Callax rack in the interior: purpose, choice of model and color

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Callax rack in the interior: purpose, choice of model and color
Callax rack in the interior: purpose, choice of model and color

When choosing furniture for an apartment, you need to think about how to correctly place its items. An elegant solution to the problem would be the use of the Callax shelving in the interior. Every house has a lot of necessary things and items: these are documents, books, toys. Lack of cabinets leads to clutter, so this type of shelving will come in handy.

shelving in the interior

Series Features

The Kallax Ikea series is a set of sections of various widths and heights with the same size and depth of cell shelves, different inserts, they can be:

  • boxes;
  • cabinets with doors;
  • boxes;
  • baskets.

Such racks are available with already selected inserts. The company offers to buy sections of the required size with the number of boxes or boxes required for them. This series has cells, the external size of which is standard, namely 42 by 42 cm. You can purchase both single sections and composite structures with cells. Whereineach can be installed in a different position.

Models are available in which the shelving unit is connected to a side table. They are great for dividing a room into zones. At the request of the client, it is possible to provide the cabinet with lighting or wheels. Each part of the Kallax rack in the interior can be made in white, glossy white, black-brown, green, yellow, and bleached oak. For the manufacture of the main elements, fiberboard and chipboard are used. The doors come in pink, teal and light green.

callax shelving


Kallax series stands out:

  • restraint;
  • harmonious proportions;
  • self-sufficiency;
  • in a simple and understandable form.

The advantage of this furniture is that with its help it is possible to better organize the space, because it can serve as a wardrobe, and square shelves are ideal for this. They put various things on them, for example, T-shirts, T-shirts, socks, etc. The Callax rack in the interior has a lot of advantages. Due to the fact that this furniture is two-sided, in addition to the standard position against the wall, it can be used as a room divider into zones. Such a rack if desired:

  • install vertically or horizontally;
  • hang on the wall;
  • put on the floor.

Due to its spaciousness, the shelves are 5-10 cm deeper than a standard bookcase, allowing you to store all sorts of items.

white rack in the interior

Design Options

It is possible to choose one of several colors that will perfectly suit the decoration of the room. From a wide variety of different inserts, you can choose baskets and boxes that are suitable for a particular occasion. Unusually looks in the interior of the white rack "Kallaks" of small size on wheels. It is very easy to move this mobile design to any part of the room. It is quite possible to adapt the racks of this series to the needs of a particular person:

  • wallpaper;
  • paint;
  • change knobs;
  • put on legs.

Ikea produces a whole line of racks that are suitable for:

  • children;
  • cabinet;
  • living room;
  • office;
  • libraries.

It does not matter what style they are decorated in: hi-tech, minimalism or modern.

shelving zoning

Room zoning

Zoning with the Callax shelving is quite appropriate in any room. Such a design will visually mark the boundary between the work area and the rest, in addition, each item can be reached from any side. Sunlight will freely break through the cells and the rack will not make the room gloomy.

Today, more and more people are buying open-plan apartments with no internal walls. For this kind of premises, this furniture will be an excellent solution, it looks rich anywhere in the apartment.

Big blackKallax shelving with drawers 2 by 2 meters is suitable for working offices. Thanks to their spaciousness, they can distribute the necessary documents in the right order. A series of this furniture is presented in several modifications. Models of small dimensions fit perfectly into rooms for children, and large designs - for spacious residential and office spaces.

Children's room

In a room designed for children, small shelves protect the play area from the bedroom. Here it is very appropriate to put furniture in pastel colors. Books, toys and all kinds of accessories are stored in various cells.

For school-age children, shelving units with 4 x 4 cells, which are partly equipped with drawers, are great. This design does not look massive, there is free access to stationery and textbooks placed on it. Thanks to Kallax shelving, you can easily and quickly put things in order in the room.

IKEA specialists warn that all furniture that rises more than 60 cm above the floor level must be bolted to the wall. This will avoid its fall, in particular, this recommendation concerns the arrangement of the Callax shelving in the interior of the children's room. For different walls, you need to purchase different fasteners that are suitable for specific walls, these are self-tapping screws, dowels or screws.

callax shelving yellow

In the kitchen

Such furniture in a small kitchen is not recommended to be placed directly against the wall, it will steal a small space. In the kitchena large area looks good with a closed closet, but some housewives like open shelves, you can place a lot of items on them that are allowed to be stored in the open. The most rational solution is to install a rack as a partition between the kitchen and the living room or dining room.

Here, all furniture, including shelving, must be made of appropriate materials. If the kitchen is dominated by plastic furniture, then it is advisable to choose a design from:

  • chipboard in plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass.

Modern shelving made of MDF with wood imitation or just wooden ones are perfect for wooden kitchen furniture. In height, they should be the same, with the exception of structures that initially have a ceiling height.

ikea furniture

For small apartments

In a small apartment there is always not enough space to store things. Often in this case, the wall between the room and the hallway is removed, and a wardrobe-rack is placed in this place. In a similar way, you can make a small kitchen wider. To do this, in place of the removed wall between it and the living room, you can put a rack, and some of it will serve as a table setting. This is very convenient in cases where in the kitchen they only cook food, but eat in the room. An excellent solution would be to use a semi-closed Kallax shelving in the interior of the kitchen in the lower part, which has shelves with doors or drawers. They will store food and utensils. It is easy to take care of such furniture. Must be wiped with a dampwith a cloth, and when the need arises, use a mild soapy solution. Wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth.

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