Bedroom design in a private house: bedroom design and decoration, design tips, photos

Bedroom design in a private house: bedroom design and decoration, design tips, photos
Bedroom design in a private house: bedroom design and decoration, design tips, photos

It's good when you have your own apartment, but to have a private house is probably the dream of every family. After all, it's great when you can choose the room yourself, its location, size, design! In your house, you can do whatever you want, without looking back at the obliging footage of the apartment, where, as a rule, it’s not particularly possible to roam your fantasies. That's what we'll talk about today. How to design a bedroom in a private house to satisfy all your wishes.

Room Location

The first thing you have to think about is the location of the room. You should definitely take into account that if you do not like the morning sun, then the bedroom should not be equipped on the east side of the house. It is better to choose a room in the western or southern part of the home.

Also, be sure to choose a room that is as far away from all daily sources of noise as possible. Especially if more than 3-4 people live in the house. The kitchen, salon, game rooms will certainly become a common room for all residents of the house. Therefore, for sleep and rest it is worthchoose a place where there will be no noise or trampling overhead.

Bedroom in Moroccan style

The interior design of a bedroom in a private house directly depends on the height of the walls, the shape of the ceiling and the available lighting, so you need to think in advance which room is suitable. Most often chosen:

  • a room on the second floor, if the house is two-story;
  • attic room, if any;
  • the farthest room in the house, if it is one-story.

It is also worth considering whether the room has all the necessary communications. That is, whether electricity, water, heating, etc. have been installed.

Zoning the premises

Many people prefer to have in the bedroom not only a bed, but also a small place for daytime relaxation, reading, work or dressing room. In this case, zoning will need to be applied.

You can choose any design of a bedroom in a private house, but zoning should definitely be thought out in advance. You can implement it with the help of partitions, finishing materials, color or furniture.

So, for example, to separate the sleeping area from the workplace, you can use a glass partition or screen, which, if necessary, can be easily assembled and carried away.

Screen in the bedroom

Color solutions can come to the rescue. For example, highlight the recreation area with light walls, and choose a bright, saturated shade for the working part.

If you need a dressing room, then you should think about a more deaf separation from the total area of ​​​​the bedroom. Or use a mobile screen forchanging clothes.

Often the design of a bedroom in a private house (see photo below) involves not only a bed and a wardrobe, but also a small sofa or a cozy reading chair, which can also serve as items for successful zoning.

Color solution

Seldom who decides to equip the bedroom in a bright color. As a rule, pastel colors of a muted shade are chosen for the bedroom. The color scheme consists of white, olive, gray, beige, cream colors. Next, the preferences of the owners of the room are included. For women, it is pink, peach or yellow. Men prefer colder tones.

Definitely worth adding various bright accents. Spots of bright color will dilute the mood of the room, giving warmth and comfort. It can be pillows in bright pillowcases or a pouffe at the dressing table. Lamps or sconces in rich shades are perfect.

Bedroom with bright accents in the form of red pillows

Strong colors need to be used with care, because dark walls significantly reduce the size of the room visually. Yes, and it is unlikely that you will be able to relax here - a person receives psychological comfort, being in a room with a calm color of the walls, where bright spots do not press on the eyes.

Finishing in the interior of the bedroom

The design of a bedroom in a private house cannot do without the use of various finishing materials.

The walls are usually decorated with wallpaper, especially since the modern market has a rich selection of this material. But a more modern style still implies the presence of natural materials: stone, brick,wood. However, do not abuse them, otherwise there is a risk of creating a too cold room. Any one zone is trimmed with such material, for example, a fireplace or a headboard.

A stretch ceiling will look great in the upper part of the room in any style. Especially if it is decorated with an individual pattern on request.

Bedroom with stretch ceiling

Laminate, parquet, carpet or linoleum are laid on the floor. Recently, cork floors have become very popular. They are perfect for an eco-style bedroom.

You can see different finishes in the photo of beautiful bedroom designs in a private house above at the beginning of the article.

