Tabletops "Scythian": reviews, review, colors. Furniture factory "Skif"

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Tabletops "Scythian": reviews, review, colors. Furniture factory "Skif"
Tabletops "Scythian": reviews, review, colors. Furniture factory "Skif"

When choosing kitchen furniture, special attention is paid to the quality of the worktop. This detail plays an important role as a work surface. To purchase a wear-resistant, durable coating that does not lose the original attractiveness of the appearance and integrity of the material, read the reviews about the Skif countertops.

Choice of countertop material

When visiting the kitchen, the eye always involuntarily falls on the countertop. Because it, unlike many other designs, is located horizontally.

The tabletop can be made from two types of materials:

  • natural;
  • synthetic.

The first variety is distinguished by high strength, cost and large mass. It is made from stone. Therefore, today it is much more profitable to give preference to imitation of natural material. Modern plastic countertops are of high quality and durability. This is also confirmed in the reviews of the Skif countertops.

Table top in section

Plastic surfaces

Plastic countertops have become popular, primarily because of the affordable cost. And the quality of such material has confirmed the right to exist since the last century.

The furniture market today offers kitchen furniture options in a different price range. This is both economy class and premium. And all of them are equipped with plastic countertops. Having studied the reviews of the Skif countertops, you can also make sure that they are of a high level of quality.

Over the years, the appearance of plastic has undergone significant changes. It has become even better and more durable. Stylish design added to these advantages. The material is unpretentious in care, has an aesthetic and attractive appearance.

Moisture resistant countertops

Main Russian plastic producers

Among domestic manufacturers of plastic countertops, Soyuz and Skif companies deserve special attention. Reviews of countertops from these manufacturers are overwhelmingly positive.

Skif products are extensive current collections that use various decorative elements. Countertops vary in thickness and length.

About the manufacturer

Skif kitchen countertops are produced at a plant located near the northern capital of Russia. Founded at the end of the last century, the company is known as the first manufacturer of these plastic products in the country.

factory logo

The main performance indicators of the enterprise arehigh quality products and attentive attitude to the requirements of customers. Such characteristics allowed the Skif company to become a leader in the domestic market. Today, the factory has modern high-tech equipment, thanks to which the quality of products remains consistently high.

To improve its countertops, the manufacturer adopts the experience of leading foreign companies. "Skif" does not stop there, trying to make them even better and more beautiful. Deliveries of products are carried out both within the country and abroad.

Furniture panels

This product is used as a full-fledged apron. For an attractive appearance, such a plate is lined with plastic. Another name for shields is decorative panels.

Not so long ago, it was customary to make an apron exclusively from tiles. But facing works are labor-intensive and require the services of professionals. This is not economically viable.

The emergence of kitchen shields helped solve this problem. This element can become a design decoration. Since today designers offer a lot of spectacular design options.

The advantages of plastic furniture board are:

  1. Harmonious combination with the color of the countertop.
  2. Sealing the joint between countertop and wall for easy cleaning.
  3. High performance.

Furniture factory "Skif" offers such products in a wide range of sizes and shapes. For studyingsuch products can be viewed in the catalog on the official website of the manufacturer.

Kitchen with furniture board

Variety of shades

Products of the Skif factory are available in matte and glossy finishes. In this palette, you can always find the color that the consumer will like.

Matte countertops are designed to imitate natural materials such as:

  • reed and beech;
  • alder and hevea;
  • cherry and dark douglas;
  • oak and elm root.

A separate collection imitates varieties of natural stone with picturesque names:

  • blue and pink canyon;
  • marble alicante;
  • different tones of onyx;
  • ivory.

Scythian table top gloss is also an imitation of wood species, natural stone and decorative tiles. It looks more dressy than matte and shines in the sun.

Assortment of shades

Imitation oak

Oak tabletop is one of the most common options preferred by customers. It will fit perfectly into the design of the kitchen of any color.

The consumer has a choice of light, medium and dark shades of oak. You can pick up a furniture board of the same color for it.

Quality imitation will last much longer than natural material, as it is characterized by resistance to moisture, strength and reliability. The tree may dry out and crack over time, but this will not happen.with plastic imitation. And in terms of cleaning, artificial material is much more profitable. Simply use a damp cloth to clean it.

Light oak shade

Customer feedback

According to reviews of countertops from the manufacturer "Skif", you can see that consumers rate these products as comfortable, durable, beautiful and of high quality. The manufacturer enjoys a well-deserved reputation for offering excellent products.

Such countertops are resistant to mechanical and thermal effects. They look beautiful in every kitchen. Light-colored countertops give the room lightness. Dark ones are less visible.

Consumers indicate that such a surface is unpretentious in care. And thanks to a well-designed imitation, it is difficult to distinguish artificial material from natural.


Choosing a kitchen design option is a personal matter for every customer. But when it comes to countertops, it is better to give preference to a reliable manufacturer who cares about their conscientious reputation.

The Skif factory is located near St. Petersburg. It is considered the first company in the country to manufacture plastic countertops.

All the variety of colors can be divided into glossy and matte. Among them, high-quality imitation of wood species, stone and decorative tiles is offered.

If the buyer does not have the skills to choose the shade of the countertop, then you can always use the recommendations of professional designers. In addition to the implementation andproduct delivery, the manufacturer also offers such services.

Compared to natural material, artificial countertops are characterized by more affordable cost, less weight and ease of installation. The use of furniture panels, which are also made at the Skif factory, will be an excellent and profitable alternative to a decorative tile apron. Such a panel can be installed independently. It will blend harmoniously with the shade of the countertop.

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