Mattresses "Concord": customer reviews about the manufacturer and models

Mattresses "Concord": customer reviews about the manufacturer and models
Mattresses "Concord": customer reviews about the manufacturer and models

Before you buy a place to sleep, you should take into account some features and decide on the choice of a sofa or bed, and in addition to the product, purchase a high-quality mattress. Speaking about sleeping places in the context of this article, I would like to note the Concord mattresses, reviews of which speak eloquently about the quality of these products.

Children's mattress concord reviews

Today, the market for such products includes many offers from domestic and foreign manufacturers. At the same time, the first ones are by no means low-quality, expensive and inconvenient, but quite the opposite - they differ in individual characteristics. We will talk about the products of a not little-known Yekaterinburg company for the production of orthopedic products - Konkord.

Company evolution

The concern was founded in 1997 in Russia, in the vicinity of the city of Yekaterinburg. Initially, it was a workshop with a modest area and a small staff. It was one of the first enterprises in the region to start producing Concord mattresses, the reviews of which, left on the Web by users, were impressive ten years ago and continue to confirm the highmanufacturability and product quality today.

The modern company operates under the name "Concord International", having received the status of one of the leading companies in the Urals and Siberia. The company is distinguished by the presence of a full production cycle under constant control and a ready-made raw material base. The production process at the base includes both the production of spring blocks for inserts and the stitching of fabrics for covers, which ensures a quick turnaround time for finished products - only three days for the manufacture of a mattress.

With the expansion of the company, the range of products has also expanded, with more than 60 models of inserts with orthopedic effect, differing in shape, size, functionality. The quality of products is ensured by the use of reliable foreign components and materials for the manufacture of mattresses.

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As a result of sales growth and development of the company, the market was replenished with the following additions:

  • orthopedic bases;
  • mattress covers;
  • pillows;
  • bedside furniture.

This is an option for a good addition to the interior or textiles for those who want to not only improve the sleeping place, making it comfortable, but also harmonize the bedroom.

Production capacity and range of products

The manufacturing process is by no means laborious, because modern high-tech devices help a person in difficult matters, simplifying work. The innovative idea of ​​the company is a development that has receivedthe name Double Suppot, which means "double support". This is a special system consisting of a spring block, inside of which are rotating upper parts, forcing the sensory areas of the input to be optimized for the weight of the human body. At the same time, the working area of ​​the mattress provides increasing support.

Mattresses Concord customer reviews

This mattress can last much longer than alternatives, and thanks to the high level of resistance provided by the technology, the springs are more resistant to warping.

It should be noted that the company carefully monitors all production processes, ensuring product quality. Any violation of technology leads to the manifestation of marriage. Although this rarely happens, the factory has a special unit for employees who perform the most important role - product quality control.

Distinctive features of Konkord mattresses

The company's product range includes more than 20 types of products, differing in:

  • Design features. Mattresses are spring and springless. The basis of the first consists of Bonnel blocks, which have already experienced the peak of their popularity and are considered as an ordinary classic version, or more popular independent spirals, which are distinguished by the best orthopedic effect. The latter are suitable even for those people who are overweight, and in truth are considered the most durable.
  • Kind of filler. For stuffing use: latex, coconut fiber, polyurethane foam. Latex for mattresses is madefrom high quality natural rubber tree sap. Coconut filler - from coke coir. Strutto - made of synthetic non-woven filler, consisting of polyester fibers interconnected by heat treatment. Polyurethane foam - made of artificial hypoallergenic soft material.
  • Rigidity. The most popular products are "2 in 1", which organically combines two types of filler. Thanks to this, on the one hand the mattress is soft, on the other - more rigid, characterized by elasticity.
  • Size. The buyer has a great opportunity to choose a mattress for a bed of any length, width and design.
  • Concord mattresses model reviews

Species diversity of products

The company offers the buyer to choose exactly the product model from a wide range of products that suits him best, and reviews of Concord mattresses left on the Web by people who have already managed to evaluate the quality of deposits confirm this. Focusing on the preferences of the buyer, the manufacturer has released several models, of which the following lines are among the most popular:

  • Classic;
  • Modern;
  • Ultra;
  • Princess.

