Fire manual barrel RS-50: description, characteristics and modifications

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Fire manual barrel RS-50: description, characteristics and modifications
Fire manual barrel RS-50: description, characteristics and modifications

Currently, fire nozzles are used by professional firefighters and ordinary citizens who are concerned about their own safety. The main application of this equipment is in the targeted direction of fire extinguishing agents to extinguish a fire. Fire departments have a wide range of different types of these weapons. Citizens with internal fire water supply most often use manual fire nozzles of the RS-50 brand. Equipping fire shields and cranes with the specified device and other primary fire extinguishing equipment in educational, administrative, private, public and other buildings allows for self-extinguishing at an early stage. Consider the variations of this fire-technical weaponry.

RS-50 barrel

RS-50 with clutch

Widely used on fire trucks, trailer motor pumps and fire hydrants. Pretty primitivethe design, the low cost of the materials involved and the ease of operation of this unit gave an impressive impetus to the choice of the RS-50 manual barrel among those responsible for safety in organizations and enterprises.

The barrel is designed to form and direct a continuous jet of water. The supply of fire extinguishing agent will be carried out uninterruptedly, i.e. there is no overlap lever on it. The barrel is made in two versions: plastic and aluminum alloy. The most wear-resistant is the metal execution of the equipment. The armament brand is convenient in that it is possible to connect the connecting head to a fire hose, i.e. there is the possibility of building a hose line.

RS-50, 01

hand barrel wound

This model differs from the previous version only in that the barrel is wound on the sleeve. The most frequent use of RS-50, 01 occurs on fire shields and cranes. It is an integral addition to the fire hose line.

RSP-50 and RSK-50

overflow shaft

Manual overlapping trunks (RSP-50) and combined (RSK-50) are used by professional fire departments. Connecting head diameter - 50 mm. Unlike the first generations of the unit, these have the possibility of forming not only a continuous jet, but also atomized one. This property makes it possible to spread fire over a wider area, as well as create a water curtain to limit the spread of fire.

This PTV in sprayedmode is used for the deposition of toxic substances and various flammable liquids. It is practiced in the use of fire extinguishing in the premises of buildings and structures, since the fire extinguishing agent (line with a barrel) is excellent for maneuvering the GDZS link, where there is a high concentration of harmful gases.

There are several versions of this equipment, but the consumption of fire extinguishing agents and components are unchanged. Here is added a strap for carrying it and a braid on the body for convenience. One shooter can independently work with RSP-50 and RSK-50.

Modifications and modern versions of the RS-50 barrel

The consumption of fire extinguishing agents, appearance, design versatility and a number of other advantages include the products of this fire service equipment. Modern developments of the unit make it possible to efficiently and efficiently use not only aqueous solutions, but also foam ones for extinguishing.

trunk ort-50

Manual fire barrel KURS-8 with a foam generator is a universal tool for extinguishing fires. It is used in the combustion of solid materials and combustible liquids, and also, for example, cooling spillage of tanks is carried out from possible depressurization. Excellent study of the possible change in the flow rate of the trunk, where it was previously impossible. So, early versions had a feed rate of either 2.7 l / s, or about 3.5 l / s. Now the flow is adjustable from 2 to 8 l/s.

It is worth noting the ingenious solution to the problem in the protective property of the water curtain. Protective flame diametercurtain is at least 6 meters. A special nozzle, which serves to form air-mechanical foam through a mesh package, will be of great help in extinguishing a fire by means of insulation. In turn, KURS-8 was modified, where the developers successfully upgraded it into an impulse one. Controlling the flow of solutions just got easier.

The ORT-50 and ORT-50 A are an example of an improved type of RS-50 fire nozzle. Models are in demand in the fire community, where they are often used in practice.

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