"DIMAX chlorine": instructions for use, purpose, storage

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"DIMAX chlorine": instructions for use, purpose, storage
"DIMAX chlorine": instructions for use, purpose, storage

"DIMAX chlorine" is an effective tool for sanitary cleaning of premises and disinfection of household items. The use of the product guarantees reliable disinfection of surfaces on which pathogenic microorganisms can multiply. The drug is characterized by economical consumption and high-quality dissolution in water. Let's look at the instructions for using "DIMAX Chlorine", and also talk about the purpose of the remedy.

chlorine tablets


Chlorine tablets are mainly used to disinfect surfaces during general cleaning. The tool is suitable for processing hard elements of furniture, household items, shoes made on the basis of rubber and plastic. The substance is often used for sanitizing transport, areas of hospitals and public institutions. "DIMAX chlorine" is suitable for disinfection of metal products that are resistant to corrosion. The composition is used when it is necessary to process pool bowls.


dimax chlorine

Instructions for use for "DIMAX chlorine" is as follows:

  • a tablet of the drug is placed in 10 liters of water;
  • the composition is thoroughly mixed until the substance is completely dissolved;
  • moisten a piece of rag with the resulting liquid;
  • material moistened with a disinfectant is thoroughly treated with waterproof floor and wall surfaces, household items, equipment;
  • work is done with rubber gloves;
  • heavily contaminated planes are re-treated.

Storage features

The tablets contain a high concentration of rather toxic chlorine. To avoid harm to the he alth of others, the product should be kept in a tightly closed container. It is necessary to store the drug in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children. An important point is to place the container with the product away from organic substances, household chemicals, oxidizers.

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