Wall in the bedroom in a modern style: photos, how to choose

Wall in the bedroom in a modern style: photos, how to choose
Wall in the bedroom in a modern style: photos, how to choose

The wall in the bedroom in a modern style is not only a decorative furniture element, but also an object that helps to place a large number of things. As a rule, the walls are made in the same style, they consist of several typesetting cabinets of various types. What walls for the bedroom does modern industry offer today? What type to give preference? How to choose the right bedroom furniture?

wall in the bedroom in a modern style


There are several types of wardrobes that are part of modern bedroom furniture:

  • wardrobe;
  • chest of drawers;
  • bar;
  • racks;
  • regular shelves;
  • special places for video and audio equipment.


  • The wall in the bedroom in a modern style can be assembled from cabinets of various shapes. Corner walls are very popular, whichreminiscent of the letter "G". It is not necessary that all the furniture will be located in the corner. But at least one closet will certainly be a corner one.
  • Straight wall. This is when all items are located along the same line of the wall.
  • Two corner sections. In this case, the furniture will stand with the letter "P". It will have two corner cabinets. As a rule, one of them is used as a wardrobe.
  • Modular bedroom wall in modern style. This is perhaps the most popular type of furniture today. Love for her is explained by the fact that all items can be installed as desired by the owner of the premises. They were especially liked by housewives who love frequent changes, have a rich imagination and often change the design in the apartment.
  • Another version of the wall in the bedroom in a modern style is a slide. This piece of furniture is made of several modules that have different heights, lengths and overall dimensions. Sections in this option can also be changed at your discretion.
  • Mini wall. These are open or closed shelves, bedside tables, as well as small cabinets and drawers. An option that is great for small apartments.
  • modular wall in the bedroom in a modern style

"Modular" improvisation

As noted above, a modular bedroom wall in a modern style with a wardrobe (photo attached) is a real fashion statement. Such a system of furniture fits perfectly into any interior, whether modern or classic. Thanks to the modular system, you can competently and thoughtfully design a bedroompremises. If standard walls had to be installed along one wall, then the modular system expanded the boundaries and made it possible to experiment with design. Now you do not need to follow a certain trajectory. Furniture can be arranged in various projections, separating, highlighting and zoning the space.

Modular bedroom wall in a modern style (the photo shows it) is perfect for a child's room, and for the living room, and even for the kitchen. Furniture, consisting of individual modules, is not a banal set of cabinets. You can choose more original and unusual items. For example, cabinets with niches, carved fronts of chests of drawers, shelves with mirrors, etc. are perfect for the sleeping area.

wall in the bedroom in a modern style with a wardrobe photo

Mini Walls

Unfortunately, not every apartment can boast of a large sleeping area. Just for such premises, beautiful, functional, miniature walls are created in the bedroom in a modern style. Such furniture may include a wardrobe, a small bedside table or chest of drawers, coasters and shelves for books or a TV set. Elements can be of different heights and widths, which is very convenient and allows you to adjust the design.

How to choose and arrange furniture in the bedroom

Of course, the bed is an important element in the design of this room, but the wall is no less significant interior detail. It is important that it necessarily contains wardrobes for storing clothes and bed linen. Perfect for a small sleeping areamini-wall or modular furnishing option. You can order several bedside tables, a couple of shelves and a wardrobe. Modern bedroom furniture allows you to adjust and change the look of the room.

As for color, the white wall is at the peak of popularity. It looks great in the interior, is easy to operate and clean, fits perfectly into any interior of the room. Also, furniture in brown, gray, chocolate, caramel and similar shades is perfect here. But experts do not recommend taking a red wall or a black one. This color of the environment will be too annoying and intrusive.

wall in the bedroom in a modern style photo

When choosing a wall, be sure to take into account the height of the ceilings. It is important that the hostess does not make any special efforts to extract things from the top shelf. A great option is 1.5 meters or 1.8 meters (if you are going to store long evening dresses in this closet). If possible, experts advise to make furniture to order. Serial products presented in stores are not always suitable for an individual interior.

Great convenience in terms of design is built-in furniture, which can significantly save space. The cabinet version stands separately; as a rule, it includes hinged cabinets. This should also be taken into account when ordering or buying. You can also note cabinets that have a pencil case design or several doors. It will be very roomy furniture. But she will also need a lot of space in the bedroom apartments.

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