Wardrobe "PAX": reviews, design, photos

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Wardrobe "PAX": reviews, design, photos
Wardrobe "PAX": reviews, design, photos

Many users are wondering about the wonderful system for storing things - the PAX wardrobe. Reviews about this type of furniture will help you choose a wardrobe. Ikea products are a great alternative to spacious Japanese-made cabinets. What are the features of these modular designs? Why do users call these cabinets the perfect storage system?

Great choice

In the reviews of the PAX wardrobe, you can find information that the main advantage of such furniture is the ability to completely independently plan the system of its device inside. Studying the catalog of the company, you can consider the varieties of basic models of PAX wardrobes, reviews of which we study further.

The selected option can be successfully ordered in one of the stores that supply such furniture. Shelves can be installed as needed at a particular time. If needs change, it's easyyou can make adjustments to the internal layout.

Wardrobe "PAX", according to reviews, you can create yourself. There is a virtual constructor for this. So it will be possible to choose the exact dimensions, the color of the facade and each door, arrange the sections to your taste. If there is no time to create such a layout or the program is not too clear, you can always ask for help from the company's specialists.

Design features

Affordable and convenient

Such designs are characterized by affordable cost. Despite the standard appearance of the frame, there is always the possibility of ordering more expensive fittings and cladding. This feature of the product will allow you to get a "rich" interior if necessary.

According to prices, a ready-made wardrobe consisting of two sections will cost 7,700 rubles or more. If the cabinet consists of six sections, the height of which reaches three meters, and natural wood is chosen as the material, then the price can reach up to 62 thousand rubles.

For a big family

Manufacturer's Warranty

A notable feature is the manufacturer's ten-year warranty on all its products. This fact indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of each design.

It doesn't matter what material is used to make the wardrobe. The manufacturer promises to perform warranty service for each model, including in the event of a manufacturing defect on the designer or accessories.

Cabinets withoutdoors

Decorate any design

White PAX wardrobe, according to reviews, looks perfect in any room. It will be an excellent choice for a small room with small dimensions, as well as for a spacious bedroom in a country house.

Due to the fact that the wardrobe has a small depth, it can be successfully placed even in a narrow corridor.

Variety of colors

Due to the impressive choice of colors of the facing surface, you can choose the shade of the material for any interior.

The room looks especially impressive if the wardrobe is white. "PAX Forsand white" is a model that is characterized by lightness of construction. It does not give the room a cluttered look. Therefore, it will effectively fit even in a small room.

snow white model


The PAX Sekken wardrobe, according to reviews, is characterized as a fairly roomy model. It has frosted glass. Thanks to the use of silent sensors by the manufacturer, all mechanisms open without unnecessary sounds.

The wardrobe has compartments for shirts and T-shirts, as well as space for long items and dresses. Assembly of the structure can be successfully completed by at least two people. The product is completed with all necessary fasteners.


The PAX Forsand Vikedal white wardrobe, according to reviews, is combined so that it successfully adapts to the needs of the owner. There is a design program for this purpose.

Useshallow frame will be an ideal solution if the room is small. This design uses hinges in which an integrated door closer is installed. This ensures smooth and silent closing.

If there is a need to supplement the interior space, the Compliment interior elements are used.

With the help of adjustable legs, the unevenness of the surface on which this structure is installed is corrected. To get to the clothes in the second row, simply pull out the clothes rail.

The basket is made of mesh material. Therefore, everything that lies in it is easily visible. But small items will not be able to fall out of the basket. Her cells are quite small.

Shoes can be placed on a special shelf installed at the bottom of the PAX Forsand White wardrobe design, reviews of which are extremely positive.

For the successful assembly of this design, the kit includes all the necessary fasteners. Handles and other accessories can be purchased separately.

Lightweight construction


As mentioned above, a white wardrobe looks especially impressive in the interior. According to reviews, "PAX white Bergsbu" is also characterized by the beauty of design. It has a ten year warranty. If you need to adapt the design to the parameters of your room, it will be convenient to use the design program.

The design of the hinges also uses silent integrated closers, soyou can open the doors completely silently.

To comply with security measures, you will need to mount the structure to the wall, near which the wardrobe will be installed. The model can be ordered on the websites of online stores.

White wardrobe "Pax"


Wardrobe "PAX white Hasvik" white, according to reviews, is made of chipboard, laminate and fiberboard (back wall). The steel material of the clothes rail does not corrode. It has been coated with a phosphate powder coat.

The design uses two sliding doors. The product is decorated with an aluminum bar to give the structure a more effective look.

The shelves are also made of chipboard with laminate. The cover material is plastic. When buying this design, all the necessary fasteners are included in the kit. Additionally, you can order handles and accessories to your taste.

Variety of patterns

All PAX designs can be conditionally divided into categories depending on the way the doors are installed:

  • Swing - such models are well suited for small rooms. They are more expensive than standard models, but much more convenient to use. On such wardrobes, you can place the door on the side from which it is convenient for the owner. Such possibilities are offered thanks to the holes with which each side wall is provided. To mask them, special plugs are used. Doors are fastened with four hinges - two standard and two with a closer.
  • Sliding –using sliding doors. They also save space. The peculiarity of the model is the presence of a mirror design with a choice of the type of mirrors, its shape, engraving and sectional breakdown.
  • Angular - different in design. While standard models are made with beveled doors, the sliding doors of the PAX wardrobe, according to reviews, can be opened completely autonomously. And when there is a need to take something from the outerwear, there is absolutely no need to open the drawer that contains the underwear.

Customer feedback

You can find a lot of positive information about PAX cabinets. The owners of such furniture like the ability of the wardrobe to transform in accordance with the need. Such products are made from high quality material, so they are designed for long service life.

The owners like the property of PAX furniture to save space. If you want to order a model in an "expensive" design, you can choose special fittings for every taste and budget.

A lot of things can be stored in spacious PAX wardrobes. It will fit underwear, and outerwear, and shoes. Therefore, users recommend such designs for any interior. It is possible to select the desired shade.


PAX wardrobes are furniture for which there is a place in every home. The products are suitable for the interior of a small-sized "Khrushchev" and spacious rooms of a private house. White models look especially impressive.They do not make the space heavier, but give it a kind of lightness and weightlessness.

Among these designs, you can choose models with hinged and sliding doors, as well as corner wardrobes. In addition to ordering a finished product, you can take advantage of the virtual designer and create a wardrobe according to individual sizes.

Corner cupboard

When ordering a cabinet, a package of fasteners is always included in the kit. To assemble the structure, you need to involve two people. It is important to take care of safety during subsequent operation, and connect the wardrobe to the wall. Otherwise, a tall and voluminous structure may suddenly fall. However, such requirements apply to all cabinets, regardless of the brand of production.

Choosing PAX furniture in a variety of color options is a great option, as user reviews indicate.

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