Sofa, ottoman, couch - varieties of the sofa. What are the differences? What to choose?

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Sofa, ottoman, couch - varieties of the sofa. What are the differences? What to choose?
Sofa, ottoman, couch - varieties of the sofa. What are the differences? What to choose?

When going to buy upholstered furniture for the home, many buyers are lost in the variety of choices offered by modern furniture stores. It turns out that such furniture differs not only in the texture of fabric upholstery and color, but also in its functional orientation.

sofa ottoman


I would like to note right away that if, for example, a sofa and an ottoman are stepsisters, then the couch is a more distant relative of the sofa. Since ancient times, couches were intended only for sitting. The ancestor of the couch can be called an ordinary chair with a back. Today, this type of furniture has acquired features closer to the sofa; it can also be used for sleeping. Only one person can fit comfortably on the couch.

The couch differs from other types of sofas, such as a sofa, an ottoman, in that it does not have backs. The couch has only a headboard. It fits perfectly into the interior of a small apartment due to its compact size. The daybed is also perfect for furnishing a kitchen, a small living room or a country terrace.

If you are looking for a compact, stylish extra bed for guests, then the daybed is a good choice. Modern manufacturers have equipped couches with comfortable spacious drawers forbed linen which is very comfortable. And the variety of upholstery fabrics will please even the most demanding customer.

sofa sofa


This item is a low back sofa. There is an ottoman with rollers-armrests or one roller - a headboard. In terms of dimensions, the ottoman is much smaller than a standard sofa, but slightly larger and wider than the couch.

Originally, the ottoman was the queen of oriental furniture. There she stood in every house, covered from above with cloth or a carpet. Numerous pillows served as a kind of headboard. A little later, the fashion for the ottoman came to Europe and Russia. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide variety of models: ottoman with a headboard, ottoman with a mattress, ottoman with drawers for linen.

The ottoman is very convenient because it can serve not only as a place for daytime rest, but also as a full-fledged additional place for a night's sleep. It can be installed in a children's room (due to its small size) or placed in a guest room. Thanks to the presence of drawers for linen, the ottoman can serve as a chest of drawers - additional storage space.

Quite often you can find an ottoman in the store, which is equipped with a folding mechanism. The back is lowered, the berth is unfolded in length. This allows you to get a full-fledged single bed with small dimensions of furniture.

folding sofa


The sofa is the sister and countrywoman of the ottoman. She also came to us from the East. The sofa sofa appears in Europe only at the end of the 17th century and immediately conquerswildly popular with the local aristocracy. At that time, the sofa was a small comfortable seating area with armrests and a high back. The sofa sofa was made exclusively for living rooms, where evenings and receptions were held. Therefore, the furniture had to be compact and narrow. The sofa was made at that time from precious woods, upholstered in silk or velvet. Numerous pillows were stuffed with goose down and were a luxurious addition.

Sofa, ottoman - pieces of furniture that were very popular in the last century. In the Soviet Union, they gave the palm to a set of an ordinary sofa and two armchairs, having moved to permanent residence in country houses. But today they have begun to become the favorites of designers again. The sofa returns from a country exile and becomes a bright spot in the interior.

Modern sofa differs from its ancestors in large size. It has a small back height, but a decent bed width. If earlier the sofa was just a place to relax during the day, today it is a full-fledged sleeping place. Folding sofa is very convenient for small rooms. Such furniture will save space in the room and will be a comfortable place to sleep.

corner sofa

Design Solutions

The design of such an item is quite simple. The folding sofa has a special roll-out mechanism, with the help of which the length of the furniture becomes significantly larger. Convenient design allows you to put such a sofa in any room, even in a small kitchen. When folded, the sofa is small in size, compact. And when unfolding it becomesan extra bed for guests or hosts wishing to relax.

Manufacturers also offer unusual options for this type of furniture. A corner sofa will also save space in the room, making it lighter and visually more spacious.

ottoman with mattress


The history of the sofa-canape begins in France in the 17th-18th centuries. At that time, the baroque style was very popular in Europe, in which this furniture was produced. Initially, it was difficult to call such a sofa a sofa. It was an upholstered chair or upholstered bench. Over time, these two options have merged and become more similar to modern versions of the sofa-couch.

This option has gained particular popularity in the US and European countries. It is a symbiosis of a sofa and an ottoman, which is upholstered with matter. Most often, mahogany, cherry and walnut are used for manufacturing.

Erasing the boundaries

The modern trend in the world of furniture is such that the boundaries and the difference between the varieties of sofas are gradually erased. Furniture becomes more functional, compact and versatile. In stores, you can often find names on the price tags: sofa-ottoman, sofa-canape and other variations. Designs and folding mechanisms are also diverse: a book, a telescope, a clamshell.

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