Sofa with "American folding bed" mechanism: advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews

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Sofa with "American folding bed" mechanism: advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews
Sofa with "American folding bed" mechanism: advantages and disadvantages, customer reviews

The "American clamshell" transformation mechanism is popular due to its versatility and attractive appearance. Manufacturers of such beds and sofas produce modern models that are very different from their Soviet counterparts. Consider the modifications in more detail to understand their nuances.

Sofa model with mechanism american folding bed

Design features

Many citizens are familiar with the situation with the lack of free space in the room. The mechanism of transformation of sofas "American folding bed" allows to solve this problem. When folded, such accessories take up a minimum of space, and after unfolding they become very functional.

It is worth noting that the devices in question are often preferred by those users who can afford not to save on space. Convenience and practicality has not yet been canceled. By the way, it would be more correct to call the “American folding bed” mechanism differently - “Belgian bed” (it was inventedspecifically in Belgium). It's just that in the US this trend has developed more actively and with an eye on mass consumption. Many modifications are transformed with the ability to save the top cushions, which are fastened in a special way. Such versions are considered the most practical and convenient.

American folding bed in the design of the sofa


Sofas with the "American folding bed" mechanism were originally created with mesh configurations. The lattice cells could be of different sizes and differ in shape. These elements sagged over time and ceased to fulfill their function. In this regard, most manufacturers have abandoned this solution. Modern designs are created according to the Sedaflex system, which provides for combined options. Plate bases are mounted in the center and head of the bed, and elastic polymer belts are mounted on other parts.

As follows from consumer reviews, they choose the beds in question most often because of the possibility of transformation into minimal sizes, which allows them to be used without problems in small rooms. In addition, such modifications are designed for heavy loads. Can withstand up to 200-250 kilograms. This point should be clarified when choosing the model you like.

American clamshell mechanism


The advantages of the "American clamshell" mechanism include the fact that it can be placed on almost any floor covering. Laminate, parquet and carpet will remain intact, which cannot be said withusing standard retractable sofas. There are multiple variations of the considered design on the market, from which you can choose the model that best suits the individual requirements of the user and the interior of the room.

As already mentioned, modern sofas are mainly equipped with Sedaflex-type plate fittings. It allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble furniture with a couple of simple manipulations. Consumers note the high build quality and increased wear resistance of products. As a rule, the frames of such beds and sofas are made of durable metal, to which orthopedic armor is attached.

Sofa with an American folding bed in the interior

Interesting facts

Mechanism "American clamshell" serves for a long time, while maintaining visual appeal. This is typical, even if the bed is used constantly and by people with a lot of weight. Recently, options such as multi-layer structures with a spring block have been common. The last element is mainly located in the lower part of the structure. On the upper compartments there is a soft layer of special filler. Such mattresses are designed for repeated folding at an angle of up to 180 degrees. Often, the product in question is equipped with an orthopedic top, which is not only comfortable, but also useful to sleep on.

Furniture with plate designs can be used daily. Such models are distinguished by reliable and durable designs that are not subject to mechanical damage and rapid wear.

Original sofa with mechanism american folding bed

Budget editions

In sofas (160 cm) with the "American folding bed" mechanism, elements without metal welded mesh can be used. They are less common than plate counterparts, they are not focused on daily use, they are prone to “sagging” and dents. Many manufacturers have abandoned such designs, given the negative feedback from users and poor technical performance. Commercially available models are called guest models, which are designed to meet friends who decide to stay with you for one or two nights.


Not all mechanisms of the "American clamshell" are provided with orthopedic modifications. In this regard, when buying, you should pay attention to these subtleties. The transformation of such products is carried out without any problems. For this, two elements are provided, which are located under the main parts.

The real action is done by lifting the structure up using the special handle on the front. It just needs to be pulled a little “on itself”. After this operation, the bed (or sofa) is placed on strong metal legs. To extend the life of the fixture, do not make sudden movements, which will avoid damage to structural parts.

American clamshell design

Recommendations for selection

Before buying a mattress with an "American folding bed" mechanism, you must clearly understand the purpose of the device. If a bed or sofa is planneduse only for guests and temporary stay of friends, the budget version of the Sedaflex-12 type is quite suitable.

For daily use, it is better to purchase a version with plate elements that have increased strength and user characteristics. Despite the fact that such furniture will cost more in price, it will last at least seven years.

First you need to measure the room in which the installation of a sleeping device with a kind of "American clamshell" mechanism is supposed to be installed. It will not be superfluous to check the seams and the very surface of the sofa. It is best to ask the sales assistant to demonstrate clearly the capabilities that the purchased product has. In addition, the headset should be in harmony with the existing or planned interior.


The sofa transformation mechanism ("American folding bed") has two types of unfolding. The most popular is the Sedaflex variety, which was mentioned earlier. The second option requires the removal of the upper part of the seat, which occupies a large area of ​​​​the fixture. This version is considered obsolete and is rarely offered anywhere, especially in new modifications.

By design, the considered sleeping beds are of two types, namely:

  1. Direct mount, great for bedrooms and kids' rooms.
  2. Corner version, which is more difficult to install. They are focused on large rooms.

The price of such a bed is relatively low, which is noted by many buyers (from 25,000 rubles).


Today, sofas with an "American folding bed" mechanism are found in many homes. Due to their versatility and efficiency, they are popular with owners of apartments and cottages. Consumers point to the strength and durability of modifications equipped with plate structures. They serve for many years, do not lose their attractiveness and are not subject to dents.

As noted by the owners, rest and sleep on such furniture is a real pleasure. This is especially true for models with an orthopedic mattress. Another argument noted by users in favor of "American folding beds" is the possibility of their use in small spaces. In addition, many modifications are offered on the market, among which any, even the most sophisticated buyer, will be able to choose an option based on their own criteria and design interior. Among the negative points, people note budget models that are not suitable for continuous use. Such versions are only suitable for guests or friends to spend the night with you.

Photo of a sofa with an American folding bed mechanism


A sofa with an "American folding bed" mechanism should have high-quality upholstery if it is intended to be used all the time. You should also consider the presence of pets that can damage the material. There are fabrics on the market that are resistant to pet claws and teeth. The bed in question has a lot of advantages, among which are the compact dimensions of the product, comfortable andwide bed, stylish design, comfort and other advantages.

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