Eco-leather bed: customer reviews, manufacturers and description with photo

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Eco-leather bed: customer reviews, manufacturers and description with photo
Eco-leather bed: customer reviews, manufacturers and description with photo

The use of leather products in the interior adds style and elegance to it. Today, a popular material for furniture is eco-leather, which, in terms of its quality characteristics, is close to natural. When choosing an eco-leather bed, customer reviews will help you take into account all the pros and cons of the models in question and choose the best option for yourself.

Photo of eco-leather bed

Material features

Eco-leather is a synthetic substitute for natural expensive leather for furniture. The use of the latest technology has made it visually indistinguishable from the real thing. Also, eco-leather is rich in texture and color palette, and at the same time it is inexpensive. For this reason, buyers often prefer faux leather. This makes it possible to adequately ennoble the interior and spend some money.

The basis of eco-leather is fabric, most often cotton. It is multi-layered processed with polymeric materials and eventually turns into a wonderful furniture upholstery.

Eco-leather bed "Ascona Romano"

The advantages of eco-leather are:

  • anti-static effect;
  • easy cleaning;
  • excellent appearance;
  • preservation of color during operation;
  • no tendency to accumulate dust.

But even such a modern, bright and durable material has its drawbacks. Eco-leather is airtight and does not cope well with thermoregulation. In hot weather, sweat can stick to this upholstery, and in cool temperatures it will be cold to the touch, which gives a feeling of discomfort. Eco-leather is easy to mechanically damage, and it is also prone to deformation from high humidity and direct sunlight.

Athena Bed

Eco-leather for the bed

A good combination of price and quality is the Athena bed made of eco-leather, reviews of which are mostly positive. This model produced by the Nizhny Novgorod Furniture Factory will organically fit into the interior of any modern bedroom thanks to the classic design of the backrest in the form of squares. Its squat design, in addition to stateliness and style, has another advantage - it does not accumulate dust under the mattress. The spacious compartment under the base is lined with fabric for ease of use. The model is equipped with a lifting mechanism and an orthopedic grill, but the mattress will have to be purchased separately.

Bed Benefits:

  • conciseness, practicality and functionality;
  • universal design in three colors: white, milky and dark brown;
  • a reliable base made of modern chipboard and natural timber.

Breviews of the eco-leather bed of this model, users note its beautiful appearance and decent quality characteristics for the offered price (about 22 thousand rubles). Customers also appreciate its functionality: a convenient lifting mechanism and a spacious storage compartment.

Ascona Romano

Eco-leather to create a bed

Another popular manufacturer of beds with an eco-leather headboard, which has a lot of reviews on the Web, is Ascona. The Romano model combines the simplicity of modernity and the traditional clarity of lines. It will appeal to lovers of a constructive approach in everything and to owners of good taste. Thanks to the possibility of selecting upholstery fabrics, this bed will perfectly complete the unique interior of the bedroom. It can be trimmed with arpatek, eco-leather, satin, velor or suede. The package includes a linen box and a frame lifting mechanism. It is possible to order the headboard separately. For a model with a lifting mechanism, it is recommended to purchase a mattress no more than 30 cm high, and if the bed has an anatomical base - no more than 35 cm.

Romano bed is characterized by:

  • Headboard height 109cm
  • Six bed sizes.
  • The presence of a linen box.
  • Lifting mechanism included.
  • 89 color options.
  • 10 year warranty.

Reviews about the Ascona Romano eco-leather bed are quite contradictory. Some buyers are completely satisfied with the price and quality of the product, while others make a number of claims. Amongmost common:

  • poor quality eco-leather;
  • loose plywood sheets at base;
  • chemical smell that doesn't fade for a long time.

All buyers agree on one thing: the bed looks beautiful and stylish, but its cost (about 23 thousand rubles), according to most, is seriously overpriced.

Como-4 from Ormatek

Eco-leather bed "Ormatek"

Ormatek furniture brand positions itself as a manufacturer of premium beds, which are distinguished by:

  • first class design;
  • the possibility of decorating the case with Swarovski crystals;
  • installing headboard and side lights (optional);
  • using eco-leather or furniture fabric for decoration;
  • comfortable headboard shape;
  • lifting mechanism;
  • collapsible base made of resilient birch lamellas;
  • 7 year warranty.

The cost of the model is about 44 thousand rubles. However, judging by the reviews of the Ormatek eco-leather bed, its quality corresponds to the price. The owners note the stunning appearance of the Como-4, high-quality odorless eco-leather, excellent and silent operation of the lifting mechanism, as well as decent seller service.

Corvette 227

Eco-leather bed "Corvette 227"

Among budget models of good quality, one can single out a beautiful and comfortable bed from the domestic Corvette trademark. It costs about 15 thousand rubles andcomes with an orthopedic base. The mattress for this model must be purchased separately.

Product specifications:

  • standard rectangular bed type;
  • 105 cm soft headboard;
  • execution in two colors: white and brown;
  • 1.5 year warranty.

Customer reviews about the eco-leather bed of this brand are quite modest and restrained, although the manufacturer does not initially distinguish it with any special advantages. But for a buyer on a budget, this is a perfectly acceptable option.

Graceful Samoa

Italian Samoa is one of the most refined and elegant white eco-leather beds. Owner reviews confirm this. Its smooth lines and graceful appearance will make the sleeping environment unique. The product is upholstered in premium eco-leather on a cotton basis, and chrome-plated legs are an excellent addition to its appearance.

The bed was not originally equipped with a built-in base, it is best to buy a birch liner from the same company, which is ideal in size.

Item varies in height: headboard is 90 cm, footboard is 34 cm and side is between 34 and 40 cm. Bed is guaranteed for 18 months.

Reviews about the Samoa eco-leather bed are mostly positive. Users like its attractive appearance, the original curve of the sidewalls, massive chrome legs and high-quality eco-leather, on which minor damage remains invisible and does not diverge further. However, at the same timethe owners still consider the cost to be too high.

Amelie by Hoff

Eco-leather bed from "Amelie"

The domestic brand Hoff has released the Amelie collection for customers. Models from this series have a built-in lifting mechanism, short legs and a slightly lowered fit. The shape of the high headrest is similar in appearance to a sofa cushion, it has the same softness and elasticity, which gives a feeling of comfort and excellent back support. The product is completed with the strong orthopedic basis and boxes for linen. The headboard of the bed is trimmed with artificial leather - dust and dirt-repellent, as well as unpretentious care. The frame is made of chipboard, which is a lightweight yet durable option that does not dry out over time and ensures a long product life.

However, reviews of this bed are not very flattering. Although users note the attractive design and large size of the model with spacious storage compartments, they also point out a number of shortcomings. In particular, they are not satisfied with:

  • poor decorative stitch quality;
  • chemical upholstery smell;
  • difficult assembly;
  • loose bolts and head restraint.


Of course, eco-leather, for all its merits, is inferior in quality to genuine leather. Airtightness, poor thermoregulation and a tendency to mechanical damage are not in its favor, but the affordable price covers these shortcomings. The main thing is to choose high-quality cotton-based material. And do it rightthe choice will help reviews of eco-leather beds, in which you can always find the pros and cons of the model you like.

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