Carefully check products for defects: the implementation of strict control of manufactured products by specialists.
  • Timely elimination of identified deficiencies.

Reviews of the Strong mattresses prove that the manufacturer works for the consumer and seeks to satisfy a wide variety of requests. The line of the brand is represented by more than 40 models. In addition to cost, they differ in functionality. The most common are universal orthopedic mattresses, but there are also models that can be transformed when the season changes. For buyers on a budget, the "economy" series is intended, which presents inexpensive products of good quality. Those who appreciate the high environmental friendliness of a bed will certainly like models with natural fillers.

Mattress design "Strong"

Selection Tips

In order not to get lost in the wide variety of products presented, you can be guided by reviews of Strong mattresses, as well as general recommendations for choosing:

  1. The best performance of outer textiles is natural and hypoallergenic cotton.
  2. It is optimal to choose a mattress with a natural and not too hard filler. These are latex, coconut flakes and horsehair.
  3. The size should be matched to the bed.
  4. Before buying, you need to decide on the type of product, which can be spring and springless.
  5. Optimum is a medium mattressstiffness.
  6. Each product must be accompanied by a quality passport and a certificate of conformity, where the manufacturer lists all the parameters of the materials used.
  7. When buying, it is important to look at the maximum load the mattress can withstand.
  8. The indicator of a good product is a long warranty period.
  9. Before buying a Strong mattress, you need to carefully measure the bed so that it fits perfectly. With non-standard parameters of the bed, the company will produce a model according to individual sizes to order.
Features of an orthopedic mattress

Ascona Strong

The Ascona Megatrend Strong mattress is very popular with buyers. In reviews of this product, users note good back support, thanks to the symmetrical stiffness of the sides and the unique spring block.

The basis of the mattress is the 3ZONEFLEX spring block, the details of which are made in the shape of an hourglass and made of thickened wire. This allows the product to support the back while gently adjusting to the curves of the sleeper's body. The functional properties of the mattress are complemented by elastic sheets of coconut mixed with sisal.

The product is characterized by:

  • moderate hardness;
  • 20 cm high and 150 kg maximum load;
  • very good degree of comfort;
  • high naturalness and hygiene of materials;
  • independent spring block;
  • three-year warranty.
Mattress"Ascona Strong"

The best option for heavy people

The MegatrendStrong Ascona model is designed for people with significant body weight due to its significant rigidity and reliability. The Russian market is not rich in analogues with such serious support at an affordable cost (about 15 thousand rubles). The mattress, even in conditions of active use, will last a long time, it has good breathability and hypoallergenic properties. The product is covered with a cotton cover made of Belgian jersey with a special antibacterial impregnation.

Judging by the reviews, Ascona Strong mattresses are ideal for people who prefer a hard sleeping surface. Such buyers note the ideal structure of the products and well-hidden springs. Among the shortcomings are the rustling of the mattress when pressed and clinging edges when getting out of bed. In addition, some people are not satisfied with the increased firmness of the mattress, which is uncomfortable for sleeping.

Filling mattresses "Strong"

Extra Strong from "Ami-furniture"

Another popular model is "Extra Strong" by Ami-Furniture. The basis of this anatomical double-sided mattress is the ANTINOISE comfort spring unit in combination with highly resilient polyurethane foam and latex-coconut blend. This model features high springs, two different side stiffnesses and a reversible cover made of innovative fabric. Such a product is optimal for people who prefer to change the level of rigidity,adjusting it to the physical condition, habits and climatic conditions.

Product characterized by:

  • Independent spring block ANTINOISE with two functions: increased elasticity and variable stiffness.
  • Filled with coconut fiber and natural latex on one side, which provides extra rigidity to the mattress. The second side is filled with highly resilient polyurethane foam with a massaging and "stretching" effect for the back.
  • Orthopedic effect - nine comfort zones.
  • Height 24 cm and maximum load 180 kg.

As for the reviews on the "Extra Strong" mattresses from "Ami-furniture", they leave much to be desired. Buyers are generally not satisfied with the quality of products: mattresses creak, become covered with spools after a month of operation and deform at the seams. At the same time, users write about the manufacturer's reluctant response to complaints and unwillingness to return money for defective goods in accordance with the law.

Classic Standard TFK

This model is a popular representative of the budget series of mattresses. Its basis is the PocketSpring spring block, which is covered with a multi-layer bulk stitch. Thermally bonded felt provides insulation of the soft layer from the springs. Along the perimeter, the product is reinforced with a high-density polyurethane box, which has a positive effect on its performance.

Mattress equipped with:

  • independent spring block PosketSpring;
  • felt;
  • polyurethane foam 15mm;
  • reinforced perimeter mattress support system;
  • cotton jacquard impregnated with antibacterial agent.

Reviews of the "Strong TFC" mattress are mostly positive. It is valued for its low cost (about 8 thousand rubles for a single model) and comfortable sensations during sleep. For more convenience, users recommend purchasing a polyurethane mattress pad for it.

Orthopedic mattresses "Strong"

Strong (Lazurit)

Among the elite models, Strong mattresses from the Lazurit trademark with natural coconut filler stand out favorably. They can change the level of comfort depending on weather conditions or physical condition. High rigidity and comfort of the product is complemented by natural coconut linen. Judging by the customer reviews of the mattresses "Strong" ("Lazurit"), they breathe well and withstand heavy loads.

This product has the following characteristics:

  • weight - 34.9 kg;
  • height - 26 cm;
  • high hardness;
  • maximum load - 150 kg;
  • construction - voluminous jersey, double natural coconut fabric, 4D Spring INNOVATION spring block and reinforcement around the perimeter.

The manufacturer recommends turning the product over once every 3 months. The warranty for it is 5 years, and if the mattress is bought complete with a Protect-a-Bed protective cover, then it is doubled. Reviews of "Strong" mattresses from "Lazurit" are ambiguous. Some buyersconsider the declared price for them (about 34 thousand rubles) to be too high, despite the possibility of installment plans. They believe that for that kind of money you can buy a branded foreign counterpart. Other mattress owners have no complaints about the product and consider it to be of high quality, durable and worth the price. In their opinion, this domestic model can adequately compete with well-known foreign manufacturers of mattresses.

Mattress "Strong Lapis Lazuli"


Strong mattresses, reviews of which quite clearly demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages, combine quality and comfort, and a large assortment of models allows customers with any income and requests to choose the right option.

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