Bedroom lighting

Lighting has a big role in the design of the modern bedroom design of a private house. It can be central, decorative, local, point.

If the room is small, then perhaps one chandelier in the center of the ceiling is enough to light the whole room. In a large bedroom, it is better to install additional light sources, and abandon the chandelier in favor of spotlights built into the ceiling or walls.

The seating area can be illuminated with beautiful sconces at the head of the bed. Soft, subdued lighting adds intimacy and elegance to a room.

From additional lighting fixtures, you should look at floor lamps that are installed on the floor or pedestals.

When choosing an idea for artificial lighting, you should first designate the window area. Perhaps additional devices will be needed at a minimum.

Windows andtextiles

A private house is good because here you can make all your dreams come true. And if your dream is panoramic windows in the bedroom, then who is stopping you from doing this? What could be better than a morning cup of coffee at a lawn table right next to your bedroom door?

If the landscape of the courtyard allows you to admire, then panoramic sliding windows to the floor will make it possible to do this day and night. If the bedroom is on the top floor, then it is quite possible to “cut a window into the night”. Lie down on a soft bed and look up at the night sky, at the moon and stars, what could be more romantic and calmer?

Bedroom with access to the garden

Also, depending on the design style of the bedroom design in a private house, textiles are also selected. The color, pattern and texture of the fabric are aimed at creating comfort and completeness of the design. The fabric sets the overall mood of the room, so choose it with great care.

If the bedroom is not classical, then you should not choose lambrequins, curtains or heavy curtains. On the contrary, light light-colored blinds, Roman curtains or panel shades are welcome.

Upholstery on furniture, pillows or bedspreads are also selected to match the overall style of the interior. They can be silk or velor, linen or cambric, with bright patterns or braid. In accordance with the design concept, bed linen is also selected. For example, a checkered bed with multi-colored stripes or comic patterns will fit perfectly into modern design. In a classic style, silk sheets and plain whites are chosen.fabrics. Floral motifs of delicate shades are suitable for Provence.

Choosing furniture

Despite the fact that this is just a bedroom, when choosing furniture, it is worth considering all the functional tasks of the room. That is, it can be not only a bed, but also bedside tables, a wardrobe, a dressing table or chest of drawers, a table for a workplace, mirrors, shelves and chairs.

If the size of the room allows, find a comfortable chair or a small sofa for reading. You can choose a large mirror, in a frame with legs, and separate the dressing area with it.

The bed deserves special attention. It should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, made of quality materials. After all, the better the dream, the more pleasant the new day will be. And sleep directly depends on the place where a person sleeps.

Unusual bedroom furniture

Additional accents

With the help of additional accessories, the room is given its logical conclusion. Pillows, sconces, candlesticks, figurines, paintings - all this will complement the interior, giving the room comfort and elegance.

Chic and richness of the decoration of the bedroom will add canopies. Playfulness and romance will be created by original figurines and family photos in beautiful frames. Candles and mirrors add intimacy to the room.

Bedroom Interior Styles

There are a huge number of styles, but the design of a beautiful bedroom in a private house is not so easy to pick up. Here are some of the most popular bedroom styles.

  • Classic. This is pomp, elegance and conservatism.
  • Hi-tech. This is minimalism, advancedtechnology and ergonomic furniture.
  • Country. Comfort, natural materials in decoration, a variety of accessories.
  • Loft. A minimum of textiles, an abundance of light, brick or concrete on the walls.
  • Eco. The name speaks for itself. Everything must be natural. From finishing to textiles.
  • Provence. This is romance, comfort and softness.
  • Urban. This is conciseness, practicality and functionality.
  • Oriental. It's a lot of fabric, luxury and chic.
Bedroom in oriental style

Mediterranean or fusion style is well suited for the design of a small bedroom in a private house.

Scandinavian, art deco or modern will allow you to unfold to the fullest in a spacious room with plenty of natural light.

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