Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian country house interior

Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian country house interior
Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian country house interior

Today, designers use a wide variety of styles in home design. In recent years, the Scandinavian interior of a house or apartment has become very popular. This applies not only to Russians - this style has spread widely throughout the world. This is not surprising - the elegance and sophistication of Scandinavian interiors cannot leave a person indifferent. His desire to fill the house with warmth, comfort and light is close to everyone.

Scandinavian interior

The birth of style

As the name implies, this way of decorating dwellings appeared in Scandinavia - in Norway, Denmark, Sweden. Many experts attribute Finland and Iceland to its creators. All these countries are united by a rather harsh climate and difficult living conditions for humans. With this in mind, everyday life developed, and as a result, the interior of houses. The Scandinavians were influenced by pagan cultures for a long time - hencetheir reverent attitude to nature, natural materials.

Scandinavian style

In the northern climate, where the sun hardly and rarely breaks through thick clouds, people tend to fill their homes with light. Therefore, every Scandinavian interior is an abundance of white: ceilings, walls and floors are painted with it.

Quite often in one, even a small room, there are two or even three windows, which are decorated with light transparent curtains that cannot hold a single ray of sunlight, and sometimes they are not covered with curtains at all.

Scandinavian interior involves the active use of artificial lighting. These are a variety of lamps, sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps. Of course, all this will not replace natural light, but it will help to significantly enliven the interior.

scandinavian house interior


Scandinavian interior is a calm and natural selection of colors. It evokes thoughts of the B altic Sea - different shades of gray sky, cold water, soft, muted colors of the coast, light sand, warm shades of stone and wood. It is warm shades - yellowish, sandy, amber - that are most often used in such an interior. Thanks to this, homes become cozy and sunny.

Against a white background, pieces of furniture or decor made in black look perfect. Against a calm neutral background, color accents often appear, as if a bright gemstone flashes among the sands. However, such stains only emphasize the simplicity of the maininterior scales.

Surface finishing

Scandinavian home interiors are simple. The walls are well plastered and painted. Sometimes one of them is covered with wallpaper. Sometimes brickwork can be seen. The ceiling is white and smooth. This style does not use layered structures. For the floor, a tinted or bleached board is most often used.

Only in a Scandinavian-style kitchen, ceramic or natural stone tiles can be laid on the floor. The use of natural materials - stone, glass, wood, etc. is encouraged. However, modern interiors allow the use of inexpensive, but high-quality artificial materials (for example, plastics) that mimic natural patterns.

kitchen scandinavian interior


Scandinavian interior has historically evolved as the most suitable for rooms with a small area. Accordingly, the furniture here is used minimally so as not to overload the space and save the budget. The Scandinavian interior of small apartments involves the use of multifunctional furniture - console tables, sofa beds. You can put folding models - chairs, armchairs. All furniture is made from solid wood (oak or beech), wicker or peeled veneer. It doesn't have to be exclusive, expensive furnishings, but it should be lightweight legged designs.


This interesting interior looks very strict, but it cannot be called minimalism. The decor (modest and discreet) makes itcozy.

Scandinavian interior should not be overloaded with accessories. Posters in simple thin metal frames or photographs are often used. In addition, objects of applied art are quite often used - napkins of bright colors, pillows and small handmade rugs on the floor, knitted blankets. And of course - live plants.


Textiles are very important for the Scandinavian interior. Fabrics can only be used natural. Most often they are monophonic or with a repeating simple pattern or ornament. Quite often, upholstered furniture, chairs are covered with linen covers.

scandinavian interior of small apartments

Apartment layouts

Scandinavian interior is distinguished by the use of a minimum number of any partitions and interior doors - nothing should block the natural light.

Decorating a country house

Scandinavian country house interiors are simple shapes and lines, free spaces, simplicity of materials, functionality and, of course, a high level of comfort.

This style in the interior of the house makes it easy and natural, because it is based on minimalism. In addition, the use of thin, light and graceful wooden details adds to its airiness.

A distinctive feature of the Scandinavian style is the presence of character traits that are inherent in the peoples of Scandinavia. This is restraint, silence, coldness and even some severity, as well as love for nature.

Scandinavian interiorcountry house allows you today to choose one of its directions - modern or traditional, classic. There is a significant difference between them. This is the use of antique furniture and other attributes of prosperity for the classics, the prevalence of simplicity and functionality in a modern design.

scandinavian country house interior

A country house that fully meets the comfort requirements of a modern person, in the form of a fabulous forest hut - isn't it a miracle?

The dining area is best placed in a glazed patio. The use of wood allows you to create high-quality and environmentally friendly structures.

It is necessary to take into account the terrain in the construction of this facility. Most often, such houses are built one-story, using panoramic windows.

Scandinavians are surprisingly reverent and careful about greenery and the marine theme. Therefore, you can hang pictures depicting the underwater world or a seascape on the walls, plant unpretentious indoor plants in deep spacious containers, and make stools in the form of pretty stumps.

Vertical arrangements of flowers and indoor plants look like "living" paintings. They are fixed on plywood screens.

The interior of a Scandinavian-style home is not complete without bright accents. Homespun textiles, colored pillows or woven carpets will help you with this.

Another characteristic detail of the Scandinavian interior is a fireplace. If it is not possible to build a large one, then you can use its electric imitation.


As mentioned earlier, the Scandinavian interior is characterized by the presence of free space and an abundance of light. Despite the fact that people in Scandinavia are not spoiled by the bright sun, you can rarely find many warm colors in the interiors.

Scandinavian style kitchen interior

The main color of kitchen furniture is white. Moreover, its facades are usually glossy, which reflect light well, thereby increasing the space. To avoid the effect of merging, the countertop of the kitchen set is most often made dark. The white interior of the kitchen looks great. The Scandinavian style in this case involves the use of a black countertop.


Often, kitchens in this style are only the lower modules. Closed tall pencil cases and cabinets are placed in the corners, but the space above the working area remains open.

In addition to the hood, kitchen decor is often placed in this place. The absence of upper cabinets significantly "lightens" the space, retains more light.

The facades themselves are minimalistic, without handles, with subtle or hidden fittings.

In a small kitchen, they often put a small table or bar counter. It should be noted that it was the Scandinavians who were the first to abandon dining tables in small kitchens, while leaving only a wall or window sill counter. It would be appropriate to use bar stools.

The floor is decorated with either tiles or whitewashed board. The first option is preferable, since such a floor can easily withstand high humidity and drops.temperatures. Tiles can be selected white, gray, black, as well as combined - black and white. In the decoration of the kitchen, you can find a brick or its modern imitation. This is especially true for Scandinavian-style urban kitchens. In this case, there is an appeal to the loft style.

As a rule, the kitchen apron (Scandinavian interior) is also white. The most common solution is a tile that imitates brick. In addition, it can be brown or gray facing brick. No less popular is the use of wood panels.

scandinavian bedroom interior

The other walls are painted white. Quite rarely, but still they glue wallpaper with a small pattern on one wall - either the one with a table or a wall with a window.

Bedroom Interior

Scandinavian bedroom interiors require space, not cluttered with heavy furniture and overly lavish d├ęcor. It should be decorated using the most necessary items. But they also usually perform several functions. The bed may have compartments in the body for storing bedding. Ordinary stools or chairs are often used as bedside tables.

In such a bedroom there is no place for items that the owners do not use or do it extremely rarely. Here everything is in the allotted places, but at the same time harmoniously combined into a single whole.

Wallpaper must be used in accordance with the laws of style - to highlight one wall (often behind the head of the bed). Floral motifs should be chosen as the main pattern. They remind me of summersun, warmer.

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