Children's "Anastasia" ("Gandylyan"): assembly instructions, photos and reviews

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Children's "Anastasia" ("Gandylyan"): assembly instructions, photos and reviews
Children's "Anastasia" ("Gandylyan"): assembly instructions, photos and reviews

In the domestic market of manufacturers of baby cots, chests of drawers, wardrobes and other baby care products, the leading place is occupied by the Anastasia Gandylyan factory. This is the most popular baby crib model, combining excellent quality and reasonable price.

"Gandylyan": crib

Product Feature

The bed of domestic production is made of solid beech and is designed for children from birth to three years. It is equipped with an adjustable side panel, which, if necessary, can be removed to move the playpen close to the adult bed. The side parts are insured with protective pads, 2 levels of bed placement are provided. In the bed "Anastasia Gandylyan" with a universal pendulum for swinging there is a box for linen made of high-quality chipboard. For this model, a mattress measuring 120 by 60 cm is suitable.

Product dimensions:

  • The crib is 127 cm long, 70 cm wide and 110 cm high.
  • Pack dimensions are 124 cm, 74 cm and 19 cm.
  • The product together with packaging weighs 38 kg.
  • Total packing volume is 0.175m3.

Distinguishing Features

The design feature of the baby crib "Anastasia Gandylyan" is a universal pendulum mechanism that provides soft rocking of the baby's crib in the longitudinal direction (from head to legs) and transverse (from left to right and vice versa). The desired direction can be set when assembling the product.

An elegant piece of furniture will organically fit into the interior of a children's room and provide comfort and restful sleep for her little owner or hostess.

Baby bed "Gandylyan Anastasia"

Crib Benefits

The advantages of the Anastasia Gandylyan model are:

  1. The unique pendulum mechanism sets the crib in motion with even a slight push. This saves a lot of time for young parents, because now there is no need to constantly rock them - the baby does it himself, moving in the arena. The movements of the pendulum are limited by a finite amplitude (up to 5 cm). If you do not need to rock the crib, you can immobilize it using a special lock. It is also set when the baby is awake.
  2. The body of the crib is made from solid Caucasian beech wood, making it environmentally friendly and durable.
  3. No sharp corners and mirror polished surfaces.
  4. Using a safe clear lacquer to coat baby furniture that is safe for newborns and enhances the stylish texture of beech.
  5. Retractable or removable front wall of the crib - for easier contact with the baby or comfortable co-sleeping with parents.
  6. Installing the bottom of the bed at two levels for the safety of a grown child.
  7. Spacious laundry box, which is made of laminated chipboard and "leaves" with ball guides.
  8. Equipment of the top rails of the crib with non-toxic ABS plastic, which is characterized by elasticity and resistance to various damages.
  9. Cribs are made in eight colors, which makes it possible to choose the option that suits the interior of the children's room.
  10. Easy assembly that you can do yourself, thanks to the clear instructions for the crib "Anastasia Gandylyan", which comes with the kit.
Image"Gandylyan Anastasia": crib

Owner Experiences

Customer reviews of this model speak of the crib as a quality and functional product of adequate cost (about 13 thousand rubles). Users note:

  • Silent operation of the pendulum, set in motion by a light touch, the ability to choose the direction of swing.
  • Elegant design, devoid of unnecessary details. Cribs fit into any interior.
  • Good workmanship: smooth surfaces, no corners or chips, no smell.
  • The presence of silicone pads on the surface of the side walls, which protect the baby from injury and are used as "teeth" when teething.
  • Functional linen drawer located at the bottom of the crib.
Children's bed

On the negative sides

In the reviews about "Anastasia Gandylyan", in addition to the positive, there are a number of negative points. Most often, buyers make the following claims:

  1. The side wall sticks when lowered and overlaps the laundry drawer when lowered. The last point is more of a design feature, not a drawback, and is typical for all models with similar functionality.
  2. Poor quality chipboard from which the laundry box is made. Parents note that its sliding mechanism wears out over time, and the drawer does not slide out well.
  3. Some customers have complained about the poor-quality crib front wall adjustment mechanism, which often jams, warps or even breaks.
  4. Crib owners are often dissatisfied with the complex assembly of "Anastasia Gandylyan". For parents who do not have experience with furniture, the attached instructions are incomprehensible, confusing, and the marks that need to be drilled are hard to see.
  5. For many, the declared cost seems unreasonably high.
Photo of a children's bed "Anastasia Gandylyan"

Alternative options

Gandylyan factory produces baby cribs of various designs in assortment. There are variations with a rocking chair and wheels, for example, "Dashenka", "Charlotte" or "Michelle". They can be either rocked from side to side or rolled on wheels. In total, 20 models are presented in this category.different cost - from 9 to 29 thousand rubles.

Cribs on wheels ("Monika", "Gabriella", "Stefani") are designed to rock the baby by rolling or easily move around the rooms. In addition to budget options, the company offers a luxurious model trimmed with velor and rhinestones, for which you will have to pay about 38 thousand rubles.

There are cribs equipped with only a transverse ("Charlie") or only a longitudinal ("Bianca") pendulum.

In addition to "Anastasia Gandylyan", the linear series with a universal pendulum mechanism includes the models "Vanechka", "Dashenka" and "Polina". All of them are in the same price category and differ only in design.

Connoisseurs of functional furniture that can be used when the child grows up will certainly like transforming beds. The factory has two models of this category - "Betty" and "Teresa". The design can first be used as a bed with a changing table and a chest of drawers for baby things. When the baby grows up, it turns into a standard bed with a chest of drawers for linen. The design of the beds is suitable for both toddlers and older children who prefer stylish and comfortable furniture.

Baby crib


Baby bed "Anastasia Gandylyan" with assembly instructions is a great option for a newborn's first bed. It has a very affordable price, excellent functionality and safety performance. The main advantage of the product is the universal pendulum mechanism, thanks to which the child can rock himself by simply moving slightly,which greatly simplifies the life of young parents.

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