Distinctive features of children's mattresses "Concord"

Separately, the company directed its efforts to the production of models of children's deposits, allocated under a separate brand Konkord Angel. Deserved children's mattresses "Concord" customer reviews, forming a positive trend - products are recommended for purchaseand praise in every possible way, despite a significant drawback for a consumer with an average income - the overpriced cost of products.


The latest of the lines and one of the most interesting models developed recently. This is a unique development of the Urals. A three-zone block of springs is hidden inside the mattress cover, which contributes to the maximum relaxation of the muscular system of the resting person. The unique flexibility of the mattress and the special distribution of firmness contribute to a comfortable sleep throughout the night.

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Leaving feedback on Concord mattresses on the Web, buyers note the attractive price of products from the Classic line, which adds to its popularity. The contribution is based on Bonnel spring blocks, which form an integral elastic system. As a material for the manufacture of spring sections, high-carbon wire, which has undergone special heat treatment, is used in production. As a result, the system acquires high strength and adds wear resistance to the product, which has a positive effect on the duration of the operational period.


Mattresses from the Ultra line have similar characteristics. They quickly adapt to the shape of the body, repeating its physiological curves during human sleep. This is facilitated by the main distinguishing feature of the series - the property of springlessness. In this case, the mechanical blocks are replaced with natural filler:

  • coconut fiber;
  • latex;
  • horse hair.

The model of the Concord mattress is positively characterized by customer reviews, who made sure that this product is really "breathable", and the possibility of choosing a model allows you to purchase an insert with the desired level of rigidity: from moderate to medium hard.

Children's mattress concord little angel reviews


Modern mattresses are characterized by an increased degree of comfort, combining this criterion with the possibility of preventing scoliosis, osteochondrosis, sciatica, making the product model the preferred choice. And this fact about Concord mattresses (Yekaterinburg) is confirmed by reviews of satisfied customers, which only reinforces the company's reputation.

Inside the contribution of the Modern model are independently functioning springs, each of which is hidden in a separate fabric cell. The use of this technology allows you to provide a high level of care for the body during rest and sleep.

Customers' opinion on choosing a Concord mattress

As we managed to find out, after analyzing customer reviews of Concord mattresses, the products are reliable and comfortable. The peculiarity of the deposits is a long service life (up to 20 years), which is provided by high-density springs or natural fillers with increased wear resistance. The unique design of the mattress allows you to form a high degree of comfort and ensure the correct position of the spine during rest. Buyers with a special attitude appreciate the possibility of choosing the rigidity and thickness of the product, which they write about in their reviews of Concord Ultra eco foam mattresses.

What is the secret of successa successful sales company?

Orthopedic products of the Ekaterinburg company are fully certified, and the quality of products is confirmed by diplomas of international exhibitions, including the most ambitious project "Euroexpofurniture", which cannot but bribe customers. Throughout the evolution of the brand development, the company has received a lot of feedback, most of which are positive. Thousands of customers of the company have already managed to leave their assessments on the Internet pages - reviews of Concord mattresses. The photo below shows one of the popular mattress options.

Concord mattresses reviews

Those who were actively looking for a he althy, proper sleep, were finally able to exhale calmly by purchasing products of the Concord brand. Quality and comfort have received the highest praise from customers for whom taking care of their he alth and good sleep is in the first place. Some of the buyers report that after several weeks of sleeping on a good mattress, the back pains that bother them are gone, and sleep has returned to normal, becoming even more pleasant.

Children's mattress "Concord Little angel", reviews of which speak for themselves, attracts the attention of most parents in search of a reliable and safe investment for a crib. And "Concord" satisfies the preferences and wishes of the elders in choosing a deposit for the smallest, with an accuracy of hundredths of a percent. Environmental safety and he althy sleep are especially valuable in this case.

The back of even the he althiest person will eventually start to ache if you sleep all the time on a sofa-book, sofa-accordion, roll-out ottoman. Therefore, a full-fledged bed base, together with an orthopedic insert, will provide comfort and relaxation to the back and is worth your attention.

We hope you figured out what Concord mattresses are, and customer reviews of the models will help you choose the option that suits you best and make the right choice. Try not to save on buying a mattress, because sleep and the he alth of the spine are very important in the life of every person.

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